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I could pack this page with what others have said and the various researches are done to date, but you see, I really need to speak from my heart and share my experiences with you.  It is no secret that I struggled with diabetes before, but I am learning to control the illness via lifestyle changes.

Please allow me to share with you some basic changes I have made and the dramatic results I am experiencing. Pay attention to the fact that this will have to be a lifetime change. We are now forced to make these changes because we moved away from the teachings and practices of our ancestors. Had I continued eating the way my grandparents did, I would not be the owner of this site today. because diabetes would not have entered my “home.”

The plus side, however, is that I am able to share and connect with you and help you to make the necessary changes.  

Below I will take a look at the different food groups and the changes I made and the impact I am experiencing.  Stay with me, it will be worth the time.


Brown Sugar

The first change I made was to “wage a war” on sugar.  This “poison” is no longer my friend.  I started by having my hot beverage in the morning without sugar.  I am not going to tell you it was an easy change, but it is “doable.”  First, you must change your attitude.

Hot Beverage without Sugar

For me, I had to change my attitude about life.  I wanted to live a happy and healthy life and I took responsibility for the wrong choices I was making. We don’t need a long debate about sugar.  It is highly processed and the research has shown that it spikes your blood sugar and results in an inflamed body.

Craving – A Thing of the Past

The first thing I noticed was that I no longer had a craving for other sweet things, and I refuse to say food.  I no longer craved cakes and other pastries.  Yes, I loved a nice, super-sized chunk of cheesecake.  After awhile, I was not tempted by those “foods.”.  Guess what happened one day when I tried some pastry, the taste was different.  I did not enjoy it the way I previously did.  Within two (2) weeks of avoiding sugar, both in the raw and in so-called juices I felt less “bulky.”

Sugar Everywhere – What?

Alarming for me was the day I started reading all the labels on food packages. Sugar seemed to be in everything on the supermarket shelves!  I still eat a bit of bread with my breakfast some mornings.  It has suddenly become difficult to choose my bread.  You guessed correctly, SUGAR.  I checked the milk box of the “cow’s milk,” again, you guessed correctly, more sugar.  It was then that the reality struck me.  My food needs to come predominantly from the market/produce section of the supermarket and the meat shop/meat aisle.

So what do I eat?  


My food is unprocessed for the most parts.  I eat some meat, but I stick to the 3 oz. guideline for the day and some days I have vegetables only.  I must admit that the vegetable only days are my best readings.  Note:  I do my readings several times for the day because of the changes I am making and I need to ensure I do not go into a coma. I adjust my medication as I go along, but I am not a doctor, so please have a dialogue with your doctor as you make the changes and allow him/her to guide you with your medication changes.

What you don’t want is to get readings below four (4).  Promise me this, take your reading regularly (1 to 2 hours after you eat) and pay attention to your body.

Starch, Whole Food Options 

This is where diabetics have a lot of issues.  This is the culprit for high blood glucose readings.  Too much starch remains in the blood as glucose and makes us diabetic.  Yes, it is important generally to avoid sugary foods, but too much starch can be detrimental for diabetics and non-diabetics alike.  Take a look at the kinds of starch I am now consuming.

  • Whole wheat bread with 1 gram sugar or less
  • Brown rice (just 1/2 cup)
  • Yam (boiled or roasted)
  • Green banana (boiled), Breadfruit (baked in the oven)
  • Sweet potatoes (boiled or baked)

Let me hasten to add that I only have a slice of yam or sweet potato or two green bananas works pretty god for me.

Vegetables and Fruits, For Life

For my fruits and vegetables, I eat mostly what is in season and what I can afford.  The interesting thing here is that I can pretty much eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and still have a normal or close to the normal blood glucose reading. The view that diabetics have to eat a little and often is true, especially if you are not eating the correct foods.  I, however, found that on my good days when I eat only fruits, vegetables, and a little lean meat, then I can actually eat more and my readings are normal.


I now snack on fruits.  This is the best “convenience food” I can think about.  Some days I make a large dish of fruit salad so that I have this readily available to snack on when I am hungry.  This helps me to eat healthier as something is always ready for me to eat.  I do the same with my vegetables.  I always have something like callaloo or cabbage cooked and in the refrigerator.

Protein, Peas, and Beans                        

Roasted Chicken

For animal protein, I eat mainly, chicken, fish and eggs.  From plants, I eat a wide variety of peas and beans, which also gives me starch.  Later I will share some recipes.  Now, for the best part of all this:

My RESULTS.  It was customary for me to awake with a reading range of 12 to 18 (216 to 324) and yes, I was taking Metformin and Reclide.

Now, my readings have dropped to the low 6 (108).  I am off the Reclide and 1/2 the Metformin. I have even had the pleasant surprises of 5.2 (93.6) to 5.8 104.4).  This is doable and for that reason, I am sharing with you, my diabetic journey.  I know you can experience the same.  These results are possible for you too.

I must now confess,  the biggest change I need now is regular exercise.  Remember I told you that I am a “work in progress.”  I trust that you will take the challenge with me.


Let me encourage you to take the necessary step to control your diabetes.  I can be trusted when I tell you that it is not difficult.  It takes some planning, which will get easier within a week or two.  The secret is to ensure that you have the right foods at home at all time.  Plan what you will eat when you are going on the road.  I am always seen with a lunch bag.  Take fruits and vegetables with you when you leave the house.  More businesses are becoming health conscious, so if you forgot to take food with you, make healthier choices when you are on the road.  Buy fruits instead of highly processed foods and live healthier and happier for the rest of your life.

What do you have to lose?

I welcome your comments at all times.  Please feel free to drop me a few lines below and I will be sure to respond. Kindly return for more of my journey, as I share with you some practical steps to take to control your diabetes.

Walk Good, Eat Good, for a healthier and happier you.


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    Congratulations on your journey and also on your bold step to share and enlighten.

    1. // Reply

      Thank you. I do appreciate the time you sacrificed to read and comment. It is my pleasure to help others in any way I can. All the best Faith.

  2. // Reply

    Josephine congratulations! This is really great. The reading was engaging and even though I don’t have diabetes I felt the need to read to the end. Thanks for sharing and I will continue to join you on your journey.


    1. // Reply

      JAC,thank you for your kind words and I am happy to know that you are not diabetic. Note however, that a diet of unprocessed foods and an active lifestyle is the best for all of us.

      I am looking forward to seeing you on my journey.

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    Congratulation Josephine on your lifestyle change. I’ve personally went through the “no sugar” road and while it is a tough thing to do, I can say it is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.

    1. // Reply

      Isaac, thank you for taking the time to read and comment. Yes, the “no sugar” can be tough, but it is certainly worth the effort. I got use to doing it after awhile, so I am good now. Cheers.

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