Low-Carb Diet Food List for Diabetes Control

We are bombarded by information every second and there is just so much for us to read and hear.  A lot has been said about a low-carb diet and diabetes control.  However, this article will help you to make decisions by providing a low-carb diet food list (vegetables and fruits) to guide your journey.

strict low-carb diet, its effect on diabetes, and find out how sustainable that diet is for her followers.

This article will focus on giving a low-carb diet food list to help us with diabetes control.  There is however some foundation information needed before you get to the grocery shop so that your purchases will be informed.

Please take a look at this article about a carbohydrate-restricted diet.

Before we look at that list, I would also like you to read this article about junk foods and diabetes.  Now that you agree that whole foods are the way to go, let us look at some low-carb vegetables.

Low-Carb Diet Food List – Vegetables for Diabetes Control

Let me say straight up that the argument here is about above-ground vs below-ground vegetables.  It is said that most of the vegetables we consume should be above-ground if we want to stick to a low-carb diet for especially diabetes control.

Vegetables growing above-ground are low in carbohydrates and hence we can full up on these and not have to worry about sharp rises in our blood glucose readings. 

Explaining the Rise and the Fall in Diabetes Control

Please see below for a chart to understand the highs and lows in blood glucose level and how what we eat impacts the readings we get.

Infographic about the rise and fall in blood sugar - the need for low-carb diet food list for diabetes control

The above graphic can be used as a guide to help us to prevent the horrible spikes we get when we drink, for example, “sports drinks.”  Equally, we need to bear in mind is that “sugar-free” products may still have a lot of carbs and as a result, they would be ineffective in diabetes control.  

Above-Ground Vegetables on the Low-Carb Diet Food List

Let us take a look at some of these foods growing above ground.   These vegetables are on the low-carb diet food list.  Now look below to see the net carbs for every 100 grams (3 1/2 ozs).

Vegetables (Above Ground)Net Carbs / 100 grams
Green pepper3
Red Pepper4
Green Beans4
Broccoli Sprouts5
Yellow Pepper5
Above-Ground Vegetables and Net Carbs per 100 grams (3 1/2 oz.)

Now, take a look below for the below-ground vegetables. On the contrary, you will notice that these have more net carb than the above-ground vegetables.

Yes, more of the above-ground vegetables would be on the low-carb diet food list in a bid to encourage diabetes control. Nonetheless, let’s take a look at the below-ground vegetables.

Below-Ground Vegetables on the Low-Carb Diet Food List

In the same token, let us now turn our attention to the below-ground foods, whilst we focus on writing the low-carb diet food list. Let us, therefore, take a look at the chart below.

Vegetables (Below Ground)Net Carbs / 100 grams
Celeriac (variety of celery grown for its root)6
Irish Potatoes15
Sweet Potatoes17
Below-Ground Vegetables and Net Carbs per 100 grams (3 1/2 oz.)

In reference to the above chart. We are accustomed to hearing that sweet potato is better than Irish potatoes. I however eat more Irish potatoes because I don’t like sweet potatoes. I now understand why it has been okay for me, especially when paired with steamed vegetables.

Equally important on the low-carb diet food list are fruits. With this in mind, please read the next section.

Low-Carb Diet Food List – Fruits for Diabetes Control

We will now take a look at fruits, with our emphasis being low-carb fruits so that we can make informed decisions that will result in diabetes control.

Please see below for a table showing some fruits and their net carb per 100 grams.

FruitsNet Carbs / 100 grams
Clementine Clementine for low-carb diet food list10
Banana Ripe Bananas20
Net Carbs of fruits / 100 grams

Here is how I use the above given information:

All the whole foods are here for my nourishment, good health, and for me to enjoy. How I pair them is what is important. When I crave ripe bananas, I am mindful of the net carbs. As a result, for my other meals, I eat above-ground vegetables. Remember these have significantly fewer net carbs.

My aim is just to ensure that I carefully choose from the low-carb diet food list to help in diabetes control.

Let us continue to fight diabetes through lifestyle changes. Yes, we can!


Let us keep the information going. Diabetes control is possible. All it takes is a lifestyle change. Stay tuned for ANIMAL PROTEINS AND NUTS.


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