Reclaiming Your Youth – Exercise for Seniors

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Read below to see exactly how you can enjoy the best of life in these golden years by starting and implementing an exercise routine that will have you feeling youthful once again!


Do you wake up in the morning feeling lethargic? Do you wish you had the energy to run around with kids once again? Feel stiff and your bones are aching? If you answered yes to any 1 of those 3 questions then pay attention because what you are about to read in the next few minutes could change your life

Firstly, What exactly is the problem? Generally, it is inactivity. Studies have shown that it only takes a few days of lying in bed to start losing your strength, flexibility, and balance. Once this happens you are at risk of beginning the dreaded downward spiral. What is the downward spiral you ask?

The Downward Spiral is the Problem

Well, let’s say you are feeling under the weather one day. You are retired so you end up spending a few days in bed or on the recliner watching TV. After a while, the chores start piling up.

Finally, you get up one morning and… “oops” you lose your balance — falling on the floor! If your hip is not broken you likely have a nasty bump somewhere. The pain causes you to spend more time in bed… day by day getting weaker and weaker. Then out comes the cane or walker. You begin to go outside of the house less and less because it is harder to walk.

Daily chores and activities become increasingly more difficult like cooking, shopping and taking a shower. You spend more time in the recliner and bed.

Well, .…you get the picture. Moral of the story? Yes, you guessed it…Use your head…don’t stay in bed!


“Mom and Dad are just not as active as they once were, and I am worried they will fall down”


On the other hand, maybe you are the child of an elderly adult. When your parents live alone and are inactive, you may worry about him or her falling at home. This is often a big concern for family members.

Exercising and staying active will improve their chances of staying safe. Staying active, sensibly exercising and following a healthy lifestyle can add years of productive and functional living to your life.

So if the problem is inactivity. What is the solution? Where do I begin?


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Reclaiming Your Youth

An Introductory Guide To Fitness For Seniors And Baby Boomers


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  • You’re Only As Old As You Feel – Why Do I Feel Like This?

  • Learn Exactly The Steps Needed To Embark On An Exercise Plan

  • Discover The Pillars To Great Exercise

  • Ways To Stay Active And Keep Things Fresh And Full Of Variety

  • Sample Gym Exercise Routine

  • Weight Lifting…Is It Safe?

  • Intimacy In Your Golden Years – Exercise Can Greatly Improve It

  • And Much, Much More.


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  1. // Reply

    I am not wrong to want to believe that it is really hard for many seniors out there to be able to live life like the youths again.  I think it would be nice to share this with my mother. She actually lost her touch to want to live youthfully since something tragic happened. You shared good tips here. Nice

    1. // Reply

      Yes Suz, go ahead and share this with your mom.  Let her know I sent her this message.  “Mom, regardless of your pain.  In spite of your tragedy, we are happy YOU are here with us, and you can still feel energetic and enjoy your life.  Mom, I lost my son to a fire, but I am determined to be happy and you can too.  Go ahead mom and LIVE.”

  2. // Reply

    Hi! I can sure relate to this article. After turning 60 (a few years back) I started noticing that my body does not respond as well as it use to. I was an athletic person for many years and in great shape. I noticed that in the past few years I found it difficult to lose weight and I did not have the energy to work out like I use to. I guess it is true what they say: A body in motion stays in motion and a body at rest stays at rest. Reclaiming your youth looks like a great read to keep longevity and healthy! Thanks very much!

    1. // Reply

      John, you did well.  My body started to complain long before 60 and for me, it was urgent to change my lifestyle and what a difference now!  I am glad I made the move and I will continue to research, experiment, and strive to be in my best possible health.  All the best John as you reclaim your more youthful days.

    2. // Reply

      John, it sounds to me like maybe you need to take a look at your lifestyle. Generations before us were still strong and vibrant at 80 years of age. I am looking at how they lived and making some changes. I am loving the result. All the best.

  3. // Reply


    Thanks so very much for this highly important and well articulated lesson! 👏🏿👏🏽👏🏾👏👏🏼

    The issue of ageing is becoming ever so important. Many parts of the world have an increasing proportion of older persons. If their care, especially PREVENTIVE CARE is not stepped up, countries stand to suffer huge losses in terms of the cost of Healthcare, and population well-being (it’s not nice having lots of unwell older persons).

    I particularly like your warning about the dangers of becoming inactive at retirement. This actually leads to some people becoming “elderly” in their 50s! Many die months into retirement because of a sedentary lifestyle.


    1. // Reply

      You raised some interesting points which are great additions to the discussion.  Teboho, I became “elderly” in my 50’s, but, I made a decision to reject it and to fight for a “younger me.”  I changed my lifestyle, and allow me to add that this is still evolving and I am so glad I did.  

      To see my blood sugar in the normal range so many days is a blessing.  The energy I have most days is frightening and what scares me the most, is when I take a glance at where I was healthwise a few years ago.  I give God the praise and I am so grateful for the people who take the time to share and to inform us via the internet.  All the best and may you prosper in what you do.

  4. // Reply

    At 64 I understand the problems people face as they age. Lack of mobility leads to, well, more lack of mobility. There are definitely ways to help “reclaim your youth”. Look, we don’t need to be just like a teenager, but keep active and fit so that we can still enjoy things in life. I’ve seen many a person seem “too old”. One should avoid that, if possible.

    1. // Reply

      Marsha, I agree that we don’t need to try and be like teenagers.  There are a lot of “goodies” in being more mature.  I love the wisdom it brings to the table, having experienced so much.  

      The truth be told, we deserve to walk without pain and to sleep without indigestion.  We don’t have to be overweight and accept it as a part of aging.  We can change our lifestyle and experience a myriad of benefits.  Thanks for your contribution to the discussion.  You are appreciated.

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