Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home, 1-Mile Workouts Reviews

Product: Leslie Sansone: 1-Mile Workouts (Two-Disc Set)

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Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home 1-Mile Workouts

Exercise is important for all of us, but I am focussing here on the persons who have diabetes and are maybe overweight and are feeling fatigue and therefore may not be motivated to be active.  If your only form of exercise has been to go to your car, drive to and back from work, church or wherever you go, then maybe you should stick around and read this review.

This Leslie Sansone Walk at Home 1-Mile Workouts is a set of two (2) DVDs.  Each video lasts for approximately 30 minutes, giving you a total of 60 minutes, to be done in separate sessions.  These 2 DVDs, afford you the luxury of avoiding gym fees and gives you the opportunity to work out at home.


1-Mile Booster DVD

The 1-Mile Booster does what the name suggests.  Your heart rate will increase as you feel energized and ready to go through your day.  The steps are easy to follow.  Yes, that is what it is, easy to follow steps, which will have you working up a sweat.  This is a good workout for those of us with diabetes.

Leslie keeps it conversational, so you feel like you are in the same room with her, first learning the moves and then participating in the class.  She is good company as she makes you feel at home and encourages you to keep going.

What will you lose/gain?  A lot, trust me.  You will burn calories and tone your muscles.  For the price, this is a steal.  Every time I use these DVDs at home, I am amazed at how great my body feels, even before I am through working out.  As usual, I look for the bonus and in this case, it is sleep, sweet sleep.

1-Mile Advanced Jog DVD

The 1-Mile Advanced Jog is for those persons who are somewhat already accustomed to a lifestyle of moderate activity.    This DVD (Advanced Jog) was created for persons with some walking experience and as such may be a little difficult for the “walking newbies.”

What I especially like about this set, is that I can use the 1-Mile Booster DVD for awhile and once I feel that I can take on the jogging, I do not have to spend more money because I have all that I need for now in this 1 package.  I spent approximately 3 weeks on the Booster and then I felt ready to take on the Advanced Jog.  To be honest with you, I was a bit winded half-way through this DVD.  You should, however, bear in mind that at that time, I was only just now graduating from cleaning the house, washing the car and raking the yard as my main forms of physical activity.  The results were therefore expected.  I would, however, like to encourage persons who are mostly sitting and staying in bed to check out this set.  It is a nice way to ease into exercising until a habit is formed and your energy level has increased.

Weight Loss

One of the criticisms I have seen about walking DVD’s, in general, is that walking does not make you lose weight or keep fit.  There is not much to say here, other than to take a look at our ancestors.  Take a look at how they lived.  Take a look at their rather active lifestyle.  They walked for miles to church, school, work and just to see a friend.  They ate yam, banana, callaloo, cabbage and any other vegetables they planted.  They killed an animal for meat, once in a blue moon and shared it with the village or sold the extra.  The ate lots of fruits.

Considering all this and more, I can’t remember any of my ancestors being overweight.  Guess what?  They did not have exercise programs. There were no gyms when my grandfather was a boy.  His exercise was walking to plant yam and sweet potato and milking and feeding the cows.

The point I am making is that walking is beneficial in many ways and you can lose weight from walking, but it must become a habit and it must be combined with a healthy diet.  In the earlier days when I started using the Leslie Sansone Tapes, I was extremely disappointed about the inability to lose weight.  But, I look back now and ask the question, “how did I expect to lose any weight when I was eating 2 hot patties and washing them down with a soda and sweet up my mouth with an extra large bar of candy?”

Moderation is the key and you must make a complete lifestyle change, which the Leslie Sansone 1 – Mile Workout DVD’s will help you to achieve.  Your heart rate will have a health boost and your muscles will tone nicely over time, coupled with the fact that you will be more energetic.  And I saved the best for last, your blood glucose level will look better and the bonus is, your total cholesterol will be lowered. Remember, when you walk at a brisk pace, which is also controlled, then your body starts to burn fat.

Weather or Not

You will never have to worry if it is raining or snowing.  The Leslie Sansone DVD set gives you the opportunity to exercise in spite of the weather.  Imagine to be able to work up a sweat in your living room when it is raining “cats and dogs” outside?  This is what you will have at your fingertip.

No to Damaged Joints and Tendons

Leslie Sansone gives you guidance as you work out with her DVD’s to ensure that you are safe and do not hurt your joints and tendons.  I know some people will die for high impact activities, but this does not suit the average person suffering from diabetes.  I now have an injured tendon from playing badminton some years ago.  I jumped in the air to reach a shuttle and did a poor landing.  I have paid the price ever since.  The Leslie Sansone 1 – Mile Workout DVD’s will ensure that you never have to experience what I did in the past.  Leslie even encourages you to slow down or walk when the action gets a bit too much for you.


If you follow my pages, you would know by now that I love bonuses.  Leslie did not fall short on this one.  She gave some slimming and toning tips which will help us as we get stronger and start losing weight and most importantly, lower our blood glucose readings.


I do recommend that you purchase your first Leslie Sansone DVD to ensure that regardless of the weather conditions, you can have a seamless exercise program.

Go ahead, you will not regret owning a Leslie Sansone exercise video and why not start your collection with the Walk At Home 1 – Mile set?


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    Nice read. Solid information. Good job.


    1. // Reply

      JAC, I am happy you enjoyed reading the information I shared. Thanks for stopping and I encourage you to continue reading as I keep updating the site. All the best.

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    I love Leslie Sansone!! Her DVDs are GREAT for people who need a solid workout and don’t want to kill themselves LOL. Walking is severely under-rated as a form of exercise-one of my clients in 91 and I asked him “what’s your secret?” and he said “I walk 5 miles every day.” Five miles! Wow! Thanks for this.

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      Hillary, walking is truly underrated, but that is because society has forgotten that our ancestors did a lot of this exercise as they went about their daily business. Thanks for making the point. Keep walking Hillary and all the best.

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