Turmeric for Diabetes-The Cure

There is no shortage of research on this plant, which is dubbed by many as the potential cure for diabetes. Believe it or not, this is yet another plant-based food, which can be used and is being usedTurmeric powder as a home remedy to cure diabetes. A regular reader, asked me to take a look at this miracle plant and I promised I would and here we are two days after the request was made.

The miracle causing substance in the turmeric is called curcumin. Note, this is the substance which gives curry its’ yellow color. You will notice that I will use the words interchangeably. I see it fitting to deliver hope to the pre-diabetics first.

My approach to controlling and ultimately eliminating diabetes is to sensitize those who are not diabetic, to ensure that they know what to do to remain this way. Once we prevent others from becoming diabetic, 3/4 the battle is won. Also, bear in mind, that the diabetics will follow the same guidelines to rid themselves of diabetes.

The truth is, the entire family needs to eat whole foods and lead an active lifestyle to avoid and cure diabetes and other life-threatening diseases.

Preventing Type 2 Diabetes

The news from a research is highly promising for the diabetic and non-diabetic population. 100% of the pre-diabetics who were a part of this study, did not develop diabetes because they were given curcumin, the miracle substance found in turmeric (Chuengsamarn, 2012).

The same research also revealed curcumins’ ability to fight inflammation. The researchers felt this was a key reason why pre-diabetics did so well on curcumin. Note, a less inflamed body, means that the individual has decreased his/her risk of other illnesses, such as arthritis. I am sure you agree with me that this is indeed powerful information.

More Support to Fight Oxidative Stress and Inflammation

Ghorbani, 2014 also stated that the research revealed that using curcumin also has a positive impact on oxidative stress and the inflammatory state of the individual. It is, therefore, obvious that the effects of consuming turmeric are far-reaching and will solve a number of health issues in the human body.Turmeric root

It’s not new information. It has existed for a long time now and like I pointed out before, there is no shortage of research on curcumin. This is an indication that the members of the science world know that turmeric has some miracle powers for diabetics and non-diabetics.

Imagine just by including curcumin in your diet, you can relieve oxidative stress, lower your blood glucose and fight inflammation. This is only the beginning because you will also prevent the health-related issues you could develop due to diabetes, oxidative stress and inflammation.

Turmeric for the Entire Family

Allow me to add that including curcumin (turmeric), appears to be a good plant food for the entire family and that those members of your family who does not have diabetes will not suffer from blood glucose dropping too low because they consume foods cooked with turmeric. This is supported by a research completed sometime in the not so far past (Ghorbani, 2014).

Please note that the persons who were treated with curcumin, were declared healthier after the 9 months study because they did not develop diabetes like the over 16% in the placebo group, they lost some weight and there were no side-effects (Chuengsamarn, 2012).

Let us decipher the information above. Note:

  • They lost weight during the 9 months.
  • There were no side-effects from taking curcumin for 9 months.
  • Pre-diabetics did not develop diabetes in that 9 month period.

More Research is Needed, but, you have Leverage

Let me hasten to add that the researchers felt it was necessary to conduct a longer research to see whether or not those people became diabetic down the line, given more time. I, however, think this is a good place to start and having changed my lifestyle and seeing the leverage this gives me as it relates to my blood glucose, blood pressure, and general well-being, I think they could do well if they maintain with whole foods and an active lifestyle.

Action Needed

I will admit, I only take turmeric as a supplement, in the form of a capsule. I am however compelled to buy some turmeric later today and I will take it for at least 9 months. I know little about using it as a spice, but, I love to research, I was trained to do so and I will do whatever is necessary.

Did I mention that I also like to share and help others, so, fret not, I will share the information and I am already excited about the expected results! That I will also share with you, my readers. If you decide to act, please share your findings in the box below, as we unite as a team (Team Crawford) to eliminate diabetes.

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Pancreas and Curcumin

Curcumin has shown some positive effects on the human pancreas. It stimulates insulin secretion from pancreatic tissues, improves how the pancreatic cells function and reduces insulin resistance (Ghorbani, 2014). The result is that there is enough evidence to support the view that curcumin, found in turmeric, used over a period of time will and has been used to lower blood glucose, cure diabetes and prevent said life-threatening illness amongst the human population.

I know that our pancreas, especially those of us who are diabetic, is celebrating this news. But, this is not new news, but we fail to act on the available information we are given. If this is new information for you, then the pleasure is mine to research and present said information.

If it is old information, then the pleasure is mine to give you a “poke” and hope you, like I will seek the truth as it relates to our bodies and turmeric. I have all intentions to see if my cure is in curcumin. The decision is yours to act or not to act.

