Pumpkin, A Plant-Based Food for Diabetics

Pumpkin is a plant with a large vegetable, sometimes referred to as a fruit. The outside can be green or orange, whilst the inside is usually bright orange. The exterior of the fruit is hard, but the inside is soft when cooked. This plant-based food has been a part of the diet of persons needing to lose weight and also those with diabetes. The chief reason is that it is low in calories.Pumpkin

Pumpkin Nutrition

Pumpkin is best known for an anti-oxidant called Beta-Carotene. This is then converted to Vitamin A, which is then used to help our vision, immune system, and for general skin health. It is also nicely endowed with Vitamin C.

Enough Potassium is found in pumpkin for it to have an effect on blood pressure. Pumpkin also contains some protein, carbohydrate, and fiber, but has no fat or cholesterol (the flesh of the pumpkin). It also has some iron, which has been found to be good for fertility issues in women.

Pumpkin and Diabetes Diet

Folic Acid

When all is well with our endothelial cells, then the possibility exists that we will not have to worry about the following:

  • hypertension
  • hypercholesterolaemia
  • diabetes
  • septic shock
  • Behcet’s disease

However, for a lot of persons with diabetes, the above are possible. Endothelial results in a reduction in the amount of Nitric Oxide in the body. The good news is that the folic acid in pumpkin can help to reverse this process,  (Das, 2014). For diabetics, this is worth knowing.

We should also bear in mind, that most times, persons with diabetes suffer a lot due to the complications. It is many times the other illnesses that make diabetics very ill and uncomfortable, with painful days. To be able to eat pumpkin and possibly reduce or prevent some of these complications is an invaluable gift.

Vitamin C and Diabetes

Pumpkin is rich in Vitamin C, which is oftentimes used to help to control diabetes mellitus.  This Vitamin stimulates insulin, which then helps our blood glucose readings. Yes, the news here is that those of us with diabetes should benefit from consuming more pumpkin due to its’ Vitamin C content.


Please be reminded that pumpkin is a good source of antioxidant. Yes, your question is, “so why is that important?” Antioxidants have been used for ages as part of the cure for diabetes. We sometimes experience what is called oxidative stress. At times, our bodies do not secrete enough insulin. This then affects protein, carbohydrate, and lipid metabolism. The result is oxidative stress.

The good news here is that pumpkin, as was previously mentioned is loaded with antioxidants and will help the above situation or even prevent it from taking place. Yes, the verdict is that diabetics can benefit from consuming some pumpkin.

Again, as I do, ever so often, remember that moderation is the key. Diabetics should always consume a little at a time and never too much of any food.

Unsaturated Fats and Iron

Pumpkin Seeds

The pumpkin seeds can be eaten as a snack and this is good news for persons with diabetes, who need healthy alternatives to snack on during the day, in-between their small proportioned meals. It is no secret that many persons suffering from diabetes, also eventually have to deal with heart issues.

Help is here in the form of pumpkin seeds, which are rich in iron and unsaturated fats. This news is welcomed by our hearts. The indication here is that diabetics can consume pumpkin seeds to ensure a healthier and happier heart.

Other Health Benefits of Pumpkin

  • It helps to strengthen the lungs of the elderly due to the beta-carotene, which gets converted to Vitamin A
  • Vision health
  • General skin health
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Aids in weight loss and prevents obesity
  • Reduce Cancer risk
  • Protects against asthma
  • Reduce the risk of stroke due to the potassium level


    1. Das, Asha. “Is Pumpkin Good For Diabetics?” Greynium Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd., 25 June 2014. Web. 28 June 2016.

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  1. // Reply

    It’s really fascinating how mother nature gives us everything we need and yet we still turn to pills and medicine.

    I am going to give this link to my mum she has high blood pressure and diabetes.

    is the seeds the best part for diabetics?

    1. // Reply

      Yes, mother nature gives us all that we need, but we fail to pay attention and make use of what is provided. The seeds are great, but I also eat the flesh of the pumpkin, but in moderation.

  2. // Reply

    I love pumpkin! I even it raw or cut it into sticks with some homemade ketchup. Its colour reminds me of the bright summer sun during the cold winters! Thanks for sharing this useful information. I appreciated your post: very clear and well written. Ciao!

    1. // Reply

      Laura, thank you for reading and commenting. I had no idea pumpkin could be eaten raw. Thanks for sharing. Yes, I love the color, it is cheery. Thanks also for your kind words. All the best.

  3. // Reply

    I never knew that pumpkin had so many health benefits! I am going to recommend your site to my Mom she suffers from diabetes and other health issues.

    1. // Reply

      Kristina, it is truly amazing. We have everything we need in foods, herbs, and spices. Sorry to hear about your mom and thanks for the promise to share my website with her. But, here is the good news, she does to have to suffer, she just needs to change her lifestyle. Mother Nature has everything we need to be healthy and happy. Cheers.

  4. // Reply

    I didn’t realize how healthy pumpkin is for us and how many healthy issues it can help with. You said to eat it in moderation. How much would you recommend per day?

    1. // Reply

      Alice, I am happy to have brought to your attention, some interesting information about pumpkin. I am of the view that too much of any one food could eventually harm us. I am an advocate for variety in what we eat. So, I do not consume pumpkin every day and when I do so, I use it to replace rice or other carbs, hence, I eat pumpkin alone with my animal protein and I eat enough to be full. I also take my blood glucose reading to see the effect and then adjust accordingly the next meal.

  5. // Reply

    I have to say I’ve never had pumpkin before not even pumpkin pie! Nor have I ever really thought about it. Something about pumpkin smell is kind of off putting to me, I’m not sure why.

    This is a very well researched article Josephine. Thanks for the information!

    1. // Reply

      Matt, thank you for reading and commenting. I am sorry that is happening to you with pumpkin, but it is not the only healthy alternative, so I would stick with what I love and can stomach. Thanks for your kind words. All the best.

  6. // Reply

    I was drawn to your article as my father suffers from type 2 diabetes and I am always looking for different foods to suggest he tries to help with the diabetes. Unfortunately he cannot stand pumpkin, however he enjoys snacking on nuts etc. So I am going to suggest he tries pumpkin seeds. I don’t go much on pumpkin myself but I am totally amazed at all the things you have listed that it can do for our health.

    1. // Reply

      Sarah, I am sorry to hear about your father, but the good news is that he can be helped. There are other foods he can eat. Remember, it is a lifestyle change. He should speak to his doctor about the changes he needs to make and find a group of foods which work for him and those should also be ones that he loves. That way it will be easier for him to make it a forever change. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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