How to Eat Pomelo Fruit

The pomelo fruit is being talked about a lot these days. It is said that it is a great fruit for diabetics to consume in moderation. The question asked by some readers is “how do I eat a Pomelo?” I found the question a bit strange, but, when carefully examined, I realize that this is a big deal for people who may be seeing this fruit for the first time.

Before we continue, stop and read this article about the pomelo fruit. READ it HERE!

The How is in the Structure of the Fruit

The Pomelo fruit contains between 11-18 segments. These are separated by a membrane. This membrane is not eaten.

Pomelo tree with a cut fruit.

Follow the simple steps below to eat a pomelo fruit:

  1. Place the pomelo fruit in an upright position.
  2. Cut vertically. Use several vertical scores to reveal the flesh of the fruit.
  3. The membrane will now be exposed.
  4. Peel the membrane away and throw it out. Note that the membrane is both tough and bitter.
  5. Enjoy the flesh.

Eating the pomelo fruit is a little different from eating other citrus fruits such as grapefruit and orange. This is so because with other citrus fruits the membrane is eaten. However, it is worth the time and effort to remove the membrane and eat that jewel-like flesh at our disposal.

A Second Way to Eat the Pomelo Fruit

Jaclyn Fasano offered a second way to eat the pomelo fruit. Please see the steps below:

  1. Peel the pomelo using a small knife (pairing)
  2. Score the fruit vertically (from top to bottom)
  3. Cut deep so that you can feel the flesh
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3. Do so three more times. This will create an “x” shape on the pomelo fruit
  5. With your hands, peel away the outer layer
  6. Peel each segment
  7. Remove the white membrane
  8. Enjoy


As we continue the struggle to rid our lives of diabetes. Continue the research and act to be diabetic-free. A lifestyle change of diet and exercise is all it takes to control and reverse diabetes. The pomelo fruit is one such food that we must include in our diet as diabetics.

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    I found this post interesting as I’d never heard of a pomelo fruit. As someone who is vegetarian, I eat a lot of fruit and will certainly lookout for a pomelo next time I’m in the supermarket. As suggested, most fruit I buy is either fresh or frozen, and I rarely buy tinned.

    As the pomelo is closely related to grapefruit, can it be eaten if you’re on statins? Thanks for sharing:)

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