Low-Carb Diets Explained

You can burn stored body fat for energy and shed excess weight by reducing the carbohydrate intake in your diet. This is possible with low-carb diets.

Learn all about the real benefits of Low-Carb Diets and discover what they can really do to improve the quality of your life today, especially as it relates to diabetes control.

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Benefits of Low-Carb Diets

This eBook “Low-Carb Diets Explained” provides you with all the
information you need to know before getting started on your own diet, whether for weight loss or diabetes control.

There is stil hope for a healthier body.

Many people feel that a low-carb diet has worked wonders for them, helping them shed unwanted pounds and resulting in a body that other types of diet programs simply do not deliver.  

If you have decided to venture into this promising diet method, we want to provide you with an eBook that will help you on your way.

Here Are the benefits you get with the Ebook “Low-Carb Diets Explained

This eBook is packed full of valuable information that you can really use. Some of them are:

  • An analysis of why our population is gaining weight and experiencing obesity
  • A detailed definition of a low-carb diet so you can have a better understanding of exactly what it entails
  • A compilation of all the benefits of choosing a low carb diet
  • An examination of low-carb diet risks and various safety concerns
  • An actual low-carb diet sample meal plan to help you plan your own meals
  • Tips on how to shop and dine while ensuring you stay on your low-carb diet plan
  • Strategies to make sure you avoid common low-carb diet mistakes
  • Directions on how to get started on a low carb diet today
  • And much, much more!

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Don’t Waste Money And Time On Subpar Low-Carb Diet Programs.

By learning the crucial information you need to know about low-carb diets from our eBook Low-Carb Diets Explained, you can save a bundle of money and precious time by avoiding those programs that don’t measure up to the standard of excellence you should expect.

Why waste valuable time and hard-earned money learning first hand through trial and error when you can avoid all that?

Once you absorb all of the valuable information we offer, you can then evaluate the various low-carb programs available and select the best … or even devise your own system.

Knowledge is the most valuable commodity in the world.

Get the knowledge you need to effectively coordinate and plan your low-carb diet plans and goals.

Low-Carb Diets Explained was written and prepared with comprehension time taken into consideration to ensure a quick but thorough read, allowing you to discover all the critical data without all the unnecessary fluff.

One Easy Read Low-Carb Information

Getting all of this valuable information in one easy read is difficult, if not impossible to find anywhere else.

We offer that priceless wisdom that many of the low-carb diet programs don’t want you to know about.

Why don’t they want you to know?

Because when you understand the facts about low-carb diets and learn the factors involved in making a low-carb diet meal, you not only can spot the flaws in a specific program but may not need them at all if you want to do it yourself.

The bottom line, they lose money as long as you stay uninformed.

Take control of your low-carb diet and your life now by getting all the facts.

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Remember that it is indeed possible to control diabetes. Some people have experience type 2 remission when they change their lifestyle. Let us continue to fight diabetes and therefore rid of lives of this unnecessary evil.

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  1. // Reply


    This book sounds like it might be worth a read. My husband and I went on Keto about 2 months ago. He’s been very successful with it and has lost over 30 pounds so far. Myself? Only about 13. Men always lose more than women and very fast.

    I was talking last night about going off of it, and he argued with me, saying he wanted to stay on it and lose more weight. But I keep telling him that I want real pasta. I told him I don’t plan on overloading myself with carbs again and eating all the junk in sight. I just want real pasta again. 🙂

    It’s hard maintaining a very low carb diet for a long time. But, as a means of losing some unwanted weight, it works really well. Hopefully this book talks about eating healthy when low carb, since I see a lot of people overloading on butter, cheese and bacon. Not exactly good for us.

    Thanks for sharing this review!


    1. // Reply

      I totally agree with you about eating healthy on a low-carb diet. See below for a typical day of eating for me (not as low as it could be, but I need to be able to make it a lifestyle change):

      1 homemade burgher meat (fits in the palm of my hand and done in the air fryer)
      1 boiled egg
      1 cup of coffee with milk and cinnamon
      16 oz water

      1 tiny pack of peanuts
      1 slice of pineapple
      16 oz water

      3 oz pumpkin
      1 medium snapper fish (air fried)
      1/4 cup string beans
      16 oz water

      1 handful berries
      16 oz water

      1/2 chicken breast steamed with carrots and cho cho
      1 cup hot beverage, sweetened to taste (chocolate, green tea, mango leaves, etc)
      16 oz water

      The above keeps me full all day, keeps my blood pressure and sugar in the normal range (most days), less painful, happier, and more productive. Guess what? I am slowly losing weight). This lifestyle for me is sustainable and there are days when I eat a bit of “real pasta.” Mostly whole foods for me and I am healthier than I have been in years.

      Continued success.

  2. // Reply

    Many thanks for the e-book “Low Carb diets explained.”

