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Sometimes we get easily frustrated, especially on those days when our blood glucose readings are above the normal range. It is expected that we may be a bit irritable on those days. Through this article, it is my intention to present to you some products that you may find helpful as a diabetic and useful, especially on your down days when you need everything to be easy.

I know perfectly well. I have had days in the past when I just wished everything was more straight forward. I’ve found that the best way to go through those days is to be prepared.

With that said, allow me to show you some useful products for diabetics. We will focus on food control and diet products. The first item I will show you will help you to be more organized.

Organizers for Diabetics

As a person diagnosed with diabetes, there are a number of items I need to keep handy to ensure that I always know what is happening in my body and that I am also prepared to take action.

The first item on this list is my glucometer. This means that I must also have alcohol wipes, lancets, and testing strips. The glucometer devices tend to come in a little bag/pouch, so not much of a problem here. I however sometimes do not like the quality of the ones I get in the kit and so I like the following pouch, but that’s me.

I also have to walk with my medication. Even when I took the morning dose and I will not take again until bedtime, I take extras, just in case. Let’s face some realities here now. If for some reason my blood glucose gets too high, then I know which medication I can take extra of to prevent a disaster.

You are probably asking yourself “what will she do if the blood glucose is too low?” that’s why I always have some candies with me. So yes, diabetics also should have some candies, or juice, or snacks, or maybe even glucose tablets.

I am sure that you can see that my handbag is getting very cluttered by now and so you can appreciate the need for some extra storage for just my diabetic supplies. I also let the people around me know that I am diabetic and they know where my supplies are kept. I remember once when my readings were so low that my colleague had to help me to some drink, due to the shaking.

Here are two options, dependent on how much I am taking around for that particular day.


Portion Control Plates

The amount of food we choose to eat can have a huge impact on our health as well as our wealth. Yes, I said “choose,” because it is a choice we make and unfortunately, when we overeat, we train our body to require those large portions to feel full.

I am speaking from experience. My best friend and I were talking one day about how little we consume now, when compared with the quantities we ate before. I know in my country, we tend to serve large portions of food. When you go to some cookshops (corner ones), they are pressured into serving a lot of rice and gravy, because of the demand.

I am sure you get the drift here. We are sometimes eating too much of the things we should either not eat, or eat very little of. This is a good place to justify the use of portion plates to help us with the choice of how much to consume at any given sitting. This is especially helpful for those of us diagnosed with diabetes.

When our portion of food is too large, especially carbs, then we have too much blood glucose, which then throws the body into a crisis mode. Our pancreas then overworks producing insulin to rectify the situation and when this is too much then we can end up in another crisis of low blood sugar (hypoglycemia).

Yep, we were wonderfully created for balance. No two ways about it. Yes, you now see the need for portion plates. These plates are divided and many have pictures or words to show us the amount for each food group. I love that they take the guessing out of the picture and gives me more power in my choices.

If you eat fewer calories, then naturally you will lose weight. This is excellent news for diabetics desirous of taking off the extra pounds, which also helps us to lower the numbers. It’s a win-win situation. This has been my experience. Once I lose about ten (10) pounds, I can see this in my blood sugar readings.

Think about the money you will also save when you eat less, yet your body receives all the nutrients and minerals needed. This is another win-win situation. To be honest, some weeks I don’t save much, but I am now able to buy some of the more expensive, nutritious foods I previously could not afford on a regular basis.

Please look below for my picks. Just click and go to Amazon.

Medical Bracelets

These bracelets ensure that people, including doctors, know what our medical conditions are and so we may receive more urgent, targeted attention before it is too late. Many times, it takes the probing process away and gives the doctor a clue as to what could be the reason for our medical emergency.

Please click and view the video below.

Take a look at the options below. Just click the pictures.


Food Scales

This is an option if you do not like the idea of portion plates. I also do not like the fact that it is difficult to find portion plates in glassware and if you do, they are expensive. Food scales will help to teach us portion control and the one tool can be used for the entire family.


Glucose Tablets

Let me be upfront with you. I have never used these tablets before. I have spoken to people who have and they think it is a good idea to always have some on hand if your blood sugar drops dangerously low. So, I am just putting this out here for those who are interested.

They are chewable and when your sugar drops really low, then some doctors suggest having these as a way to return the blood glucose level to a more normal number to avoid complications and possible death. Please click on the picture below.


Information is power. I love reading magazine articles because they are brief, gets to the point and they are colorful. There is also no need to re-invent the wheel. This literature genre gives me an opportunity to see what others are doing to control diabetes.

I also love some of the recipes and I like to inject my own seasonings and spices where possible, in keeping with what is seasonal in my country. Please see below for my picks. Just click the pictures.




Today some items were presented in an effort to help diabetics and their caregivers make healthier choices and to encourage the use of items which will both keep their supplies organized and to take the guesswork out of the decision concerning how much of what to eat.

Some bracelets were also suggested as a signal of pre-conditions, which could lead to a quicker prognosis and ultimately a life could be saved. Diabetics were also encouraged to read and try recipes as a way to add variety which should not cause a spike in blood glucose levels.

When all is said and done, diabetes is a lifestyle illness, which if not controlled/eliminated, could severely alter life and ultimately lead to death. Let us unite and continue to share best practices with each other, as our struggles are the same and we can benefit from each other as we triumph over diabetes.

Be blessed.

Medical Disclaimer

Please feel free to make comments below and also to subscribe to our website. God bless and keep you safe and may you be at peace.

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    Great article! If I was a diabetic, I feel I would have received great advice and tips to make managing the illness easier! I also find this information powerful for those who are not diabetic as a healthy lifestyle can help manage metabolic syndrome and avoid acquiring diabetes. Things such as portion control and eating healthier is something we can all strive to do more of! Especially in today’s western society! Thank you for sharing such great information 🙂

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