The End of Diabetes Book Review


Product: The Eat to Live Plan to Prevent and Reverse Diabetes: The End of Diabetes

Author: Joel Fuhrman (M.D.)

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My Rating: 9.8 out of 10

Meet the Author

The author of the book “The Eat to live plan to prevent and reverse diabetes: The end of diabetes” is Joel Fuhrman who is a medical doctor and also a researcher in the nutrition department. He is a #1 New York Times Bestselling author who is well known for the “Eat to Live Plan.

Magnet Effect

I was drawn to this book because of the title “The eat to live…” I have always felt that one of the biggest problems we face is that we “live to eat” and so the “eat to live…” title was captivating. I ordered the book and I am happy I did. I have no intention of blindly following this or any book I have read, but I am willing to try a lot of the things I read.

A Little History Lesson

I was already experiencing some success in my new lifestyle and was seeing a 100% reduction in my blood glucose. I, however, had days when I would awake to a reading between 7 to 8 and I would be totally confused. I knew I needed some more information. My weight was also fluctuating.


Ok, let’s return to the book. I felt this book could help and so I started to read. Let me admit, I am a librarian and so I started to skim and scan the book and yes, you guessed correctly, I started to follow some things in the book without reading the book in its entirety. I know, that’s not good and I am the first to admit.

Here are some of the things I started to follow from the book:

  • The End of DiabetesI ensured that I included some beans into my diet several days per week. I was already accustomed to eating beans and my system has now grown accustomed to beans and so I am spared some of the discomforts some people experience when they eat beans.
  • Initially, I reduced my meat intake, now I reduced it even more and I told myself this was for awhile. Let me add, I love meat and so for me, this is a big move, but I hate being diabetic more than I love meat and so I was willing to give it a try. He prefers if we don’t eat meat. I am not sure about doing this full time. Sorry, I still use a little meat 3 times per week to flavor my soups and to satisfy my appetite.
  • I started to eat more raw vegetables on a daily basis. I normally eat raw vegetables, but I hate them and so they were not a part of my daily diet. I am now trying to make sure I have some raw vegetables every day. I now enjoy a nice bean stew with my raw vegetables. I even bought Kale.

And, The Results are Here

By the second day of following some of what was written in the book, I was amazed at my readings. I had a 6.3 blood glucose reading the following day and this was without medication the night before. Note, I am accustomed to this reading when taking some of my medication. That second day, my readings remained in the 5.5 to 6.3 range and this was without medication. Needless to say, I was excited.

That night I did not take my medication because I was afraid that my blood glucose could fall too low in my sleep. I was getting a 5.5 reading before going to bed. I, however, had a glass of mango leaf water before going to bed.

The following morning, my reading without medication was 5.8 and I was now sold on this way of eating. I also like the fact that I can eat meat 0 to 3 times per week. I am sure the zero time per week will not be me. Sorry folks, I still love my beef soup and chicken breast. I am now learning to use 1 pound of beef to make a huge pot of soup, so I use it for flavoring.

More History and Weight Loss

There is a lot of emphasis on weight loss. Truth be told, eating this way encourages weight loss. In one (1) week, I lost 5 pounds. I must admit, I had some issues following the program at times. I wanted meat in my first few days. I was not as prepared and so I felt like I was eating the same foods for the entire week. I now have some things in place and so I am expecting a better second week.

I have been trying the recipes at the back and I do appreciate the 2 weeks eating plan. It helps me to plan my meals for the week. There is so much for you to learn from “The Eat to live plan to prevent and reverse diabetes: The end of diabetes” book and hence I am encouraging you to get a copy here from Amazon. I have a lot of information on diabetes, but his has been my best buy to date.

One Size Fits All?

I find the book “Eat to live plan to prevent and reverse diabetes: The end of diabetes”  easy to read and I would encourage you to read widely on the subject, speak to your doctor and eventually you will find something, maybe from what a number of experts write and speak about to be a part of your solution. I do not believe in a ‘one size fits all,’ but, I borrow from a number of programs and I am finding a comfortable balance which appears to be working for me.


Would I recommend this book? YES, most certainly. It is true that we consume too much meat and carbohydrate and it is certainly an old debate that we need to eat more vegetables and fruits. This book, “Eat to live plan to prevent and reverse diabetes: The end of diabetes”  is a keep.

