The Benefits of Passion Fruit

Passion fruit is a sweet fruit, both in taste and smell.  It has an oval shape and the common variety is either yellow or purple in color.  The yellow passion fruit is bigger than the purple fruit.  Is passion fruit good to eat when you have diabetes?

Passion Fruit Peel and Diabetes

This is another fruit where nothing gets wasted.  The peel of the passion fruit has been used to make flour, yes, flour and experiments have been done proving that glucose readings are affected in a positive way. 

The use of passion fruit flour has resulted in lower glucose readings for some persons. The peel is also used to make an extract that has been used to reduce the glucose reading of persons suffering from diabetes.


The good news, no side effects were reported.  It sounds like it is worth trying.   I have been avoiding all types of flour because they are too remote from the natural state of the original food product.  I, however, made a decision to give this a try, as an alternative to lower glucose reading.

Caution Banner

Allow me to remind you here, moderation is the key.  Eat small portions of whatever you eating.  Because of this, you will also eat more meals than the average person without diabetes.

Passion Fruit for Intestinal Support, Happy Poop, Clean Colon

Guess what?  Passion fruit is good for your colon.  Not kidding!  The seeds are loaded with insoluble fibers and are beneficial to the intestines.  It is said that they reduce the chance of tumors in the colon.  If that is not good news, then what is?

Passion Fruit Seeds

Regular bowel movements are observed in people who consumed passion fruit seeds as a part of the diet. 

I describe these movements as regular, happy bowel movements.  I am sure you got the gist.  Okay, so the picture above is not so enticing?  Those were my exact sentiments when I first saw the fruit as an adult.  I took a slightly different view when I became diabetic and I gave it a try.  I sure am happy I tried this fruit.  The results are amazingly real.  Go ahead, give it a try.

It is also believed that this exotic fruit helps to get rid of toxins from the human body.  "Oh, happy day!"  All this from just one fruit.

Health Symbol

I need you to understand that we have all the fruits and vegetables we need to both heal our bodies and keep us happy and healthy, fit for our daily routines.  What do you have to lose?  Especially if you are diabetic?  Why not embrace the benefits of passion fruit?

Asthma and Passion Fruit


There is good news for the people with asthma.  It was discovered that passion fruit also helps those suffering from asthma.  It reduces the coughing and has an antihistamine effect, whilst lowering the blood sugar and blood pressure at the same time.  This is what you call a "wholesale deal!"

It is the peel that is used to make a powder in this case.

The Big C

A tea made from the leaves of the passion fruit has been used to help those struggling with cancer.  I also hasten to add caution in this respect, because I know from experience that we need to be careful when using any leaves to make tea.  Too much can lead to other issues.

I remember giving my mother a tea made from lettuce leaves to help her to sleep, as she was battling cancer and the nights were particularly difficult for her, wanting to sleep, but just not able to do so.  Let me be honest.  I assumed 2 leaves would be good enough to make her sleep.

Well, it worked, but it was too much.  the following day my mother found it difficult to stay awake.  Needless to say, I spent most of that day watching and praying my heart and lungs out.

Heart and Lungs

Passion Fruit and Blood Pressure

Passion all round is good for our blood pressure.  Yes, passionate relations between you and your significant other.  Yes, passion for your career or hobby.  Yes, the passion fruit is good to keep your blood pressure in the normal range.  The fruit has a lot of potassium and very little sodium and as a result, it is a good fruit to eat if you want to avoid high blood pressure and also to help to lower the blood pressure readings.

Potassium is of extreme importance as it relates to our blood pressure.  Electrolytes are regulated by potassium.  Note that electrolytes are important for the normal functioning of our cells and organs.

Anatomy of a Man

Potassium ensures that our muscles, including our heart muscles, functions the way they should.  Are you getting ready to go to the store to treat your heart?  All you need is some passion fruits to ensure that your muscles are happy and your blood pressure stay or get in the normal range.

Too much calcium in the bloodstream will result in our arteries being blocked.  You can prevent this tiresome situation, which could eventually lead to your death, by simply eating some passion fruit.  I can't see why this would be a big deal for you.  It isn't.  Just make the first move.

