The Health Benefits of Magnesium-Diabetes and More

Magnesium will be our focus today. A lot of wonderful things are being said about magnesium and please let me hasten to add that this is by no means new information. We have heard about the health benefits of magnesium for a number of years now. Yes, diabetes and more are included in the many benefits mentioned.

Miracle Mineral

Here are a few of the benefits of this miracle mineral/drug called magnesium:

  • Helps to control our blood sugar levels.Glucometer
  • Helps us to have more normal blood pressure.
  • Heart attacks are kept at bay.
  • It helps our nerves and muscles to be in as close as possible to mint condition.
  • It helps us to feel more energetic.
  • If you are having issues falling asleep and just generally getting a good night rest, then maybe magnesium could be a solution to these two problems.
  • Constipation is relieved when we have consumed the correct amount of the mineral magnesium.
  • Spasms and muscular aches can be greatly helped with the use of magnesium.
  • It relieves migraine headaches.
  • Prevents clotting.
  • Helps us to walk around with a healthier and happier heart.
  • Osteoporosis is kept in check with magnesium.
  • Reduces Inflammation.
  • It aids in protein synthesis.

Magnesium Deficient?

It has been said on numerous occasions that those of us who are diagnosed as diabetic have a tendency to be magnesium deficient. We lose some magnesium through our urine. Do remember that we also have a tendency to urinate a bit more than other folks. This makes it important for us to sometimes supplement magnesium, or, better yet, eat more magnesium-rich foods.

If you take a look below at the foods that contain a lot of magnesium, then you will see that we must eat a variety of whole foods in order to get the 320mg of magnesium needed on a daily basis.

Magnesium-Rich Foods

Yes, I am sure you now need me to share with you some of the foods we can eat in order to get our daily supply of magnesium. Please see the list below:

  • Spinach. One cup cooked gives us 157mg of magnesium out of the 320mg recommended for the day. Yes, it is Spinachthat easy to have the magnesium we need for the day to keep us healthy. I know what you are saying. Yes, and still we are not eating the required amount to be healthy. I love a cup of cooked spinach with a finger of boiled green banana for breakfast. This with a handful of nuts is a great breakfast which prevents a spike in my blood sugar level.
  • Swiss Chard. One cup swiss chard gives us 150mg of magnesium, again, almost 50 percent of what is needed for the day.
  • We can get as much as 95mg of magnesium from one (1) square of dark chocolate.
  • Pumpkin seeds. We can get as much as 92mg of magnesium from 1/8 cup of pumpkin seeds.
  • One cup of yogurt gives 50mg of magnesium. Kefir gives about the same amount.
  • Almonds are my favorite. They are versatile. I eat them raw, and I especially love to include them in my morning smoothie. I also use them as a great tasting snack with a bit of cheese. One (1) ounce gives us approximately 80mg of magnesium.
  • A half cup of black beans gives us 60mg of magnesium.
  • One (1) medium avocado gives us 58mg of magnesium. This is another food that I absolutely love for its’ versatility. Avocado is a great source of fat for diabetics. I use it in my smoothie and also my salad. It’s great in a sandwich as well. Check out this article about avocado and diabetes.
  • Banana. One (1) medium banana gives 32mg of magnesium. I like to add ripe bananas to my smoothies and fruit salads.
  • Powdered Kelp can be used to replace sea salt and it is loaded with magnesium.

To Supplement, Or, Not?

There are mixed arguments concerning whether we should take magnesium supplements. Let us look at some of those viewpoints.

  1. Eating magnesium-rich foods is all we need in order to get the daily requirement of magnesium.
  2. Others disagree with number 1 for the following reasons:
    1. Soils are depleted of minerals, including magnesium.
    2. Processed foods have very little magnesium, including grains.
    3. We need to take twice the recommended daily allowance of magnesium in order to achieve optimum health.

I have been eating mostly whole foods, especially those from plants and I am doing so without regrets. I am yet to supplement with magnesium and so I did a check and concluded that it would be worth trying a supplement to see if it will make a difference. I will do so and give a feedback in the weeks to come. I did a bit of research and I purchased the magnesium to the right. I read that when we are taking too much magnesium our bowels could be a bit loose, so this is worth noting.

Let me encourage you to continue the struggle to be diabetic-free. It is possible to use food as our medicine, coupled with an active lifestyle. Until my next article, walk good and eat right.


Medical Disclaimer


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