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I had a reader asked me this week via my e-mail to do an article about the signs and symptoms of diabetes. So, today we will spend some time looking at how you can tell that you could possibly have diabetes. I say possibly because you would still need to see your doctor to be tested to confirm. Please see the notes below for the signs and symptoms of this lifestyle illness called diabetes.

  • Feeling thirsty too often and always wanting to urinate. This could point to diabetes. For a number of diabetics, this is the first noticeable sign that something is different. This was my clue that something was a bit different in my body. Sleeping was difficult as I was constantly going to urinate. Sometimes six times per night. Even now that I changed my lifestyle and my diabetes is more controlled. Whenever I have a “bad” eating day (I am sure you understand that this is a confession of some sorts) I urinate a lot. Diabetes means that we have excess sugar in the blood. This excess sugar is normally absorbed by the kidneys. When we have more sugar than what is required, the kidney struggles to absorb all that sugar and so the excess gets excreted into our urine and pulls fluids with it. Yes, and this is why diabetics sometimes urinate a lot. Please note that this is not a desirable situation because it can lead to dehydration. I take water to my bedroom to drink at nights, especially when I am urinating a lot. Glass of waterThis also sends me to the bathroom more often and the cycle continues. Yes, the best thing to do is to eat a diet rich in whole foods, lose weight and be diabetic-free. Research has shown on numerous occasions that eating low carb could be the answer to reverse diabetes. Please peruse this article about a low carb diet for more information. Exercising, especially resistance interval training is also recommended for diabetics.
  • An abnormal feeling of being tired all or most of the time. Our bodies use sugar for energy, and because of diabetes, this process does not work as effective as it should. Yes, you figured it out, it will leave you feeling tired. Dehydration can also have this effect. Please remember that frequent urination can make us dehydrated as well. The good news is that there are a number of foods we can eat which will make our blood sugar lower. One such plant-based food is almond. Diabetics should consume a diet rich in fibers in order to lower our blood glucose level. Some fruits such as guava and kiwi are also good foods for diabetics. I use a lot of limes and lemons because thy are rich in vitamin C and helps both my blood sugar and blood pressure to inch closer to the normal range. Glucometer
  • Do you have sores which are hard to heal? It is quite possible that your body is warning you that you may have diabetes. Being diabetic may also lead to poor circulation and this, in turn, could have you itching more than the norm. Here is a link to a detailed article about skin issues faced by diabetics.
  • Unexplained weight loss. Wipe the smile from your face if you are losing weight without trying. You could be seriously ill. Yes, this is sometimes a sign of diabetes. As we constantly urinate, we also lose calories and so we could lose weight without trying. This you can well imagine is undesirable. If we take the necessary steps to be diabetic-free, then we will purposely and naturally lose the weight in a healthy manner. This book “The End of Diabetes” is an excellent guide for those of us wanting to reverse diabetes.
  • Blurred vision is another sign that you could have diabetes. I mentioned before that when our blood sugar is high it pull fluids from our bodies. This is also true for the lenses of our eyes. This then messes with our ability to focus. Please note that this can be further complicated if we have high blood sugar for an extended period of time as this can cause damage to our retina. Yes, I agree with you, “it is time to lower your blood glucose levels.” I started my journey to be diabetic-free by avoiding some “foods.” Please read this article to see the five foods I avoid to keep my blood sugar low.


Please be encouraged that knowing is half of the problem solved and do not be afraid to see your doctor if you notice any of the following signs/symptoms that you could have diabetes:

  1. Feeling thirsty too often and always wanting to urinate.
  2. An abnormal feeling of being tired all or most of the time.
  3. Have sores which take long to heal.
  4. Unexplained weight loss.
  5. Blurred vision.

Contrary to what you might have heard before, diabetes is a lifestyle illness which can be controlled by a diet of fiber-rich foods, inclusive of a large portion of plant-based foods. An active lifestyle will also help to clear your mind and keep your blood glucose level in the normal range. Gone are the days when type 2 diabetes was seen as a death sentence, there is more hope now through a diet of whole, low carb foods and an active lifestyle.

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    Hi Josephine,
    Thank you for the aticle. I was wondering what the symtoms were that could indicate Diabetes but I guess I was a bit lazy to do the research. Thankfully, you are here and have written the article I needed to read to answer these questions.
    The information is well organized, clear and to the point.
    I don’t have Diabetes but as I’ve aged I’ve developed high blood pressure and I’m a bit overweight. I know these are factors that put me at risk to develop the disease so I will keep reading your articles and informing myself.
    I have reduced my sodium intake mainly by cutting graded cheese from my diet and I’m following a mostly
    vegetarian/vegan diet which I hope will help me control my blood pressure and to loose some weight.
    Thank you once again for the most helpful article.

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