How to Control Diabetes with Diet-Cooking Method

There are a lot of people all over the globe who live without hope, as they, unfortunately, subscribed to the view that diabetes is a death sentence and so they are forced to live with this horrible, life-altering disease. This is however far from the truth. There are a number of things we can do to control our blood glucose and eventually eliminate diabetes over time. One such thing is the cooking method we use to prepare our foods.

Today we will spend some time looking at a research which supports the view of controlling diabetes with diet by looking at our cooking methods. This was documented by the researchers from  Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

Advanced Glycation Endproducts

The study looked at obese persons who displayed signs of insulin resistance. These persons did not eat advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs). AGEs is a byproduct of cooking dry-heat or what is called heat-processed foods. In dry-heat cooking, moisture is not used and so the heat is transferred to the food as is. High temperatures are used for this type of cooking (300° or more).

Some examples of dry-heat cooking methods are: Grilling

  • broiling
  • grilling
  • searing
  • deep frying
  • pan frying
  • toasting
  • baking
  • roasting
  • sauteing

The Dangers of High Levels of AGEs

Let us take a little time to look at AGEs. Advanced glycation endproducts is a natural part of normal metabolism, but when the levels are too high, this is what happens, “the pathologic effects of AGEs are related to their ability to promote oxidative stress and inflammation by binding with cell surface receptors or cross-linking with body proteins, altering their structure and function,” (Uribarri, 2010).

According to the same author, here are some other possibilities when our AGEs content is too high:

  • atherosclerosis Wrinkled hand of a child
  • kidney disease
  • vascular dysfunction
  • diabetes
  • chronic diseases in general
  • Aging prematurely

It is interesting to note that the 2016 research was a follow-up to an article published in 2014, where the researchers “confirmed that high levels of AGEs in the body can cause pre-diabetes characterized by increasing insulin resistance, as well as brain changes similar to Alzheimer’s disease. This study focused more on diabetes risk” (Mount Sinai Health System, 2016).

Confession Time and New Year Resolution in September

I am sure you agree with me that it is worth noting the results of this research. Whereas I agree that we cannot be gullible about everything we read, I also am of the view, that we should make a mental note and be open to new ideas Fried chickenand out of the box suggestions. I maintain that all of us may respond differently to the same thing, and so I feel I have a responsibility to provide my readers with a variety of information.

I must admit at this point, that I am a Jamaican, and that also come with Jerk Chicken and Pork, which are really charcoal grilled meats with jerk sauce. I also occasionally love a piece of fried chicken and I absolutely love to bake my meats without added juices/liquids. I roast my sweet potatoes and yam for the texture, flavor, and variety.

This means that I have been consuming a lot of foods cooked the dry-heat method. I am also diabetic, and though I am not quick to add that the way  I have been cooking is the reason for my medical setback, I am willing to make a change and see if this will help in the long run, or who to tell, may be the short run?

Can we Reverse the Curse?

According to Dr.Vlassara, “while food AGEs are prevalent, particularly in Western diets, our study showed that avoiding foods high in AGEs could actually reverse the damage that had been done,” (Mount Sinai Health System, 2016). This is good news for those of us who are diabetic.

It is good to know that the damages caused by consuming foods with a high level of AGEs can be reversed. This brings hope to many. It is as simple as just changing our lifestyle and adapting a new way of cooking, in the event, we are serious about controlling, or eliminating diabetes.

The Confusion Cleared-Cooking Ideas

The verdict is that the above information is worth considering. Diabetics could benefit from adding moisture to our foods when we are cooking. Hence, I started boiling my meats in seasoned water, then I pour off most of the water, add a little oil or butter and some more seasoning and enjoy. I have done it so far with chicken, beef and homemade burgers. Lovely, delicious and juicy is my report.

Cooking this way is also easy to do. I add the seasoning, water, and meat to a pot. I then boil the seasoned water with the meat on high flame, following which I reduce to low flame and bring it to a simmer, whilst I do other chores. This will mean less time in the kitchen for me. It sounds like a Stew beef.good plan to me. What says you?

The recommendation is for us to:

  • steam
  • stew
  • poach

Sweet Deal

The group which avoided the dry-heat method of cooking had some interesting results. They saw significant insulin resistance improvement, they decreased in body size and had a lower level of AGEs in their bodies. The opposite was true for the group which ate foods prepared using the dry-heat method.

This is sounding like a treat for all of us. The diabetic will benefit, but so too will the person with arthritis and the ones desiring of shedding some unwanted pounds.


The way we cook our food could be one of the reasons we are diabetic. Dry-heat methods such as grilling, baking, sauteing, roasting and frying are blamed for the high levels of advanced glycation endproducts, which will harm us if the level in our body is too high.

We can avoid issues with our kidneys, diabetes, and inflammation to name a few if we use other cooking methods such as steaming, stewing and poaching. It is even possible to see a reversal of our AGEs-related illnesses when we avoid dry-heat cooking methods.

It is quite clear that one way of controlling diabetes, through diet is to pay attention to how we cook and to use the appropriate cooking methods for optimum health and possibly as a part of a strategy to control or eliminate diabetes.

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    Hi josephine, I really loved the seasoning cooking method, my mom has diabetics too and I surely discuss cooking meats with seasoning water with her. and little time in kitchen surely interests my mother attention more:)

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      Furkan, I am glad the article caught your attention. Please return and give us some feedback from your mom. How about you? How do you like your meat cooked?

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    This post is so spot on! Thank you for sharing such valuable information about how to truly control your health. Awesome post!


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    This is very interesting, Josephine. It never really dawned on my that the cooking method could affect our diet, but after reading this is actually makes a lot of sense. I do steam my veggies a lot which is a good thing. Thanks for this information.

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      Thank you Wendy. Yes, I was surprised as well when I saw the research, but like you, I think it makes sense. I am poaching a lot now and just loving the delicious, tender, juicy meat. You should try and let me know the outcome. Cheers.

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