Lemon Water and Diabetes, Really?


Lemon is a popular fruit that is used for  a number of illnesses.  It is interesting to note that all the components of this fruit are used to heal us.  The peel and the juice are both used for medicinal uses.  Wait a bit, what about the leaves of the plant?  Yes, best tea ever.

So, What is Lemon used for?

  • Cold/Flu
  • Scurvy
  • Inflammation (swelling and pain)
  • Kidney Stones
  • Better functioning blood vessels
  • Reduce water retention
  • High blood pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Weight loss

Vitamin C, enough or not

The lemon fruit is rich in vitamin C, having the same amount as an orange. It is worth noting that an orange has more sugar than a lemon, but the same amount of carbohydrate.

Soluble Fibre

Fruit Smiley Face

What are the connections between lemon water and diabetes?  Be patient, I am getting to that point now.

Remember that a high-fiber diet is the best eating plan for persons with diabetes and lemon is a high fiber fruit.  It is called a soluble fiber fruit.

This high fiber fruit also lowers your blood pressure and your cholesterol.  What does this have to do with diabetes?  The longer your glucose reading remain uncontrolled, the more like it is that you will eventually also be told that you are suffering from high cholesterol and high blood pressure.  “Misery like company.”

No Man is an Island, No Man Stands Alone…

Diabetes is rarely seen alone.  She loves the company of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, blurred vision, nerve pain and a host of other company.  Most of her company gets invited into your “home” if you do not take the necessary actions.

Lemon water and diabetes cannot keep company for long and since it is a fruit, what do you have to lose?

Fasting Blood Sugar

Have you ever been to see the doctor and get really annoyed when he/she writes up the lab request for you to do the fasting test?  You already knew it would be high, right?  It was high for every other morning and you were certain that today would not be your miracle day.  I know perfectly well what you are feeling and communicating.

But, help is on the way.  I have had lower fasting readings from consuming lemon water the day before, especially if I have some just before going to sleep.  It also appears to be more effective if had with some warm water.

Some persons reported that after using lemon water and the lemon fruit for a few months, their diabetes was cured.

The Enamel Story


Some authors have cautioned that if lemon water is not washed from your mouth, then you could have issues with your tooth enamel.  I make it a habit of drinking some plain water after my lemon water or brushing my teeth.

The truth be told, our grandparents and those before them, did not have all these literature and their fingertips and so they worried less.


If you have issues with heartburn, you will need to pay attention to your lemon intake.  This would be so for all other citrus fruits.  Using less, could be easier on the stomach, but still effective to lower cholesterol, high blood pressure, and high glucose reading.  I experimented until I found amount I am comfortable consuming.

Interesting though is that my heartburn disappeared within three (3) weeks of my lifestyle changes.  I found that I no longer suffer from heartburn since I started avoiding sugar and highly processed foods.

Flavour Galore!

I use less salt on my food now to ensure my blood pressure remains in the norm and because, generally, too much salt is unhealthy.  This was my hardest adjustment because I always liked salty foods.  “Yes, dangerous living.”  I turned to herbs, lemon, lime and olive oil to please my taste buds.

The best thing I could tell you now, “try some lime/lemon juice (just a little), on some pieces of cabbage and diced carrots with a dash of herbs.  Lovely!  It is suitable for any vegetable dish.  Go ahead, try it.

Salad Dish

Diabetics sometimes find it difficult to decide what to cook and eat and so I am providing the link to a book to help you to plan healthy, diabetic meals which the entire family can enjoy.

Quick Reference to Glycemic Index

It is commonly noted that lemon juice, when placed on other foods, lowers the glycemic index of those foods.  Persons who are diabetic needs to use foods with below 50 on the glycemic index.  I just keep it low when I can.  It is interesting to note that lemon juice will have this effect.

Digestive Enzymes, Oops, what’s Wrong?

Unfortunately for people with diabetes, our digestive enzymes are sometimes faulty and it is good news to hear that lemon water is beneficial here as well.  I hope you can’t wait for this article to end so that you can run to the store to buy some lemon and or limes.  Yes, the do pretty much the same. I use mostly limes because this is easily available where I shop.

How frustrating it is, to be eating and not being able to get full nutrition from all that we eat?  Thanks to lemons and limes, this can be a thing of the past if you take the first step to embracing this information.  Why not?  What do you have to lose?  Maybe some weight?  Is that a bad idea?

Lemons and Weight Loss, There is more?

You might have heard this before, and if this is the first, then you will never forget.  Drinking lemon, or lime water, will result in weight loss.  Some persons have reported that it is more effective lukewarm in the morning on an empty stomach.

I have it all kind of ways:

  • Lukewarm on a full or empty stomach
  • To replace my hot beverage some mornings
  • With cold water, no sugar added
  • On my raw vegetables
  • On my cooked vegetables
  • On my fish, chicken, or whatever meat I am eating
  • I place the peel in a glass jar with vinegar and orange peel, soaked for about 2 weeks, and then I have an effective, cheap nice cleaner for my bathroom.



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  1. // Reply

    this is a very nice article about the benefits of lemon and lemon-water . first time to know that lemons contains fibers. thank you for the information. i will like to ask if i have lemon water on an empty stomach will it cause an ulcer?

    1. // Reply

      Ahmed, thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Please note that I cannot give medical advice as I am not qualified to do so. I started off with 1/2 lime in my water and found out it went well with me, so I now do a full lime or lemon. No stomach issues to date. Feel free to experiment, but listen to your body.

  2. // Reply

    Excellent information here! I never would have thought that lemons have so many great benefits to them. Although I do not have diabetes, I am very familiar with things like glycemic index, blood sugar, etc. This is mainly due to the fact that I live a low carbohydrate lifestyle in order to keep my weight and health in check. I will definitely have to try to incorporate more lemons into my cooking. Would lemon juice concentrate work as well, or do you only recommend fresh lemons and limes?

    1. // Reply

      Pete, only fresh lemons. I go for mostly unprocessed, if not all unprocessed, when possible. Thanks for reading and all the best.

  3. // Reply

    What a great post and site. My sister is a type 2 diabetic, I will be sharing your tips and advice with her, Thank you 🙂

  4. // Reply

    I have been drinking water with the juice of an whole lemon for about a month now and have noticed a significant difference in my glucose level. I only drink 1 24 oz glass of water with the juice of one lemon about 1/2 hour prior to my evening meal. I also eat the pulp from the lemon at the same time. The rest of the day I drink just water. I need to mention I also take 1000 mg met forming and 5 mg glipizide twice a day. It had gotten so the medication wasn’t working very well ; therefore when I added the lemon water once a day it made my glucose numbers be around 100. That is great for me because my A1C was a 9 prior to doing this and now it is a 6.9. Be careful to monitor yourself if taking medication along with the lemon water because my husband tried it and he was going down to a 60 or lower and decided not to do it. He takes 500 mg metformin and 5 mg glipizide. Hope this helps.

    1. // Reply

      This makes me happy to see that someone else is experiencing similar benefits. Sometimes just preventing the disease from getting worse is the best thing we can do. I hate the idea of consuming more medication, so I am happy with my lime and or lemon juice.

      I also love to use ginger as this too is helpful. Click on the word ginger to see this video. Continued success.

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