Is there a Link Between Diabetes and Cholesterol?

Todays’ post is to inform and hopefully ignite some conversation amongst us. I will leave you to discuss and draw your conclusions in the end. “Is there a link between diabetes and cholesterol?” Today we will discuss the results from a research, which seeks to create a link between some type of cholesterol and diabetes.

The Results-The Connection Between Diabetes and Cholesterol Glucometer

The study was completed by colleagues from the University of Oxford and the University College London. Genetic information from 190,000 persons was gathered and used in the study. They looked at the LDL and HDL along with triglycerides and the risk of these persons developing diabetes and heart diseases.

The British Heart Foundation provided the funds for the undertaking of this study. Some persons have less of a certain type of cholesterol, due to their genes. The good news for them is that they have a decreased risk of heart diseases thanks to this fact. However, they have an increased risk of diabetes and they also have this gene factor to thank (Bebbington, 2016).

Statin Drugs or Low Cholesterol?

It was discovered that some persons who had lower cholesterol, were at risk of developing diabetes. The study then revealed that this is so only for the persons who are found with less of a certain cholesterol.

Note, that prior to this study, there were persons who felt that the statin drugs was responsible for diabetes in some patients. Is it possible that this result could put that view to rest? Are we defending statin drugs? Are we now saying to the public at large, you are not being harmed because of statin drugs? What are your views?

Let us get the discussion going. Medication

  1. What are your experiences when taking medication to lower your cholesterol?
  2. Are you on a statin drug and is your blood glucose rising? It is obvious that we need to listen to our bodies and pay attention to our numbers.
  3. Did you have lower than the normal cholesterol and you are now diagnosed with diabetes?

Words of Caution

Do you see that scientists will aways be testing and that the results will constantly change? My best words of caution are:

  1. Eat mostly plant-based foods, especially if you notice any discomforts or higher readings when you eat meat. Plenty fruits and vegetables would be a good start and make it a wide variety of different colors.
  2. If you feel you must eat meat, then do so. I will at this point caution you to eat healthier choices. Go for leaner meat and pay attention to see what negatively affects you.
  3. Learn about nuts, seeds, grains, leaves of trees and plants, spices and herbs. They too are highly useful and can be used to help to heal our bodies.
  4. Become more active. Rake the yard, clean the house, wash the car, paint the house, go for a walk, use a treadmill, ride a cycle or go to the gym if this is your thing. Whatever you do, get off the couch and be more active.
  5. Be happy. Take time to laugh, visit friends and family members, take a vacation, laugh with friends on the Internet. Whatever makes you happy, as long as it is legal and in reason, be happy. I noticed that when I am stressed, my readings are higher (blood pressure and blood glucose). Rid yourself of toxic relationships. Find new friends, if that is what is required and connect with different, more positive family members. Do what needs to be done in order to be healthy and happy.
  6. Rest. Sleep is important for all of us. God knew what He was doing when He gave us all those hours in the night to sleep. Please go to bed. I experienced higher blood glucose readings at one point when I started writing for this website. I got a little confused. I couldn’t figure out why my readings had gone up by 1 to 1.5 and I was eating the same way. Nothing had changed. Baby Sleeping

I was so wrong. Something changed. I was missing sleep. A friend pointed this out to me and I did some research. That explains why some days I do not write a post. If and when I am tired and it is time to go to sleep, I do just that, I sleep.

I will not be of any use to my faithful readers (Team Crawford) if my readings go through the roof and I die. Readers, please, sleep is important. Everything else should stay for the next day if you are tired and it is time for bed.

What are your Views? Do you Agree with the Professor?

According to Bebbington (2016), Professor Jeremy Pearson, from the British Heart Foundation, said:

“One key finding is that patients with naturally lower LDL cholesterol levels, similar to those taking a statin, have a slightly increased risk of diabetes, indicating that the risk is related to LDL levels and not to any separate effect of the statin itself.”

  1. Is it true that my statin drug is not the issue?
  2. Am I at risk because I am predisposed to lower cholesterol?
  3. Should I be taking statin drugs?
  4. Is my statin drug lowering my cholesterol to unhealthy readings which will result in heart diseases?
  5. What are your views?


There appears to be a link between persons who have less of certain cholesterols and persons who are at risk of diabetes. The results showed that these persons with lower cholesterol are at risk of developing diabetes.

This paper called persons to think through the information for themselves, by asking and honestly answering some questions. We are encouraged to make whole food our choice and to become more active in order to fight diabetes and win.

The choice is yours, but stop and remember your loved ones. How much do you love them? Are they worth fighting for? If they are, then join Team Crawford in eating whole foods and exercising to fight diabetes, so that we can have a healthier and happier life, whilst we ensure that our loved ones remain diabetes-free.

Your views are highly valued and you are hereby invited to share them with us in the box below. Until next time, walk good and make the correct choices for your health.


  1. Bebbington, Theresa. “Lowered Cholesterol May Increase Diabetes Risk.”WebMD Boots. WebMD UK, 03 Aug. 2016. Web. 05 Aug. 2016.


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    Hi Josephine,
    I agree with your words of caution ( or wisdom)!
    Great advice about eating and choosing the right food.
    Being healthy means eating correctly, sleeping properly and exercising. I have found that my A1C levels have gone down substantially just from eating properly and adding exercise.

    I am not sure about the link between diabetes and cholesterol as I find that sometimes a drug is pushed rather finding a natural way to remedy the problem. I am a firm believer of exercise as a ‘cure’ to most problems.

    1. // Reply

      Dinh, thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I agree with you, exercise and eating whole foods and getting enough rest/sleep will heal a lot of our illnesses. That is good news about your A1C. Keep up the good work and do share your results, so that we can continue to motivate others. All the best.

  2. // Reply

    I know several loved ones that have diabetes that have found your site to not only be informative but also very helpful. Thank you for your excellent work. You are helping so many people and we can’t thank you enough!

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