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Mixed Nuts

In the event you have been following my articles, you would have known by now that I am a strong supporter of whole foods. I am now totally convinced that with discipline, we can eradicate diabetes from our lives through lifestyle changes of diet and exercise/activities. I will say it upfront from now in this very first paragraph, I support mainly whole foods as snacks.

Yes, saying it this early will give you enough time to cool down and hopefully see my point. It is really not difficult and I am speaking from my experience. I love snacks and anything pastry, but, I had to work on that mindset and re-train my brain as it relates to what I crave, or at least felt I must eat. I still eat a little bread and crackers, but just a little with a lot of whole foods.

Snacks Rich in Fibre

I like to eat foods which are rich in fiber for my snacks. The truth be told is that I prefer to exclude snacks, but, I must admit that there are times when it is absolutely necessary. I try to have fruits and nuts with me most days so that I can consume them for snacks.

Please see below for some of my favorite snacks:

  • All fruits (especially strawberries, apples, pineapples, ripe bananas, mangoes, and if I don’t force myself to stop, then I could very well list all the fruits I can purchase in my country). I eat these alone, but, I also combine with other foods. Please continue to read so that you will see the other ways I consume fruits as snacks and still prevent a sudden spike in my blood sugar. Let us remember that the idea is to use food to control our blood sugar, or possibly eliminate diabetes from our lives.
  • Nuts (cashew, peanuts, pecan, walnuts, and almonds, or pretty much what is available). I eat these alone, sometimes with cheese, plain yogurt, or add to smoothies. Please see below for some more ideas.
  • Seeds (flaxseeds and chia seeds are definitely my favorite). I add these to my fruit and vegetable smoothies. I also add them to oats and cornmeal porridge, which are sometimes a part of my breakfast, or a snack at work.
  • String cheese with 3 to 4 crackers. Sometimes I just have the cheese and a fruit. I also like the fact that it is easy to carry cheese as I can slip it into my bag.
  • Almonds and cranberries/prunes. I do not eat a lot of dried fruits, but I like prunes for bowel movements. However, when you eat a lot of whole fruits you do not need prunes for bowel movements. This is a great pick me up afternoon snack for me. Almonds leave me feeling full and they also help to stabilize my blood sugar. I also add almonds to my smoothies.
  • Grapes, cream cheese, and crackers. I like to spread a little cream cheese on two to three crackers and then I top that off with grapes, or, other fruits such as strawberries or ripe bananas. I love all kinds of cheese and I especially love the fact that they leave me feeling full.
  • Greek/plain yogurt with fruits and nuts. I love to add a little slightly chopped fruit and some slightly chopped nuts to my plain yogurt. This keeps me feeling full for longer and I sometimes use this to satisfy my sweet tooth. Here is an interesting article about probiotics and why we should be eating more yogurt. I choose a combination of the following to eat with my plain yogurt:
    • almonds
    • peanuts
    • cashew
    • pecan
    • pistachio
    • strawberries
    • pineapple
    • ripe banana
    • apples
    • grapes
    • cranberries
    • raspberries
  • Apple and cheese. I love to take a bite of these two. I Berries and applessometimes substitute the pear for the apple. These two, whether eaten by themselves or together helps to stabilize my blood sugar. Click and read to see how you can control diabetes with apples.
  • Open-face sandwich with avocado. I like to toast a piece of bread, crush a slice of pear to which I add mayonnaise, a little salt, and pepper, mix this and add to by toasted bread, topped with either a slice of tomato or cucumber. Please read this article on the avocado.
  • Bread slice pizza. I realized that eating one slice of whole grain bread does not have a horrible spike on my blood glucose and so I combine this with cheese, tomatoes, sometimes mushrooms, green peppers and pineapple for a delicious pizza. I place this in the toaster oven for a few minutes, just enough to make the bread crisp and I enjoy my healthy snack. This is sometimes my meal with some fruits and a cup of coffee or some other hot beverage. Click the word coffee above to read about its’ effect on blood sugar.
  • Peanut butter and bread or crackers. Yes, peanut butter. I remember when my blood sugar readings were extremely high, I would eat two teaspoons of peanut butter before going to bed and the following morning I would have a lower reading. I actually wrote an article about the benefits of peanuts. Please click on the word peanuts and read.
  • Popcorn. This is one snack I hope to do an article about. I experimented with this snack and found that it does cause a drastic spike in my blood sugar. It is not the first snack that I go to, but, I like to have it around for a treat. I decided on a lifestyle change and so I try to keep it real. I include some non-fruits and non-vegetables which I love, but, they will not cause me to go into a coma because they gave me a sudden spike in my blood sugar.
  • English Muffin with Cheese and Vegetables. I love to top my English Muffin with cheese, tomato or carrot, then stuff it in the oven, remove when crisp and enjoy my snack, or meal.

Diabetes Runs in the Family

Every time I hear this said I feel sad. Most of us do not make the connection that the majority of the time it is our way of life which is passed down from one generation to the next which runs in the family.

Our children learn from us. A mother and father who sits and read and discuss a lot will see some of their children doing exactly the same, especially if you set aside some time for the family to read and discuss together.

Likewise, if you make it a habit to stop and purchase fast foods, then guess what? Your children will acquire the taste and they will prefer this to whole foods.

Yes, you get the drift. Teach your children to snack on fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and use some of the ingredients to make smoothies (no sugar added) and you will be amazed by the results. We owe it to our children to teach them to be healthy and to make the right choices. For more information about a family history of diabetes, please click and read this article about family history and diabetes.

Medical Disclaimer

Comments are Welcome

I welcome your snack ideas. You don’t have to be diabetic. Please share with us any whole food/healthy snacks, so that together we can fight and eradicate diabetes from amongst us.

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    Hi Josephine,

    I just can’t stop coming back to your very interesting blog. It is definitely a gold mine of very useful information. I can’r believe that there is so much a diabetic can do to help with his/her condition. I am not a diabetic myself, but I know of several friends who are and I will happily pass on your link to them and I am sure that they will be very grateful.

    Keep on the good job.

    John ツ

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      John, thanks for your kind words and yes, I would greatly appreciate your forwarding the website URL to friends and family members. All the best.

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