Medical Disclaimer


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    The title of the book eat to live plan to prevent and reverse diabetes sounds great. It has a big promise though- I wonder how many people have benefited from this program?
    It seems the general gist of the book is sound. Eating healthy carbohydrates through raw vegetables is a good one. Vegetables are low glycemic and are full of nutrition.
    I am not a big bean eater and having it once a week is enough for me. How did you manage to get accustomed to beans?

    1. // Reply

      Dinh, I always liked stew peas and so eating beans initially was easy, but the switch to meatless beans, loaded with vegetables was more difficult. However, when you get health wake-up calls, you just need to do what has to be done. I just make them into delicious, mouth-watering recipes and then it is easy. My research is revealing that quite a number of persons are benefiting. It does work and so that will sell the books. It can be restricting and so I modify some things to my taste and lifestyle. Thanks for the visit Dinh.

  2. // Reply

    very nice site. I find it very eye catching and thorough. Great work. You should also check out Asea as a product that helps with several types of diabetes. I have seen it do awesome things.

    1. // Reply

      Brent, thanks for your kind words. I am glad you like the site. You are welcome to be a regular reader and do keep in-touch. What exactly is Asea?

  3. // Reply

    I knew it! I knew that it was possible to cure diabetes with a healthy diet but people don’t listen! They think it is all nonsense! How fantastic for you to have improved your glucose levels so fast. I’d recommend this to anyone with diabetes. Its tricky when you live with parents who are on a tight budget and want to buy the cheapest things, then its impossible to ask if they can start buying more of this and less of that etc. But when I leave home, I’m going to start a strict diet and improve my overall health!

    1. // Reply

      Yes Emma, it is absolutely possible to reverse diabetes, or at least control it with less medication. I understand the budgetary constraints, but even so, you should start making the right choices now whenever you can and be sure to keep physically active. Avoid sodas and other drinks/juices is a good place to start. Eat lots of vegetables is also great. Remember that beans are cheaper than meat, so that is also another excellent option. I do wish you all the best Emma and please do not be a stranger to our website. I love your energy and enthusiasm. All the best.

  4. // Reply

    I just found myself in the realm of Gestational Diabetes and might have to be on a special diet. I will know more tomorrow. I’m so glad I saw this because I was already familiar with Dr. Fuhrman, he has written some great information! I’ll have to check this one out now. Thanks!

  5. // Reply

    This book sounds very informative and I would be interested to read it. I’m like you, I don’t think I can eliminate meat entirely. In fact, I have it everyday right now. But baby steps, right? I will try to cut down on my meat intake and incorporate more raw vegetables into my diet.

    Btw, I do love beans and I have some recipes for them on my site. One of them is this: Thanks for the review!

    1. // Reply

      Yvonne, I do thank you for the recipe. I will try it. Yes, baby steps will get you there in time. That is my experience and I am now having more vegetables and fruits. Keep trying Yvonne and it depends on what works best for you. I am making the change because of my health issues and I do feel better with less meat. How is your health?

  6. // Reply

    hi Josephine thanks for the wonderful information I really loved your article and I agree with you without a dough that we should increase vegetables and fruits in our diet.

  7. // Reply

    Hi Josephine!
    That’s great to see that you are having so much more success with this diet.
    I fall into the category of carb addict. If ANYTHING stressful happens I immediately turn to bread, or something else delicious like that. It is tough to stop though! Do you have any tips from this book that might help with reducing carb intake specifically?
    Thanks, and great article!

    1. // Reply

      Hey Sam, I prefer to say lifestyle because I have to keep eating this way or my sugar levels will rise again. If you say it is “tough”, then that is exactly what you are saying to your brain and I am afraid the outcome will be just that Sam. I had the same issue as I loved pastries and a nice slice of white bread, that has been warmed and pasted with Anchor Butter.

      I had to re-program my thinking. I started off by eating whole food carbs such as breadfruit and yam. Yes, with lots of butter, and now I have less of these carbs and more fruits and vegetables. I took baby steps and I am getting there Sam. Do keep me posted. I know you can change that status and you will be in my prayers. Cheers.

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