The Truth About Fat and Controlling Diabetes with Diet

The arguments about fat in the diet continues. The views are varied, but today I hope to highlight one view about fat that I have been researching and experimenting that was put forward by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.

The End of DiabetesPlease be reminded that the aim of this website is to help us with the fight to control diabetes through a lifestyle change of diet and exercise. Today we will do so by taking a look at the truth about fat as seen by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.

Stressed? Be Careful

I have been taking less medication for diabetes and I have not been taking my blood pressure medication. Recently I got a little stressed about a situation and I had to take my blood pressure medication for six days and now I am back on track.

It is also interesting to note that my blood sugar got a bit elevated during those six days of high stress. It never went to anything close to where I was coming from, but today I hate to see any reading above 6 (108).

Maybe one day we should take a look at stress and our readings. Note, prior to my lifestyle changes, a fasting reading of 18 (324) was not uncommon for me.

Interestingly too, is that my medication rarely brought my fasting reading below 10 (180). Yes, I needed to address my lifestyle (diet and exercise) and that is what is making all the difference in my life.

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More on Fat

Let us get back to talking about fat. According to Dr. Fuhrman, “it is the quality of the fat” that we should be concerned about. Yes, this is a book to help diabetics to be free from this horrible life-threatening illness and he stated in no uncertain terms that diabetics should be eating fat.

Ok, please contain the excitement a bit and let us continue to be educated by Dr. Fuhrman. He laid to rest the myth about nuts and seeds. It is commonly felt that nuts and seeds are “fatty and fattening” and should, therefore, be avoided.

It is also often said that diabetes is sometimes as a result of being overweight. We have seen research where people lose weight and also their glucose readings dropped significantly. I am one of those people. It is therefore not difficult to understand that some diabetics may try to avoid nuts and seeds if they feel they will make them fatter.

Yippee,  I Can Go Wild with my Oils!

Dr. Fuhrman has said that this is not necessary for us to do and will harm us more in the long run. Yes, by now you have figured out that he is not talking about olive oil, coconut oil or the fats we get from animal protein. Ok, no need to fuss. Let me suggest that you keep an open mind and read the remainder of what he said.

I am sure you also figured out that since I am presenting this information on my website to my readers, then maybe I have done my experiment, or at least I am still experimenting. Again, you are scoring straight A’s today and I am so proud of you. I will say more about this later. Yes, I will give you a bit of my journey with nuts and seeds.Nuts

The fats being encouraged in this book are from:

  • Raw Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Avocado

He reminded us about moderation and so we were cautioned to have about one ounce of nuts or seeds for the day. Those who are not so endowed with extra pounds are allowed to eat more. This was a shocker for me. I looked at the cashew container to see that 18 pieces made an ounce and I was startled as I continued to read and experiment to see the difference that an ounce would make.

According to Dr. Fuhrman in the book ‘The End of Diabetes,’

“the real critical issue with human nutrition is meeting your macronutrient needs without excess, while getting sufficient micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals.”

He went on to say that “a lower-fat diet has no advantage in the prevention and treatment of disease.”

According to Dr. Fuhrman, we need to eat a lot of vegetables, especially green vegetables in order to meet our daily requirement of micronutrients. Eating plenty vegetables, especially the green ones, help us to do this without consuming too many calories.

Please see the list of what he recommends we eat:

  • Vegetables (lots of green ones)
  • Fruits
  • Beans
  • Nuts
  • Seeds

In his book, “The End of Diabetes,” Joel Fuhrman said that the higher fat foods mentioned earlier (nuts, seeds, avocados) when used instead of rice, potatoes, bread and animal protein, will result in the following health benefits:

  • Lower blood sugar and better diabetic control
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Lower triglycerides
  • Better LDL/HDL ratio
  • Better antioxidant status
  • Better absorption of phytochemicals from vegetables
  • Lower weight, coupled with more weight loss and not weight gain
  • More effective reversal of heart disease
  • Prevention of cardiac arrhythmias in heart patients
  • Better nutritional diversity and satisfaction with fewer calories
  • Increased protection against cancer
  • Better muscle and bone mass with aging

A Glimpse of my Reality

I must admit that I am not following the book to the “T.” I started a new lifestyle prior to purchasing this book. This lifestyle was already serving me well and so I am not prepared to make a 360° degree turn.

I had already cut out eating white rice, potatoes, and white bread. I now consume whole grain bread, brown rice, and sweet potatoes. I eat a lot of fruits and I was eating some nuts, seeds and beans.

Once in a “blue moon” when I do not take lunch to school I have some food from the canteen and it has white rice. I am now making the switch to stock fruits, nuts, seeds and teabags at work for those days.

