Is Hummus Good for Diabetics?

Diabetics are always searching for foods that are known to prevent a spike in blood glucose. With that said, we will look at hummus. It is worth recalling that diabetic-friendly foods are an indication that it is high in fiber, and possibly protein, but low on the carb end. What then is hummus?

What is Hummus?

Hummus is made from chickpeas. It is pureed and then things such as lime/lemon juice, salt, oil, tahini, pepper, garlic, other seasonings, herbs and spices are added. In the same way as different people make hummus to their taste, there are some varieties with nuts.

If you have ever eaten chickpeas before, you would agree that it is a versatile food and consequently, we can do a lot to adjust the taste. I love chickpea and I use them to control my blood sugar.

Let us now turn our attention to the nutrients to be had from eating hummus. Also, remember that we need to see the link with diabetes. The question remains the same, “Is hummus good for diabetics?

Nutritional Content of Hummus with Diabetics in Mind

Below is a table that gives the nutritional content of 100 grams of hummus. This will vary a bit dependent on the brand. Yes, for now, we are looking at the store-bought hummus, but we will also look at a recipe. Take a look at the table now:

Nutritional DetailsGrams / mg
Nutritional Content of 100 grams of Hummus

The protein content means that diabetics will feel full for longer when they consume hummus. This is definitely a step in the correct direction. The fiber content does a similar thing as it keeps us feeling full for longer and additionally it prevents that horrible blood sugar spike.

It is worth noting that hummus is a fine example of a plant protein, that has proven to be a healthy option for diabetics. If you are like me, you eat mostly vegetables some weeks and others you do eat animal protein.

The sodium content is a bit high and so that is why I am an advocate for homemade hummus. Stay tuned for a recipe.

A Note About the Carbohydrate in this Chickpea Delight

Eating fewer carbohydrates has its benefits. Included are weight loss, decreased blood sugar, and inflammation. Let me however hasten to add that the carbs causing the problem are from highly processed foods.

Above all, remember that vegetables below ground such as carrots have more carbs and that those leafy greens such as spinach have fewer carbs. Even so, whole foods are safer than the processed stuff from the supermarket.

Healthy Blood Sugar, and Appetite Control for Diabetics

Foods with a high fiber content are great for us, especially diabetics. When we are kept full for a longer time, we eat less, and therefore we will have less glucose wreaking havoc in our blood.

Let me hasten to point out that I eat hummus regardless of the carbohydrate content. The result is amazing for me. All foods along the peas and beans have been serving me well. I find that I don’t get that horrible blood sugar spike when I eat these plant-based proteins.

I must however confess that I use moderation because some foods like chickpea and red beans are prone to weight gain in my case. A small serving (1/4 to 1/2 cup) keeps my blood sugar happy. It is a balancing act to control blood sugar. Hence, dependent on what else I am eating for the day, I eat 1/2 cup of chickpeas.

For me, hummus is a lovely before-bed snack that keeps me full during the night and prevents that high fasting blood sugar. Hummus is good food for diabetics.

Hummus Recipe for Diabetics

I don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel. This video will teach you to make delicious, creamy, and healthy hummus at home. Go ahead and watch the video below.

Homemade Hummus

Did you know that tahini sauce can be made with sesame seeds, oil, and salt? Check out this next video below and stop paying for tahini.

Homemade Tahini

I love learning from this couple, so HERE is the WEBSITE if you prefer to read.


The fight against diabetes is real and it is a struggle. It has however become clear to me that this battle must be won with food and exercise. Hummus is an excellent food for diabetics and it is possible to make it from the comfort of your home.

Go ahead and use lifestyle changes of diet and exercise to rid yourself of diabetes.

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  1. // Reply

    Thanks for this great article Josephine.

    Coincidentally, I was actually looking for a great hummus recipe and this fits the bill perfectly and You even supplied the video to make the Tahini as well.

    You really do think of everything.

    I love that you supplied the nutrition label and explained it for type 2.

    I would be a little more involved with our grandson. What I mean is we would take the total carbs and subtract the fibre to give us the net carbs.

    We use the net carb count in his insulin to carbohydrate ratio (ICR) to calculate his mealtime dosage. The ICR is very individualistic and each type 1’s doctor will give them their ratio, and as is the case with Alex, that ratio may be different for each meal.

    Thanks again for yet another great and helpful article.

    1. // Reply

      Thanks, Deb, and I do hope you enjoy the recipe.

      I do not always use net carb. To be honest, especially on days when I awake with a near-perfect reading and all my meals are whole foods, which is mostly the case, I just keep it that way and eat whole foods. Especially when coupled with physical activities, it works out just great.

      Continued success.

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