Type 2 Remission with Strict Low-Carb Diets are Temporary

A significant reduction in the consumption of carbohydrates (strict low-carb diets) will help to control diabetes, and may even result in type 2 remission.  The troubling news is that this is only for a time.

Strict-low-carb diets to control diabetes or type 2 remission

Control Diabetes – Strict Low-Carb Diets for Type 2 Remission

Twenty three (23) trials discovered that it is true that low-carb diets are great to help diabetics to lose weight and effectively control type 2 diabetes.  The results however lasted only 6 months according to the research results.  It took about a year to see the benefits of strict low-carb diets disappear.

One researcher felt that people probably found it difficult to continue strict low-carb diets for an extended time.  For those of us who have tried changing our lifestyle before, we know that it can be a real challenge.

One of the experts (Grant Brinkworth) cautioned that even though strict low-carb diets can kick-start weight loss and even result in type 2 remission in the short term, patients should consult and work with their doctors to reduce the dose of their medication.

Please see below for an experience I encountered with my father and very low blood sugar.

My Father and Low Blood Sugar Levels – Type 2 Remission is Possible

One afternoon my sisters and I received calls from my father’s caregiver to say that he was seeing things and people who were not in the house.  This was scary.  We cried and then went to take him to see the doctor.

One doctor said it was the onset of dementia and psychosis.   I was a bit annoyed and failed to trust his prognosis because I told him before he tested daddy that he was blind.  Guess what the doctor did?  He held up a paper in front of my visually impaired father and asked him to follow the instructions.

You can understand that my sisters and I decided to use the opportunity to use the referral to see another doctor.  Well, thank God one of my sisters got a name of a doctor to call and he was close to my home where my dad was staying.

After what seemed like a long, old-time medical check-up, the doctor told us to ignore the given prescription and stated that there was no sign of dementia nor psychosis and that my father was as sharp as a razor blade.

Early Signs of Type 2 Remission?

The problem he identified was that my father’s blood sugar had dropped too low and so he was seeing people that were not in the room and generally speaking foolishness.

He further explained that since we changed his diet to whole foods to control diabetes and rightfully, then his medication should be adjusted.  He took him off the blood sugar medication and asked me to monitor the readings and then maybe he could take the medication every other day.

Okay, it’s time for the praises to ring out and for God to be glorified.  My father had some ups and downs, whilst we figured it out, but he is still off the blood sugar medication, and with the help of myself, my siblings, and the caregivers he gets wonderful normal readings most days.

Okay, so Mondays tend to be a bit off because my father hates to go outside the church to have a snack, so he eats a heavy carbohydrate-filled meal most Sundays to keep his readings a bit elevated.  This was the practice when he was on medication and he refuses to make the change.

Guess what?  I have to remember my stress level and accept that I can’t win all the battles, so, this one I will not fight.  We also must remember that strict low-carb diets over the long-term are not sustainable even though in the short-term they can result in type 2 remission.

The point here is that whenever we adjust to strict low-carb diets we need to speak with our doctor and understand how and when to reduce our medication or the results could be frightening and could even lead to death.

My Lifestyle Changes – Struggles and How I Control Diabetes

I still struggle to make exercise a routine.  I feel great when I finally get up and exercise, but every week I have to push myself to do so.  It just does not feel as natural and routine as brushing my teeth after eating.

There is hope because the way I eat to keep the numbers in the normal range is becoming more natural to me now.  With that said, let me add something of my own to this research finding.  I use strict low-carb diets occasionally when my blood glucose number is worrying.  This gives me the needed help so that I can get to a more comfortable number.  However…

I find it difficult to remain on strict low-carb diets.  Let us take the education out of it now and just hear me out.  The plain truth is that I just don’t feel well.  I get this lousy, sick feeling, and my bowels are too loose and so I am uncomfortable.  My head hurts and I am left feeling like death is knocking at my door.

A Little Something about Whole Foods and Strict Low-Carb Diets to Control Diabetes

Now, I constantly pay attention to my carb intake, but I focus on getting my carbs from whole foods.  I eat green bananas, yam dasheen, sweet potatoes, and even Irish potatoes for carbs.  Every day is a balancing act.  I win some and I don’t do so well some days, but, I am constantly working to kick type 2 diabetes.

When you research strict low-carb diets, you will read that whole food such as yam, green bananas, etc have too much carbohydrate and should be avoided.  This does not work over the long-term for ma and so because I am for a lifestyle change, which therefore must be sustainable, then I include healthy carbs, which take some time to be digested and so they slow the rise in my blood sugar.

Stress Can Erode your Victories – But…You Can Control Diabetes

My biggest challenge is dealing with the death of DaMarco – my son.  That is more challenging than diabetes and it eats away at my emotional health every single day.  My only hope is just to spend more time with God.  Yep, He helps.

I mentioned DaMarco because stress can erode the benefits derived from strict low-carb diets and everything we do to keep the numbers low.  This is why I work so hard at being happy.

I now spend less time with the people who stress me out and or find ways to cope.  Sometimes it means just listening and keeping my mouth shut and praying through the speech/monologue.  This can be difficult when you are a leader, but I do the best I can and I am seeing better days.

Modified Strict Low-Carb Diets to Control Diabetes

Now, I am seeing the results from my dietary and in general lifestyle changes, in spite of my high-level stressed life.  Yes, to be taking less medication and to awake with readings between 100 to 130s (5.5 to 7,2) for me is truly a blessing.

I don’t feel well when my blood sugar goes below 5 (90), so I have to do a balancing act throughout the day to ensure that with the help of God I awake in the mornings and not sleep away in a coma.  Throughout the day, when I get it right, my readings stay in the normal range or close enough.

