Is Red Wine Good for Diabetics?

With the festive season staring us in the face, no doubt a lot of diabetics are concerned about their diet. “What can I eat and drink and be healthy, or more healthy for the new year?” Today we will take a brief look at a substance in red wine and other foods which may well worth the money spent on these food items.

Yes, finally the scientist are admitting that a small amount of red Red wine and candleswine on a daily basis could benefit diabetics. The skin of the red grapes contains resveratrol, which is an antioxidant with a host of benefits.

Let me hasten to add that there are other foods which are rich in this antioxidant. A few of them are; a) strawberries, b) walnuts, c) prunes, and, d) dark chocolates.

Yes, and so we ask the question “Is red wine good for diabetics?”

Brief Notes from the Study

The study I speak of tested 64000 middle-aged women and formed the conclusion that foods and drink containing resveratrol can help us to avoid the dreadful lifestyle illness (diabetes).

According to the researchers who published this article in Diabetologia, the folks who consumed a little red wine on a daily basis were 27% less likely to end up with diabetes.

I know that like me you are looking in the kitchen for your antioxidant foods and drink which are loaded with resveratrol. Read some more and I promise you that I will help you by including some links to some resveratrol-rich foods and drink at the end of this article. Please, just relax and keep reading.

On a Personal Note

I know there are more people like myself in Cyberworld. Ever so often I go to the supermarket and take up a small container of red grapes with a seemingly huge price and yes you guess correctly, I return it to the shelf. Yep, but I am re-thinking that behavior at the moment and I hope you are too.

Here is my take on the price of red grapes and other foods rich Red grapes in paper bagin resveratrol. They are still way cheaper than the price I pay to be living with diabetes.

This lifestyle illness can rob us of pain-free days and keep us connected to our doctors, constantly paying for office visits, laboratory and the drugs, which over time could result in more harm.

Let us not forget that most doctors would like to see their patients well. I know mine does. For that reason, we are able to discuss the benefits of food and exercise for diabetics.

Decision Time: Act Now!

Hmmm, are you thinking the way I am? Yes, some red wine is now due. Yes, some prunes added to my smoothie will be beneficial. Yes, maybe I could add some walnuts and maybe strawberries to my daily glass of smoothie and know that I am creating the necessary environment to result in eliminating this lifestyle illness (diabetes).

Let me remind you that I still support everything in moderation. This is especially true for those of us diagnosed with diabetes. I like to say that it is the excess which has resulted in diabetes in the first place and so we need to let moderation be our guide.

More Research on Red Wine

I must, however, admit that it also warmed my heart when I read that 224 people were observed for two years and were allowed to drink wine, be it red or white for the duration of another experiment. It was said that this is the longest observation to date concerning the impact of wine on our heart.

The results were even more interesting. Those who drank the red wine saw an improvement in their good cholesterol (HDL). This was not the case for those who drank white wine or the ones who drank water. The compound called phenols was praised for this success story.

There were other success stories. For some, their fasting blood sugar decreased and yet others experienced lowered blood pressure. Yes, these are important information for those of us diagnosed with diabetes. It is also timely information as we seek to “let our hairs down” and enjoy the festive season.

I also read something which is worth mentioning here. Some participants reported that they slept better having had a glass of wine with their dinner. Yes, I understand your excitement here as we know the importance of sleep for a healthy living, especially when diagnosed with diabetes and other illnesses.

One Size Fits All?

Again, allow me to point out that these people were also eating a high fiber diet and this too could have helped in the improvements noted in their health. I am of the personal opinion, based on my experiences that there is no one fix for diabetes.

Cinnamon, Cumin, and Foods Rich in Fiber

Yes, give me some time to explain. I have included cinnamon and cumin as a part of my “be free of diabetes” routine, but, I find that they have less of an impact when I fail to consume foods rich in fiber.

Plant-Based Foods and an Active Lifestyle

I also discovered that I keep better health when I eat mostly plant-based foods, but even this is not as effective as when I combine it with physical activities. Note I am choosing my words carefully.

In the paragraph above I said “physical activities” and not exercise. This is deliberate as I find that when I do things like rake the yard and a few hours of cleaning the house, I do see a positive effect on both my blood pressure and my blood sugar levels. Hey, just a few hours of walking, shopping, and laughing help my health.

Just a Closer Walk with Thee


I am not one for New Year’s resolutions, but, I decided that for 2018 and beyond, I will laugh, love and be happy, determined to not allow people and circumstances to steal my joy.

Yes, this goes beyond taking Metformin and Ednyt and helps me to take a holistic and sensible look at what truly brings happiness and ultimately good health. So, continue to read, because I am about to share the best part of my findings with you.

A spiritual connection with God is more important than anything we do for our health. I had an experience recently which I thought would destroy me for good. A broken heart is a horrible experience and if not handled carefully, it can result in complete devastation.

When my nineteen-year-old son told me he was moving out, I felt like my world came to an end and my clock failed to tick. I felt like I failed as a parent and had no way to correct my mistakes.

Thank God for the people around me, especially my friends who kept encouraging me that I did all I could and that I was not a failure, even if I made a few mistakes. Now please, continue to read.

It was that connection with God that gave me complete peace. Yes, it is great to hear from my network of friends and family members, but in the stillness of the night, when they cease there words of comfort and the evil one seeks to control my mind, it is at this point that my relationship with God, gives me complete peace of mind and comfort.

Yes, I have not strayed from lowering our blood glucose level. Normally during times of heavy stress, all my readings get pretty weird and my blood sugar would be really high. Not the case this time and I give God the praise.

For this reason, I thank Him for His love and I also thank Him for giving people the wisdom to make red wine. Yep, I do and yes, I will be observing the effect of a little wine combined with a high fiber diet, an active lifestyle and most importantly a solid walk with God.

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