Top Spices for Diabetics – Controlling Diabetes with Spices

If you have an interest in using spices in your journey to fight diabetes and you are also interested in some information, then reading today’s post is a must for you. At the request of some readers, I decided to create a kind of one-stop place for information on the spices and some links where they can be purchased.

I will be sharing with you some of my top spices for diabetes as I continue my journey of controlling diabetes with spices and other foods. I have already written extensively on a number of these spices which are good to control/eliminate diabetes and so, where necessary, I will point you to those pages using a linked text. Those will be in blue.

Lets now take a look at cinnamon. I chose this as my first, because, for me, it has been highly effective. Please continue to the paragraph below.


This is one of my favorites for a number of reasons:

  • Function (helps to lower my blood sugar. I have to use approximately two to three weeks to see the effect if my sugar is out of whack. When it is the normal range, bulletproof coffee with cinnamon and meals with cinnamon added is usually enough to keep it in the normal range).
  • Taste ( I absolutely love the taste in my coffee and on pork)
  • Versatility (As previously stated, I use cinnamon in a variety of ways; in my coffee, on pork, in my smoothies, to name a few).

For more information please read the article entitled: “Cinnamon and Type 2 Diabetes 101.” I also did a later article with some updates. The title of that one is “How to Control Diabetes with Diet: Another Case for Cinnamon.”

Please see below for some purchase options. I tried to choose those below $15 as those are also the ones I use. Smile, I am a Jamaican teacher and so I have to be a bit frugal to stretch my hard earned dollars. See my top choices for cinnamon below:

It is only fitting to look at a sweet smelling aroma spice following our refresher on cinnamon. Yes, I speak of none other than the good old garlic.


Like cinnamon, garlic is used to season foods as well as an ancient home remedy for colds, flu, and diabetes amongst others. People have effectively used garlic to replace their blood pressure medication.

Garlic has a positive effect on my blood pressure readings, but, it appears to be most effective in its raw state, which unfortunately is too much for my stomach. Not to worry, limes do an excellent job for my blood pressure.

Let’s return to our brief discussion about garlic. Garlic is in pretty much everything that I cook. I grate it along with ginger to make a tasty hot beverage to prevent the flu and also to help to control my blood sugar.

I also love to sautee my other seasonings with garlic in some grass-fed butter, then add my vegetables such as callaloo, cabbage, spinach or kale. The smell is inviting and opens up the appetite for some wonderful plant-based foods.

Here are the articles. I am including one with recipes, which are applicable for any season.

  1. A Natural Remedy for Diabetes – Garlic
  2. Garlic and Herbs Steamed Potatoes

I prefer the fresh garlic from the grocery store, but, so as to always have the healthy spice in my kitchen, I have recently added some granulated and powdered variety. Please see my top picks below.


Initially, I was ignorant about this spice called cumin. Yes, that’s the truth. Writing this website has led me to so much information, that my knowledge base has widened and I am healthier for having made the leap.

Just as a side note. I am learning from a website called Wealthy Affiliate. Look at the banner below and feel free to click and give it a try. Oh, did I mention that it is fast becoming my second income? Yes, it is hard work, but, worth the effort. Go ahead and click the banner below.

Enough of the side gig, let us take a look at Cumin. I already made the word cumin in a link. If you missed it in the sentence before, then here is the link again, click cumin now and read about its health benefits, especially as it relates to diabetes.

I like cumin on my beef and I tolerate it in my coffee. Yes, I actually don’t like it in my coffee, but, I do what I have to do to take less medication, whilst I continue to pray that eventually, I will be free of diabetes and her friends.

See below for my top picks.

This next spice makes an excellent hot beverage. Jamaicans love to consume ginger and we use it a number of ways. Please go to the next paragraph for the links and my top picks.


Ginger is a must have in my kitchen. I include this lovely spice in my meats such as beef, pork, and chicken. I also love having ginger as a hot beverage at any time of the day or night. My love for ginger can be seen even in my refrigerator at work where I try to keep some powdered ginger to make this well-loved hot beverage I mentioned.

Please see below for the link to two earlier articles I did regarding ginger and diabetes control.

  1. Controlling Diabetes Naturally – Ginger Cure
  2. Is Ginger Good for Diabetics?

Now for my top picks. Please click the pictures below.



This is my spice when I need that curry look and flavor. Ever since I researched this spice for diabetics, I have been using it instead of curry powder. I also tried it with ginger as a hot beverage, but, I don’t care much for it in this manner. Oh, I should mention that I also have turmeric in my pasta and cabbage dishes occasionally.

Please see below for the links for further reading and I also included a product link, if you are interested in purchasing some turmeric powder.

  1. Turmeric – Natural Remedy for Diabetes
  2. Recipes using Turmeric




Fenugreek is used in a number of countries for her many health benefits. I love the aroma of this spice and I use it when I am cooking beef, oxtail, and pork. I also buy it in the form of a tea bag. The tea is okay, but, I am simply a coffee person for my hot beverage.

Please click the word fenugreek for a link to a previous article. I also included some product links below where you can purchase some fenugreek if you so desire.


I trust that you enjoyed reading some previous, but still relevant articles about spices which are useful in the fight to control and possibly eliminate diabetes. Some of those spices are; cinnamon, garlic, cumin, ginger, turmeric, and fenugreek.

In addition to the linked articles for you to read, some product links were also included to facilitate the purchasing of these diabetes-fighting herbs.

Feel free to subscribe below and in the true spirit of this website, walk in good health, with a determination to be a blessing to others.

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    Hi Josephine,

    Thank you for the great information on these spices. I knew that Cinnamon could help with blood sugar levels, but I did not know that the other spices you discussed could do the same. I’m not surprised with garlic and turmeric as those are spice powerhouses and have so many great benefits. I am going to pass this along to some diabetic friends of mine. I know they will enjoy it!

    1. // Reply

      You are welcome Dan. It’s amazing that the spices can help to cure a lot of illnesses. We have all we need in the foods we are given. Thanks for sharing the website and all the best.

  2. // Reply

    Hi Josephine – wonderful info. Even the non-diabetic would greatly benefit from consuming regularly the spices you write about. At 58, my primary concern is preventing inflammation and interestingly, I see several spices here in common with my anti-inflammation list. Tumeric, garlic and ginger, and likely more. Very well done, thanks for the information.

    1. // Reply

      Mike, you are perfectly correct about inflammation, which is the number one reason for quite a bit of illness. Thanks for sharing this perspective and do feel free to return and to read other articles. Cheers.

  3. // Reply

    I use most of these spices in my diet today, either as a supplement or to add a flavor to my food. I do have problems with blood sugar at this time. These spices have many advantages when used daily, it also helps with control cholesterol levels and pain from arthritis or aging.

    1. // Reply

      John, I appreciate the confirmation concerning the use of these spices and thanks for highlighting the bonus one receives by using spices on a regular basis. Check this out. It is a video about Ginger

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