Papaya-Is this Diabetic Friendly?

Diabetics are sometimes unsure if they should eat fruits because of the sweetness of some. There is also a lot of information floating around and it sometimes becomes difficult to know what to believe. Papaya is one of those fruits where there are discussions concerning how safe they are for diabetics.

I like the fact that after I eat something I am able to do a simple test within the hour to see the effect on my blood glucose. This gives me a little push to experiment, but I exercise caution and use moderation at all times.

Today, we will spend some time looking at this sweet, delicious and brightly colored fruit-The Papaya. Please see below for a picture of the Papaya Fruit.


Nutrition Facts

Papaya is low in sugar, which makes it a suitable fruit for diabetics. We marvel at how sweet the fruit is, but the facts are the same, it is loaded with vitamins and  has a little sugar. At this point, you should also remember that the sugar found in fruits are different and safer than the sugar added to our “foods.”

Here is some useful information about the Papaya:

  • It contains Vitamin A and B.
  • It also contains Vitamin C, E and K.
  • Has folate.
  • Contains magnesium, pantothenic acid, and copper.
  • Also has potassium, lutein, and lycopene.
  • It is also loaded with fibers, which again makes it a suitable fruit/food for diabetics. Papaya gives a gradual rise in blood glucose and so this fruit should be in the home of diabetics and those wanting to prevent diabetes.
  • It is known for its’ antioxidants.

Reasons why you should Eat Papaya

  1. Controls and Prevents Diabetes. Papaya results in a gradual increase in our blood glucose because of its’ low sugar content and glycemic index. According to the American Diabetes Association (2014), most fruits are 55 or less on the Glycemic Index. Please be reminded that the lower the food is on this scale is the less likely it will result in high spikes in our blood glucose.
  2. Lowers cholesterol. Bearing in mind that a research has found a link between diabetes and high cholesterol, then this brings good news about consuming papaya. It is also common knowledge that some persons who have diabetes are also forced to contend with high cholesterol. Knowing that papaya fruit can take care of both medical conditions is a sweet colorful blessing. High cholesterol We do not have to worry about arteries clogging due to cholesterol build-up. We are also less likely to develop certain heart conditions because papaya is rich in Vitamin C, loaded with fibers and has antioxidative properties, which lowers our cholesterol and offers protection to our heart.
  3. Helps those who want to lose weight. The calorie count in papaya is only 120 calories for a medium sized fruit. But, there is more good news. It is loaded with fibers, which will also make you feel full for longer, which will help you to lose weight. Again, this is good news for some of the persons with diabetes, who also need to lose weight. It is appearing that the papaya fruit is in-fact a diabetic-friendly, plant-based food, which is safe for the entire family.
  4. Keeps constipation at bay because it is loaded with fiber and has a lot of water. This helps to keep the digestive tract healthy. The presence of Papain also makes this a reality.
  5. Papaya contains Papain which helps our skin to heal. It (papaya) can be mashed and rubbed on wounds to start the healing process. Note that diabetics have to take care that our skin remains unbroken. A wound on a diabetic can take a long time to heal and some do not heal. It is good to know that papaya offers this protection for diabetics and non-diabetics alike.
  6. Diabetics sometimes suffer from issues with our eyes. It is good news to know that papaya has antioxidants which protect the eyes and prevents macular degeneration. One such antioxidant is zeaxanthin. I am super excited about all the possible health benefits I can derive from just eating the papaya fruit. Eyes of a woman
  7. Colon cancer will not be left out of this happy group. Papaya contains a nutrient called beta-carotene which decreases the risk of developing colon cancer. I am sure you will agree with me that too many persons are ill and are dying from cancer. The last thing a diabetic would want to hear is that they also have cancer. Is papaya a safe fruit for diabetics to eat? By now, I should be able to leave you to answer that question.
  8. The same beta-carotene mentioned above also protects and helps asthma patients. If we consume at least 3 servings of fruits per day, and include papaya, with other health choices made, then asthma may not be on our list of illnesses.
  9. There is another nutrient called choline which reduces chronic inflammation. This is good news for all, especially if you understand that a lot of the pain we endure is because our bodies are inflamed. What happens when this inflammation is reduced? We feel better and we are more well than ill. Yes, the Asthma Community is keeping a Victory Dance. Children dancing.The Obesity Club is joining them as well because the two groups understand perfectly well the connection between inflammation and illness.
  10. Our bones are healthier when we eat papaya. Thanks to Vitamin K which improves the absorption of calcium.
  11. Papaya gives our immune system a boost. This is also good for the persons with cancer and for all of us generally. This makes papaya a good booster during the seasons when it is more common for us to get the flu. This is possible because of the high Vitamin C content.
  12. Reduce/ease menstrual discomfort, again thanks to the presence of Papain.
  13. Papaya, because of Vitamins C and E and beta-carotene, leaves us looking younger as we take a longer time to wrinkle.
  14. Promotes healthy hair, especially dandruff. Vitamin A helps to make a sebum which moisturizes our hair, leaving it smooth, shiny and, silky.
  15. Are you feeling stressed? Eat some papaya, it will help to regulate the flow of stress hormones.