Liver Regenerated in Diabetic Rats Diagram of the digestive system.

According to Founder (2012), a research was done in Thailand, and the discovery was made that turmeric has a substance (polyphenol) which can repair and even regenerate liver tissues. This is also interesting and hopeful news for diabetics, who many times due to medication and other issues related to diabetes sometimes suffer from a damaged liver.

A further check is needed to see if a research has been done on human beings to confirm if turmeric could, in fact, fix our liver.

I never like to end without giving you some bonuses. Yes, turmeric is clearly good for diabetics and also to prevent diabetes, but I would also like to share with you a list of some of the other benefits of consuming turmeric on a regular basis.

Other Health Benefits of Turmeric

They are, but are not limited to the list below:

  • Lowers risk of heart disease
  • Treats and possibly prevents cancer
  • Treats and possibly prevent Alzheimer’s disease
  • Cures arthritis
  • Keep depression at bay
  • Delay ageing
  • Can delay brain diseases


Turmeric is one of those spices that every kitchen should have. The health benefits of turmeric have made it an essential spice for all, including persons who do not suffer from diabetes.

This miracle plant has been used to treat prediabetic and diabetics alike. The results are amazing! We saw where prediabetics did not, in fact, develop diabetes. We also saw where the blood glucose of persons without diabetes remained unchanged.

There were pleasant surprises along the way. Persons with inflammation were healed. This is no doubt good news for persons suffering from arthritis. We should also bear in mind that when our bodies are less inflamed then it means that we will not suffer from other illnesses such as arthritis and cancer.

The health benefits of turmeric are far reaching and supported by research and as a result, I am encouraging all my readers to do your research and make a decision to act now. I certainly will be going to the grocery store to purchase my turmeric and I will be researching how to include the same item in my diet.

Please allow me to take the opportunity to thank you for visiting this page and also for reading. Your comments are important to us and I invite you to take the time to make them in the box provided below. If you tried turmeric and you are comfortable to share your results with us please do so below.

Until next time make the correct food choices, and remember to lead an active life. Let us continue the fight to control, or at best, to eliminate diabetes from our lives.


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  1. // Reply

    Thank you for all the research you’ve done. I’ve recently started looking more closely at my health since I’m over 50. I’m interested in your discussion on how curcumin helps with inflammation – I wonder if inflammation is what causes weight gain and how curcumin might help! Alisa

    1. // Reply

      The pleasure is mine, Alisa. I am happy to know that you are paying attention to the most precious gift you were given (your body). Yes, turmeric will help you with a number of illnesses and a change of lifestyle will generally help you with weight loss as well. Inflammation and overweight are related. Leptin is a weight control hormone and it becomes less active in an inflamed body and so we gain weight. When we are overweight, this also causes inflammation. It’s a cycle which we need to stop. I pray that I was able to help, and, do keep me posted.

  2. // Reply

    Hi, Josephine

    A highly informative article about the turmeric plant. I use turmeric in capsules like you and don’t know how to implement it in my diet. So when you said you will research this plant I am interesting in following you. I have arthritis and turmeric is very helpful for my joints.


    1. // Reply

      Tove, thank you for your kind words and the time you took to read and comment. Much appreciated. I will keep you posted when I start the recipes. Tove, I used lime in my water and took a few Evening Primrose Oil Capsule and my arthritic pain is gone. I have not felt any pain for about 4 months now. I also changed my lifestyle, so my body is less inflamed. Keep me posted.

  3. // Reply

    Oh, yes I do agree with you on these items and reading your post is a wake up call to me because I used to make turmeric part of my daily health plan by drinking a bit of water with Turmeric in my water.

    This is a lot of helpful information and we can all definitely do with it. Thanks for the crash course and all the information as well the results from studies done.

    This is very helpful

    1. // Reply

      Filichia, I thank you for taking the time to read and comment.
      Did you use warm water with the turmeric?
      Was this the powder, or did you cut and great the root?
      Were there any noticeable health benefits?
      Please let us know so that we can continue to help others. Much appreciated and all the best.

  4. // Reply

    Turmeric is awesome! I have 2 cups a day of Turmeric tea and it helps with my chronic headaches. My doctor and I have been trying different medications and nothing helped until I found Turmeric. I had no idea that it could help diabetes. Thanks for having this website, I will be back.

    1. // Reply

      Yes, I heard someone say it helped their headache. It’s nice and comforting that you found something natural to ease your discomfort and to think that it may also be helping to stabilize your blood sugar. Thanks for sharing and do return with more feedbacks to encourage and give others hope. Cheers.

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