Buy the passion fruit.  Dollar Symbol Ignore the price, if it is more than the oranges or other fruits because it will cost more money and time to use your vein from your leg to replace your heart arteries.  And.....You may die.

I made the move and I am glad you decided to join me in the lifestyle change so that we will live the remaining days of our lives, healthier and happier.  Sounds like a good plan.  Let's go.

Window to my Soul, My Eyes

The antioxidants (vitamins A, C, and flavonoids) in the passion fruit make it a good choice for all of us, especially those of us with diabetes.  Diabetes has a tendency to affect our vision over time. 

Persons without diabetes also are having issues with their vision, many times due to an imbalanced diet, highly lacking in nutritious, whole foods.  We are also guilty of spending too much time at some screen or the other: television, laptops, computers, tablets, phones and the list could continue.  This has not been good for our eyes either.


The above speaks for itself.  We all could benefit from including passion fruit into our diet to help in repairing our eyes.  Why not?  What do you have to gain?  Better vision.

I know by now you are seeing the benefits of changing your lifestyle to one of eating whole foods and becoming more active.  Continue your journey to  control or eliminate your diabetes and live a healthier, happier life. Eat passion fruit to avoid cancer, improve your vision, lower your blood pressure, clean your colon and for my diabetic friends, to move you closer to being diabetic free.

My health partners, Walk Good, or should I say, Eat Good?


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    Hi, Josephine. I find this article informative and useful especially to people who are finding ways to combat their problem with diabetes. I have a family member who has diabetes and this information about passion fruit is helpful to include in his list of foods that he can eat. As you said he needs to eat it in moderation because anything in excess can also be bad. I will include this fruit in his list of fruits to eat. Thank you!

    1. // Reply

      Adel, firstly, thanks for taking the time to read and comment. It is highly appreciated. Allow me to encourage you to place passion fruit on your list of whole foods to eat. It is good for all. I invite you to share my site with your family member and do let me know if there is a related food you would like me to research and write an article. Helping is my pleasure and I wish for you all the best.

  2. // Reply

    Good information!! I do not suffer from diabetes, but have family that has. I’m thinking I need to start consuming passion fruit now for all the benefits it has.
    Thanks for info! Sue

    1. // Reply

      Sue, that is indeed a good suggestion, because, prevention is key. The lifestyle change that I am encouraging is good for all of us. Continue to support the persons with diabetes and feel free to refer them to my site. Thanks for taking the time Sue and all the best.

  3. // Reply

    Wow! Awesome! I didn’t know passion fruit has so many benefits! I don’t have diabetes but two of my friends have so I will share this article with them. Thanks for sharing!

    1. // Reply

      I do thank you for taking the time to read and comment. Yes, please share, not just the page, but the entire site with your friends and let them know that the pleasure is mine to assist if thy have any related questions. Elektra, passion fruit is good for you as well, so, please include it, along with other whole foods on your grocery list. All the best.

  4. // Reply

    I heard about this but wasn’t too sure! So i tried it! Checked my blood sugar, it was 211. Drank a glass of passion fruit juice made with frozen pulp. Checked my blood sugar an hour later, it was 149!

    1. // Reply

      Guisa, a big thank you for this testimony. I love passion fruit and whenever I am able to use it, I find that I have a similar experience. I pray for continued success in your fight against diabetes.

  5. // Reply

    Josephine, thank you so much for this article. I live in a country where passion fruits are in plenty but I never knew they were such a ‘super’ food! It is not going to miss from my daily menu from today! I have had diabetes for close to 10 yrs and it is fairly well controlled. I actually have an A1c reading of 4.5! My only challenge is intermittent peripheral numbness which I try to control using ALA (alpha lipoic acid) tablets.


  6. // Reply

    I have just become type 2 unfortunately.
    I have always been a fruit eater .
    But many people tell me I have eaten to much fruit
    I have cut it down now but I have never eaten passion fruit.
    But I certainly will from now on .

    1. // Reply

      Collette, change your way of speaking. You are far from unfortunate. Tell yourself that it is well and remember with Christ all things are possible. I speak health into you as you change your speech and do what needs to be done to live a healthy life. All the best.

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