Should Pre-Diabetics Eat High-Carb Foods in the Evenings

Approximately 89 million Americans are living with prediabetes and if not treated over time will lead to type 2 diabetes (Garikiparithi, 2017). If you would like some information about type 2 diabetes please click and read this article entitled Introduction to Diabetes – The Facts.


Avoid the Spike – Know the Signs and Symptoms


Inforgraphic about the rise and fall in blood sugar.


High Carb meals are known to cause a spike in our blood sugar, which means that soon after the meal is eaten, there is a sudden high increase in our blood sugar level.

This is a less than desirable situation, that over time will lead to diabetes and numerous horrible complications. These range from issues with eyes, kidneys, heart, liver, and nerves, to name a few. Yes, these complications can lead to death in many instances.

Please click and read this article so that you will better able to recognize and understand some of the signs and symptoms of diabetes. It is even possible to have a number of cardiovascular issues in the event we do not stop and treat diabetes.

Click and read this article to see the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, if diabetes remains untreated. This same article will show you how to use almonds to prevent this from happening.

Notes from the Study

Here are some notes from the study (Garikiparithi, 2017):

  • 29 men were in the study.
  • The men were about 46 years old.
  • 11 of the men were experiencing some issues with their blood glucose.
  • Some of the men were overweight, whilst others were not.
  • 2 different diets were followed.
  • The diets were followed for 4 weeks.
  • Calories, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins were the same for both diet, but they were eaten at a different time of the day. This was mostly the case for the consumption of the carbohydrates or the fats.
  • Prediabetic men who ate high-carbohydrate foods in the evening experienced high blood glucose readings compared to the participants who did not have diabetes.
  • Men with a glucose issue were had to be careful the time of day the ate high carb foods, due to its’ effect on their blood sugar.
  • The readings increased by as much as 7.9% when a high carb food was eaten in the evening. This was not the case when they ate high-fat foods at the same time of the evening. This was not noticed in the participants who were healthy.
  • The two groups (healthy and those with a glucose disorder) experienced some sort of glucose tolerance decline during the day.
  • The conclusion was formed that pre-diabetics should try to avoid eating high carb foods in the evenings in an attempt to regulate their blood sugar and to decrease the risk of becoming diabetic.

My Take on the Matter

I absolutely love the fact that this experiment is easy to do at home. I know that this study was done on pre-diabetics, and so if I were pre-diabetic, then I would see if I get the same results and make the necessary adjustments.

Since I am already diagnosed with diabetes, I will still avoid eating high carb foods in the evenings and substitute with a high-fat meal and see if it makes a difference.

Yes, this diabetes cure seems like a trial and error thing, and yes, a lot of it is. We are unique and so what works for one person may not work for the other, but I will continue the struggle to be healthier and as a result happier.

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  1. // Reply

    I don’t have diabetes, but I definitely experience a “fog” when I eat high-carb meals, especially in the evening. This article gives me a new way of looking at my experiences, and I sort of wonder whether I should be tested for other pre-diabetes symptoms. Thanks for the insight!

    1. // Reply

      Yes, being checked is a good idea, which will not hurt. I am happy I gave you some information to think about. Cheers.

  2. // Reply

    I like the incorporation of the study with the men. Some people jobs cause them to stay up at times so eating late at nights is sometimes unavoidable. I guess its what you eat. As you said low carb foods.

  3. // Reply

    Although I do not have diabetes, I have definitely found it helpful to stick to higher fats and lower carbs after supper. This is great info so thanks!

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