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Nerve pain can be real for diabetics. This kind of pain can be manifested as tingling, burning sensation, or even shooting pain. This pain mostly occurs in our hands and feet, but it is possible to feel pain in other parts of the body.

We can get some relief and there are things we can do to prevent further damage to our nerves. Let us take a look at neuropathy treatment that can be done at home. The first home remedy for diabetic neuropathy is to control our blood sugar level.

Using Diet to Prevent or Ease the Pain

A constantly high blood sugar level can result in peripheral neuropathy. It, therefore, follows that if we make it a habit to keep our blood sugar within the normal range, then peripheral neuropathy or nerve pain would not be knocking at our doors.

In the event we are already diabetic, then it is still wise to ensure that we control our blood sugar level as this will prevent further damage to our nerves and even ease the discomfort. Yes, a diet rich in fibers will get the job done.

The secret is to eat more whole foods that are plant-based and avoid highly processed foods. Take a look at this article about plant-based foods and the effect they have on our blood sugar.

Some of the foods which are known to prevent that horrible blood sugar spike are:

  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Other non-starchy vegetables
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Legumes
  • Fruits
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Fish
  • Animal protein such as chicken, turkey, etc.

The truth be told, I am now seeing that my health is more improved when I eat less animal protein. Please bear in mind that this is my reality and not one I found easy to embrace. I am however determined to be well and I hate diabetes, so I do what is necessary to lower the numbers.

Cakes and other pastries definitely make my sugar go through the roof. Do permit me to admit that I am a pastry queen. I decided to abandon the throne so that I can continue to control and possibly eliminate diabetes from my life.

Peripheral neuropathy is not just uncomfortable, but there are days when the pain is excruciating and so for me, giving up pastry is worth the move. Yes, I know that this can be difficult to do. I still eat a little piece of something that is not good for me, especially if I am out having a good time. I, however, exercise great caution.

It is now time to take a look at vitamins and their effect on our blood sugar and by and large if and how they will affect peripheral neuropathy.

Vitamins for Peripheral Neuropathy

I must first state that I have never been too keen about taking vitamins. This is so because I always felt that if my diet is filled with fiber-rich, whole foods, then buying vitamins would be a waste of my hard-earned cash. This does not mean that I never take supplements, but I am never “religious” about taking them.

Something had to change when I started to feel unexplained pain in my feet. Pain that was felt when I was putting on my socks, or simply allowing my feet to touch the mattress. You can read about my experience with diabetic foot pain here.

I turned to research and made some changes. For this reason, I am sharing by way of this article. I read where B-Complex vitamins are helping others and so I decided to give it a try. I must also admit that my doctor had previously suggested that I take this vitamin. Okay, so I did not listen at the time. I know you are smiling now. Yes, the pain forced me to be obedient.

I like to try only one thing at a time so that I can see the effect if any. Yes, I know that vitamin B-Complex helps. It took some time to see the difference, but after a few weeks, I could tell that something was different. You guessed correctly. The pain was less.

Note that inflammation is the cause of most of our health issues. Some argue that it is the reason for all illnesses. Vitamin E and foods rich in vitamin E has been known to reduce inflammation, and since this (inflammation) also contributes to nerve damage, then vitamin E is a smart choice.

I am currently not consuming vitamin E, this information is purely from research data. I, however, use vitamin E to massage my feet some nights. I do plan to take a vitamin E supplement. I eat the following vitamin E-rich foods in the meantime:

Magnesium and calcium are two supplements I love to take. This is so because I noticed a significant reduction in the pain I feel when I take especially magnesium. Taken together, they are great to relieve muscle cramps and by and large, nerve pain. I also notice that I get really “sweet” sleep when I take magnesium.

Exercise to Relieve Peripheral Neuropathy

Neuropathic symptoms can be reduced when we exercise because of the Woman riding the Schwinn Recumbent 270 Bikemuscles being more toned. Exercise is also good to help in lowering blood sugar. This is great news for diabetics because constantly high blood sugar can result in diabetic neuropathy.

The pressure on peripheral blood vessels is also reduced when we exercise. This could help us to totally prevent diabetic neuropathy, or at least reduce the pain.

Act now. Click on the picture to the right. 

Quitting Smoking to Prevent Diabetic Neuropathy

Smoking narrows/ damages peripheral blood vessels. Where the injury already exists, smoking makes it worse. When a person stops smoking, the blood vessels are healthier because of improved blood flow. There is really nothing more to say here. This is enough information to stop smoking. Diabetic Neuropathy is PAINFUL.

Warm Bath for Peripheral Neuropathy

I must admit that a warm bath is my go-to for a number of things. Whether a warm bath or shower, I find it relaxing and for me, it is one of my daily treats at the end of a busy day. I also find that it helps to reduce the pain from diabetic neuropathy.

My research revealed that a warm bath increases circulation in the entire body and this helps to reduce the pain felt from peripheral neuropathy. For me, this has been a highly effective, and cheap home remedy.

Caution is necessary though if you have a sensitivity to temperatures. If the water is too hot, then this could prove more uncomfortable. I just mix until I find a comfortable temperature which makes me happy because it significantly reduces my discomfort.


In a nutshell, it is possible to prevent diabetic neuropathy. Failing this, then we can ease the symptoms of nerve pain. Here are the things which make this possible:

  • Dietary changes to include fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, and meat.
  • Vitamins such as calcium, magnesium and vitamin E are good ones to try.
  • Exercising to relieve the pain.
  • A visit to the doctor and a prescription is sometimes the only thing to do. Let’s be honest. There are times when the best and certainly safest thing to do is to just consume the medication given by the doctor.
  • Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol intake.
  • Taking a warm bath.

Let us continue the fight to be diabetic free. It needs a little effort and commitment, but, it is definitely possible.


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    My wife’s diabetes symptom was diabetic neuropathy. We didn’t know she was diabetic until we went to my doctor complaining about constant foot pain. After a multitude of tests for everything from rheumatoid arthritis to muscular dystrophy, an emergency room physician checked her blood sugar.

    After reviewing a letter written by my doctor, where I read he had prescribed Celebrex for her due to pain of Arthritis which had really messed her neck, back, and knees, I found that one of the side effects of Celebrex is Diabetes.

    It is too much for a patient to endure. They slowly begin to pass away if the right medication is not taken, organic herbal treatment, and lifestyle changes. Having a positive mind is a powerful tool. My prayers go out to diabetes patients and their caregivers.

    1. // Reply

      Thanks for reaching out and the story you shared is encouraging as it proves that diabetes can be controlled and possibly eliminated. All the best to you and your wife.

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