The Health Benefits of Fenugreek-Herbs for Diabetes

Fenugreek is a herb with many uses. It is another plant-based food which is used to lower blood glucose and it is also Fenugreek Seedsused to heal other illnesses. Today we will take a look at how fenugreek affects diabetes and we will also look briefly at the bonuses diabetics and their families will derive from using fenugreek.

The seeds, as well as the leaves of the fenugreek plant, are used. The leaves are used as vegetables in some parts of the world, whilst the seeds are used to make medicine in other parts of the world. Because of its’ maple syrup taste, it has been used to hide the taste of other medicines, that are less tasty. In some cultures, the seeds are also used in cooking.

The health benefits of fenugreek are numerous and striking, making it an essential herb to keep in the pantry. Below we will examine the effects of fenugreek on diabetes, followed by its’ effect on other illnesses.

Fenugreek and Diabetes

Insulin production is stimulated because of the effect of fenugreek. The absorption of sugar in the stomach is slowed as a result of these seeds. The result is positive for diabetics because the blood glucose rises at a slower pace. Persons have reported using the seeds about twice per day and receive a lower blood glucose reading the next day. I take the tea and I do see a significant reduction in my blood glucose reading the same day. Again, I take my tea without sugar and milk.

The recommended dose for diabetics is 500mg of fenugreek seeds taken twice daily has worked well to lower blood Glucometerglucose for many persons with the illness (Zafar, 2016). However, Gaddam (2016), concluded in a research that 10g could be used to lower blood glucose in human beings.

Like I stated before, I use the tea, but I get good results. I have never seen the seeds before, but, I will be checking the shelves or the Internet.

Other Health Benefits of Fenugreek

  • Lowers cholesterol- a mere 2 ounces of the fenugreek seed per day lowers cholesterol by as much as 18%. This is sprinkled on food that is already prepared. This is good news for persons with diabetes, as we tend to also have issues with cholesterol and heart. Please see the point below about the risk of heart attack (Zafar, 2016).
  • Lowers the risk of a heart attack if 2 ounces of the seed is sprinkled on prepared food.
  • Prevents hardening of the heart
  • Helps to prevent obesity
  • Used for Inflammation (treats pain and swelling)
  • Treats muscle pain
  • Helps to reduce swelling of the lymph nodes
  • Used to treat gout
  • Heals wounds and ulcers
  • Soothes and heals eczema
  • Helps milk to flow in women who are breastfeeding. This flow can increase by as much as 50% when fenugreek is taken for as little as 2 days. Here, 500mg, three times a day is the recommended dose (Zafar, 2016).
  • Heals hernia
  • Helps with male problems such as infertility
  • Heals kidney problems
  • Relieves constipation
  • Reduces or in some cases prevents menstrual discomfort. There are persons who reported taking the fenugreek tea or using the seeds at least three times for the day when menstruating and the pain disappeared or was lessened.
  • Helps women experiencing hot flashes due to menopause (it contains an estrogen-like substance)

Please click on the video for some supporting information on fenugreek, which was created by RK Health Vision.

Making a Poultice-For Eczema, Boils, Burns, and Abscesses

You will need:

  • Two large spoons of fenugreek seeds
  • One cup water (warm)
  • One piece cloth/gauze (clean)
  • A grinder/food processor


  1. Grind seeds into a powder
  2. Mix the fenugreek powder into the warm water
  3. Soak the cloth or gauze into the fenugreek mixture
  4. Apply the cloth to the affected area


The healthy benefits of this plant-based health food, fenugreeks is far-reaching and covers a variety of illnesses, including diabetes and the related illnesses associated with this life-altering disease. It is a must-have for every home. Both the seeds and the leaves are effectively consumed.

It is believed that if you are serious about controlling or eliminating diabetes from your home, then the fenugreek seed is a plus. There are so many other things that it can be used for, that it will be worth every dollar spent to acquire said herb.

Let me encourage you to continue on your lifestyle journey to use what Mother Nature has given to us to continue the healing process.

I would appreciate hearing from you, so please do so in the box below. Remember, I value your opinion. Until next time, walk good and make healthy food choices and let us beat diabetes. It’s nice to have you as a part of “Team Crawford.” Let’s do this together. Let’s fight diabetes Team Crawford.

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