Dr. Joel’s Influence

I, however, was not eating my nuts and seeds every day. That change I made, but, I am consuming more than an ounce. I figured that because I eat mostly green vegetables, some fruits, and beans, then I can try eating more nuts to feel full.

Surprisingly, I am having twice the amount (2ozs per day), mostly in the mornings and it is amazing how this keeps me full until it is time for my next meal, which is sometimes a cup of tea and or fruits.

Breakfast for Josephine

So my breakfast yesterday morning was:

  • 3 ripe bananas, peeled and cut into smaller pieces.Ripe Bananas
  • 20 cashew nuts (raw).
  • 1 teaspoon flaxseed (raw).
  • 1 teaspoon pumpkin seeds (roasted with salt). Please note that the nuts and seeds were sprinkled on the banana.
  • 1 cup mint tea without sugar. This mint was freshly cut from my backyard.
  • 1 Metformin (blood glucose medication). My reading was 6.8, so I needed a little medication help yesterday.
  • 20 0z of water.

I tested my blood glucose 2 hours after eating and I got a reading of 4.5. This is amazing for me. I know some are saying “too many bananas,” but I am just stating what is working for me. I also remain open to what others are saying and that is why I bought Joel Fuhrman’s book.

At best now, I do a combination of what is currently working for me and the new information in his book. So, I do not stop eating meat, but like he said, I am consuming less than before. I stick to 3 oz. per day and I skip some days.

And the Results Are…

I am full of energy, my readings are improving, I am more focused and productive, my blood pressure is good, and I am losing weight. My weight loss is slow and gradual. I know if I follow the book to the “T” then I will lose weight faster. I am however feeling happy with my progress and I am not in a hurry.

For me, it is more important to make a change to a lifestyle I can maintain with ease. I eat the whole foods I love, do my readings, strive to be more active and keep focused on the goal to control or possibly eliminate diabetes, high blood pressure, and even Achilles Tendonitis. Yes, that has improved with the changes I made in my lifestyle.

Our Needs are Supplied

We indeed serve a mighty God who has given us all we need to heal ourselves and to remain in good health. We have fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and beans to make us well.

If animal protein works for you, like it does for me, then here is the good news, we have animal protein too. I still caution moderation here, though. The truth be told, I caution moderation in all that we eat and do.

Joel Fuhrman had a lot more to say about fats to reverse diabetes, obesity, and to protect against cardiovascular death. It is in his book, “The End of Diabetes.” Most days I try to re-read sections of this book and every week I practice more of what he teaches.


I have absolutely no doubts in my mind that we can control and eliminate diabetes. All it takes is for us to get back to basics. We need to return to eating whole foods and to re-train our brains about foods such as fat.

Joel Fuhrman has made it abundantly clear that diabetics should be eating nuts and seeds on a daily basis and he has stated that we will receive a host of health benefits, including lower blood sugar levels and weight loss.

I, through my own experiments on myself as the subject am stating that nuts and seeds, when eaten with other foods on a daily basis will help us to control our blood glucose and even lose weight.

For me this is encouraging and I am happy I have Joel’s book. Until when next we meet, I invite you to check out the books below to help you in your struggle to be healthier and happier.

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    Great article Josephine! First, I love your background of vegetables! Also, you morning breakfast sounds great! I’ll try it one day. Thanks for the confirmation that we can control and eliminate diabetes. Dr. Joel’s book sounds like an amazing book to check out. Keep it up!

  2. // Reply

    Hi Josephine your article is very informative and the website is very pleasing. I like your content as this help diabetic patient like my mom. Dr. Joel’s book sounds like an amazing stuff. Cheers!

    1. // Reply

      Charred, I thank you for your kind words. Yes, I read a bit from the book every day. All the best to your mom and I am assuming that you are taking the necessary steps to ensure you are free of diabetes?

  3. // Reply

    First wishing you success with your new lifestyle. I also call lifestyle and not diet. I’ll look into the Dr. Joel’s book, it sound very interesting. and it fit the way I’m looking at things. I usually more strict about quantity especially because I know that if I’ll not be strict I’ll have hard time keeping it up. My experience also shows major improvements in my numbers as soon as I follow a reasonable life style.
    Keep up with it
    All the best

    1. // Reply

      Gila, I thank you for the kind words and wishes. Gila, I am happy to hear that you have taken the step to be healthier. I do hope my website will be a blessing as I continue to research, experiment and relate to my readers. Please consider yourself as a member of the Diabetes Free Club. Continued success Gila.

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