There’s a lot of information floating around about whether or not diabetics should eat fruits, especially papaya because it is sweet. We looked at the glycemic index of the papaya fruit and we concluded that papaya fruits can be eaten by diabetics. Yes, the papaya is sweet but it is low on the glycemic index and therefore it will not cause a high spike in blood glucose.

The papaya is loaded with vitamins and nutrients some of the vitamins are A, B, C,  and, K. It also contains folate, magnesium, pantothenic acid and copper to name a few. This makes it a superfood for many illnesses, both to prevent as well as to treat/cure.

Papaya controls and prevents diabetes, lowers cholesterol, helps those who wants to lose weight, keeps constipation at bay, helps skin to heal, prevent and treats degenerative macular disease, to name a few.

When all is considered, it is obvious that the papaya is safe for diabetics and non-diabetics alike. The health benefits of the papaya fruit are far-reaching and it is obvious that this fruit can help us to prevent and to treat diabetes and other diseases.

Verdict: Papaya is a Diabetic-Friendly Fruit. It is indeed safe for diabetics and their families to consume this plant-based food given to us by Mother Nature.

 The Ball is in YOUR Court

Readers, we examined yet another plant-based food which can be used to help us to heal our bodies. Now that you have all this information, the ball is in your court. It is time for you to act if you are serious about controlling or eliminating diabetes from your life.

Let us hear from You

Your views are important to us. Please leave your comments in the box below so that as a team we can eliminate diabetes.

Until next time please make the correct food choices and remember to lead an active lifestyle.


  1. “Glycemic Index and Diabetes.” American Diabetes Association. American Diabetes Association, 14 May 2014. Web. 14 Aug. 2016.
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    Thanks for the article. Although I am not diabetic, I have often wondered about the sugar levels in certain fruits. I love Papaya and was so happy to read all your reasons why eating Papaya is good.


  2. // Reply

    Papaya is such a wonderfully flavored fruit and I just love the texture of it. The sweetness of it always had me thinking that it was chock full of sugars and that it wouldn’t be good for someone trying to keep their sugar in check. I’m glad to see that I was wrong, and i’ll definitely be picking up some the next time I am out. Of course I also agree that moderation is key in all things, and I won’t be eating a ton, but i’m happy that I can have a little without worrying about the sugar. Thanks for the post!

    1. // Reply

      You are welcome Pete and I am happy I was able to clear up that matter about the sugars for you. Yes, moderation should be exercised in everything we eat. Keep reading and thanks for stopping.

  3. // Reply

    Another great article Josephine. I look forward to reading them each time. The information is very useful.


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      Thank you for your kind words Juliet. Please sign up for the newsletter so we can send updates and recipes to your e-mail. Thanks for reading. Cheers.

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