    I have to agree with you that if we get rid of the processed foods from our diets we will immediately begin feeling a lot better. All of the unnecessary fats and carbs just weigh us down and make us lethargic.

    Many diets talk about changing what we eat as a way of losing weight and becoming healthier, however, not many of them talk about eating less. I have successfully regulated my weight for many years with a combination of quality of food, amount of exercise, and the quantity of food I consumed each day. Eating less food is an easy way to lose weight. However, it remains important to ensure that our bodies are getting everything they need to remain optimally healthy.

    It’s great to know that people can recover from diabetes, and other health problems, just by changing their diets. I will pass this link onto some people that I know will benefit from your advice.
    Many thanks for sharing.

    1. // Reply

      I am so excited to learn that you also changed your lifestyle and are reaping the positive benefits. What a blessing! All we need now is for more of us to do so and then we will raise the future generations with a new. and a healthy lifestyle. Many health problems would be out of the dictionaries.

      Thanks for sharing and continued success.

  3. // Reply

    So true….
    Unfortunately, many of today’s health problems are of our own making. It would certainly be good to see some of them eradicated because people began to take responsibility for many of their own health issues 🙂

    1. // Reply

      Indeed so. That is why the term “lifestyle illnesses” is so fitting. It means a lifestyle change is needed for these so-called diseases to disappear.

  4. // Reply

    I have been wondering if I should adapt my diet a little and eat less carbs. Besides pasta, is bread also high in carbs? I’ve been eating a lot of it over the last few months … and I’m not sure whether I should cut down on it.
    The book looks like a good read and will probably help me with all my doubts. Can you increase the carbs a little again after you successfuly shed some pounds on a low carb diet?

    1. // Reply

      I prefer to eat whole carbs. This means I choose yam, plantains, green bananas, cho cho, etc over pasta. I also do a little bread, but I bought a bread machine and make my own bread, that way I can use almond flour, cassava flour, etc.

      Yes, you can always increase your carb intake, but know that you could pile the weight on again. It’s a balancing act, but, I am more concerned about being well. Choosing whole foods appears to be the solution for me.

  5. // Reply

    Go back to the 60s and 70s I remember growing up and meals were cooked from fresh with very little in the way of processed food.

    The processed option is all down to the supermarket invasion and the lack of local butchers and groceries.

    Nowadays, most people seem to go for the processed option, with diabetes up there as one of the worst health conditions that you can have.

    People need to realize that the older we get, the less the body produces the right amount of vitamins.

    When we are young we think we can live our lives in the same manner to eternity.

    What normally will happen is we will need a lifestyle change, whether this is down to a healthy option, more exercise or both.

    I have never been one for diets because I could never stick to them.

    Thank you for sharing

    1. // Reply

      I agree that eating whole foods is the way to go. I do embrace a lifestyle change of eating whole foods and being more active. This works for me and I eat what I love and watch my portions to become and remain healthy. Thanks for stopping and leaving a comment. All the best.

  6. // Reply

    Hi Josephine.
    What a lovely website. I love it.
    I have been grappling with all sorts of diets in recent years, and I have discovered that cutting down on carbs can really help. Great information in this article.

    1. // Reply

      Aparna, I gave up dieting as I prefer lifestyle changes – something sustainable. Yes, cutting back on carbs does the trick, but it is still important to make healthy choices. Cheers.

  7. // Reply

    Great article on low carb diets! I’m gluten free so I tend to eat low carb most of the time. The ebook looks great too so I will definitely get download it. Do you know how long it takes to show results?

    1. // Reply

      Alyse, we are uniquely created and so that is difficult to answer. I however respond within a few days, but I will not do without fruits and so you know the rest of the story… Continued success.

  8. // Reply

    Thank you so much for this highly informative article, Josephine! Diabetes runs in my family (by the grace of God, neither my mother nor I have diabetes, but several of my aunts, uncles, and cousins do), and every case has been linked to obesity and unhealthy eating/drinking habits.

    I have read into a few low-carb diets, and I completely agree that they don’t deliver promised results, you may not lose any weight at all (in fact, some of these “low carb” diets will actually cause you to gain weight), and the only thing that you’re going to lose is your money.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to put together an informative E-book; I will certainly read it and pass it along to my friends and family! God bless you!

    1. // Reply

      C.N., thank you for stopping and making your comments. Generally, I prefer to say lifestyle changes. I know people who have lost weight on a low-carb diet. Eating whole foods is definitely the way to go. I adjusted my carb intake and my blood sugar runs in the normal range most days now. My blood pressure is in the normal range and I am even losing a bit of weight.

      I will not have dramatic weight melting from my body, because I will not stop eating all fruits given to me by God and I also eat some yam, bananas, etc. This is sustainable and my goal is to be healthier and happier than I have been in years.

      Sorry to hear about your family. Share the website and be a beacon for your loved ones. God bless and stay safe.

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