The Right Shoes for Diabetics

I hear the concerns and the questions ever so often about the right shoes for diabetics. I also own a number of shoes which I refuse to wear now because of a few reasons. The main reason being that of comfort as a diabetic.

I find that I need a certain type and height of heel so that my tendinitis will not act up. At the same time, because I am diabetic, I also have other footwear needs. Today we will spend some time looking at how to choose the right shoes for diabetics.

Health Comes First

I remember when someone that I loved lost her leg to diabetes. I also recall the issues she had with her toes. I experience serious discomfort when I fail to wear certain types of shoe. Yes, some choices can be an issue when we have certain jobs, but, our health must come first.

If we fail to take care of ourselves, then we will live a miserable life of pain, frustrations, and setbacks. I am guilty of wearing shoes that looked stylish and were expensive, but totally wrong for my needs. The result was misery and blisters.

Note, that a shoe does not have to be tight to leave blisters. If it is too big and shifting as you move then that friction could cause blisters. It could also be the style of the shoe that has a section rubbing against your feet.

What I Look for when I am Buying Shoes

With that said, please peruse the list I use when I am purchasing shoes to cater to my diabetic needs and to soothe my tendinitis.

Here is the list of things I use when I am purchasing shoes as a diabetic:

  • Athletic/Walking Shoes (Not too soft, not too hard). They give me good support and eases the anxiety of knowing that something could pierce my shoe and leave me with a wound that could either take long to heal or never heal. My feet also stay cool for the entire day as these shoes were designed to allow air to circulate and so I do not have to worry about sweaty feet. Please note that I also wear socks with these shoes and I mainly go for the diabetic ones and so my feet remain dry and comfortable all day long.
  • Shoes with a round toe. I never purchase pointed-toe shoes as these confine my toes. They sometimes squeeze and generally can be painful as the nerves in the toes of a diabetic may be damaged and then becomes a bit over-sensitive.
  • Purchase shoe at the end of the day. Swollen feet at the end of the day is a common thing for some diabetics. This means that when I purchase my shoe at the end of the day, then I get a fit that will keep me comfortable all day, including the end of the day. Taking a pair of the diabetic socks I would most likely wear with the shoe I am purchasing proves to be fruitful, as I get the exact fit which is comfortable and safe for me to wear.  I like to have slightly thinner diabetic socks in my handbag so that if my shoe gets a bit uncomfortable towards the end of the day, I simply change my socks and I am comfortable again.
  • Purchase leather shoes (soft leather). Yes, these will cost more than their plastic and vinyl counterparts, but, for a diabetic, they are well worth the extra dollars spent. Note, leather will stretch and give a bit more room and comfort, especially at the end of the day. Remember that diabetics must make an effort to avoid corns and blisters on our feet, thus making a nice pair of round-toe leather, walking shoe a great option for us to wear. Leather also allow my feet to breathe and so they are less sweaty and less prone to infection. I purchase soft leather shoes with cushion support rather than thin ones because the extra support is both comfortable and safe for diabetics.
  • Cushioned shoe inserts. I have an issue with my tendon as well and so I find that a pair of cushion shoe insert works great at times to give me that extra support and cushion I need some days. The cushioned sole is great for shock absorption as well. I like to wear them when I am going to climb a lot of stairs, like when I go to work. They are also great to use for shoes bought when my feet are swollen and so the shoes are sometimes a tad big in the mornings. It is usually nice to have shoe inserts at this time.
  • Laced vs. loafers counterpart. The laced shoe definitely gives me a more comfortable fit and greater support, so I buy these now. I also like wearing those with a velcro lock like the one shown below.

Please click on the shoe below to see where you could purchase diabetic shoes and socks.

Break Them In

I like to break my shoe in before I wear them for long periods of time. Yes, it is common to see me wearing my new shoe and socks in the mornings at home when I am working on my website, cooking or folding clothes.

This gives me an opportunity to ensure that they will not cause any discomfort when I am ready to wear them out. After I wear them for the purpose of breaking them in, I check my feet for blisters or painful spots. I may wear them again with different socks, or give it away if it is going to cause me any great discomfort in the long run.

Look below for some diabetic socks that I love to wear. Feel free to click the picture to see where you can purchase these comfortable diabetic socks.

Alternate and Replace

I alternate my shoe every day, or at least most days. So, if I wear one shoe today, I wear a different one tomorrow. I also purchase more than one of a shoe when it fits me nicely and is super comfortable. That way when I alternate, I can be comfortable for days. This strategy works for me and keeps my feet super happy.

Having several comfortable footwear also prevents one from wearing down quickly. The heel takes a longer time to lose support and the shock absorption remains intact for a longer time. Click the shoe below.

I replace my shoes when the following starts to happen:

  • The heel is showing her first sign of stress, so I throw it out before the lean on one side becomes too obvious.
  • The lining inside the shoe starts to tear.
  • The support at the back is feeling flimsy.

Below are some of my favorite cushions for my shoes. Go ahead and click the picture.

Let us continue the fight to eliminate diabetes from our lives so that we can be happier and healthier to fulfill our purpose. If you would like updates and free e-books, please complete the form below.

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    Thanks for the very informative post.
    The advise that you’re giving can actually be applied to everyone.
    It always amazes me how people (gents) can walk around with those long pointed type of weird fashion items on their feet. They may think it is looking cool, but I imagine it to be very painful 🙂
    …or those high heels which forces the girls to walk on their toes … 🙂
    Anyway, thanks for all the good advise.

    1. // Reply

      I agree with you that all should be advised using this post. I think we would have happier feet. Thanks for taking the time.

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    Hi Josephine.
    Thanks for the guidance for choose shoes for diabetes. It really importance to choose the right shoes, because off course it very danger when choose the wrong shoes and make our feet get wound. It’s really valuable informations. Thank for sharing…

    1. // Reply

      You are welcome Henryan, but please note that these are great tips for all to follow, not just those of us who are diagnosed with diabetes. Cheers.

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