Again, let me add that I am learning to control diabetes with a modified version of strict low-carb diets.  This means for me that it is still fewer carbs than I would normally consume and also different types of carbohydrates.

Some Articles to Support the Above

Below, I will be listing some articles of interest to give you more information and to support the above.

  1. Norton, Amy. “Go Low-Carb for Type 2 Diabetes Remission?” WebMD, WebMD, 19 Jan. 2021, www.webmd.com/diabetes/news/20210119/go-low-carb-for-type-2-diabetes-remission.
  2. Streit, Lizzie. “No-Carb Diet: Benefits, Downsides, and Foods List.” Healthline, Healthline Media, 25 June 2019, www.healthline.com/nutrition/no-carb-diet#steps.
Please continue to fight diabetes and rest assure that strict low-carb diets still have a place in this war.  It may just provide the needed catalyst to result in type 2 remission, if only temporary, or at least to help in the journey to control diabetes.
For more information, please subscribe below by filling in the boxes.  Until next time, please stay safe.

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  1. // Reply

    Great article Josephine and such an important topic.

    The rate of type 2 diabetes is climbing astronomically in North America and we need to educate people not only on how to manage their diabetes but how to avoid it.

    My mother had type 2 diabetes and she didn’t care for hers well, as a result, we lost her several years ago.

    This just serves as a reminder that we need to get the word out and help people before it is too late.

    Our grandson is type 1, and we have learned that pairing protein with carbs works well. The dosage of our grandson’s insulin injections are dependent upon the number of carbs he eats with each meal.

    We have found a well-balanced, whole food diet works best for long-term sustainability rather than drastically eliminating carbs that can risk DKA.

    I wish you all the best in your diabetes journey.

    1. // Reply

      Deb, I appreciate your visit and comments. I am sorry to hear about your grandmother but really happy to see that it is apparent that your family made a decision that others will not die from diabetes. Thumbs up to you and your family.

      Eating whole foods is definitely the way to go and I love that the carbs it gives me are not fast-acting and so I don’t get that horrible spike. I need to ask you 2 questions, so below is something you wrote:

      “Our grandson is type 1, and we have learned that pairing protein with carbs works well. The dosage of our grandson’s insulin injections [is] dependent upon the number of carbs he eats with each meal.”

    2. Can you share more about the carbs/protein pairing? (some examples of the carbs)
    3. What about fruits and vegetables?
    4. Looking forward to your responses. Cheers.

  2. // Reply

    Hi Josephine,

    Thank you for this insightful information about type 2 diabetes Unfortunately my country (Mauritius island) is ranked first with the highest number of people having diabetes in the Indian Ocean region. For people who have diabetes they need to be properly informed and have a proper diet control will improve their lives drastically.

    Continue the great work:)


    1. // Reply

      It is nice to know that my website has reached someone from Mauritius Island. That’s actually cool.

      Information is power. Please share this and other websites about diabetes and help others to overcome this horrible lifestyle disease. It can be avoided and certainly controlled.

      Also bear in mind that a lifestyle change will also cure hypertension, arthritis, etc. Cheers.

  3. // Reply

    Our grandson was just here for a birthday supper for his sister. Here is what we did. Alex had meatballs, rice, peas and salad. He also had a small piece of birthday cake.

    Because this was a birthday supper it was a rather carb-heavy meal. Keep in mind meatballs usually have breadcrumbs or some sort of carb added to them. This was calculated as well as the carbs from rice and cake.

    We then calculated his insulin based on the ratios his doctors recommended for him.

    As you know there are plenty of vegetables that have a low glycemic index which means they usually won’t spike blood sugars. There is no problem with them.

    It is the higher glycemic carbs that we pair with protein.

    For Alex that would be:
    – peanut butter with bread or crackers, although he likes peanut butter with celery too.
    – cheese and crackers
    – tuna sandwich
    – apples and cheese
    – veggie sticks and plain greek yogurt

    These are typically snacks but for meals, there is always a protein (chicken, beef, pork or fish) with potatoes, rice or pasta as well as vegetables.

    We have found the Mediterranean Diet is quite close to our way of eating on a regular basis.

    I hope this helps clarify what we do.

    I also need to emphasize that it is important to follow the advice of your diabetes care team. Always consult with your doctor before making any dietary changes.

    1. // Reply

      Deb, I appreciate the response. Thanks for letting my readers see that we can live a full and happy life with diabetes. Yes, we may choose not to eat some things to keep the numbers in the normal range, but there is so much more we can eat, even cake, but just a small piece.

      Just to support what you said about pairing Carbs and protein. I found that when I ate Irish potatoes with steamed vegetables, I have a greater spike than when I eat Irish potatoes (in the same quantity) with a piece of fish. We must remember that there are some carbs in the vegetables too and they add up in the end. It is indeed a balancing act.

      Alex is blessed to have you as a grandmother to help with balancing his carbs and protein so he can be in the best of health. Continued success. You are appreciated.

  4. // Reply

    Hi Josephine,

    The highly informative and motivating article, diabetes can be prevented, treated, controlled, and even reversed through different lifestyle interventions.

    I feel food can be the most powerful form of medicine it is definitely true we can control blood sugar, regulate appetite and protect the body to fight against diabetes.

    Appreciate your efforts in sharing your life story with readers and make individuals realize to beat diabetes by involving simple yet effective changes in lifestyle.

    All it needs to control diabetes is to effectively follow a proper diet, right medications, and include exercises in daily routines.

    Good Luck


    1. // Reply

      Samantha, thank you for adding to the discussion. You are perfectly correct, just a lifestyle change can control diabetes. Cheers.

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