How to Control Diabetes-Some Practical Tips

One Size Fits ALL?

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It would be correct to say that a one size fits all approach will not work for treating diabetes.  People have a variety of responses to foods, medication, and exercise, based on our uniqueness.  However, some basic adjustments are necessary if we are determined to significantly reduce the number of persons with diabetes.  It is a possibility that a lot of people will be better able to control the illness if they follow certain guidelines.  Please continue to read in order to understand how to control diabetes with diet.

Consistency is the Key

Persons with diabetes should ensure that they eat at the same time every day. Skipping a meal is out of the question for a person with diabetes.  The simple explanation to this is that your blood sugar will be high and more difficult to control in the long run.

What we eat, communicates with the liver and so the liver takes important clues from our diet.  failure to eat for an extended period of type leads the liver a bit of confused.  The liver responds by releasing glucose in an effort to provide fuel for the body to function at its’ best. The problem, however, is that for those of us with diabetes, the body is not sure when there is enough glucose and keep releasing more.  The end result, yes, a high blood glucose reading, because too much glucose has been released in the blood.

It is magical and truly amazing that once we eat something with a bit of carbohydrate, the liver responds by not send any glucose into the blood.  This is how our liver ensures that we have a healthy amount of glucose in the blood stream, just enough to make us function.  The liver does so much of the work for us and we must make it our point of duty to do our part.  Please, eat breakfast and take the time to have all your meals on time.  The price of high blood glucose is certainly not worth the skipped meal.

When I am super busy, I start setting the phone to alarm at a certain time for me to stop and have my meal.  I have learned to excuse myself from meetings and similar gatherings to have an apple or my vegetable and meat.  I am encouraging to form your own strategies to remind you to help your liver to keep you safe and healthy.

Water, Water, Everywhere


Water wins all the time.  Let me hasten to add that drinking water itself will not lower your blood glucose readings, but the benefits of drinking water make it a must for all human beings.

If you would like to have a drink without calories, then try water.  If you want to stay hydrated, then drink water.  Remember, those of us who have diabetes urinate a lot, especially on the days when your blood glucose reading is high. In order to prevent dehydration, we must ensure that we drink enough water.

Would you like to get rid of toxins in your body?  Yes, drink water and lots of water.  Our bodies are flushed through our sweat and urine.  We need to drink enough water to make the process runs smoothly.  The bonus here is that you are less likely to have urinary tract infections and kidney stones when you drink enough water.

Here is a list of some of the other benefits of drinking pure water:

  • Better skin complexion
  • Aids in digestion and so you will be less likely to become constipated
  • Helps to keep the flu and other illnesses at a distance
  • Properly lubricated joints and hence, less joint pain
  • Headaches and pains that are a result of dehydration should disappear
  • Water is cheaper than the store bought drinks and juices and so you will save money

Vinegar, Yes Vinegar!

It has been found that a little vinegar will help to keep the blood sugar spike after a meal, lower than it would have been without consuming the vinegar.  I do not like to consume vinegar straight without putting it on the food.  I love my vegetables with a little bit of vinegar at times.

Vegetable Salad

I also use it on my meat occasionally.  Again, I encourage moderation in all that we do, especially diabetics.

Whenever we eat, our blood glucose level usually spikes. Vinegar on your meat or vegetable, or taken from a spoon, whatever your preference, will reduce this spike.  Vinegar prevents the immediate emptying of the stomach and as a result, the rise in blood sugar will be less.  The end result is that, with moderation, you could use vinegar to help us to gain control of diabetes.

Caution!  Anything that could lead to a lower blood glucose reading means that you should check your readings and speak to your doctor about adjusting your medication, if you consume these foods, spices, herbs, etc.  The last thing I would want is for your blood glucose to drop too low and leave you in a coma.

Sleep, Sweet Sleep

Baby Sleeping

Sleep is important for us to remain healthy.   Lack of sleep can increase our blood sugar readings and when our blood glucose level is high, our kidneys try to fix the problem by making us urinate a lot.  It is, therefore, important that we sleep enough in order to be healthy.  When we do not sleep enough, our body does not make proper use of the produced insulin.  This means that the glucose then enters the blood stream as it is not used properly by our cells and our blood sugar spikes.  Yes, night was created for many good reasons.  Rest and sleep is important.

I experienced the connection between sleep and high glucose readings. When I just started to create this website, the excitement and the fact that I was happy to be sharing and helping others, had me missing some hours of sleep.  I was eating the same meals and quantities, exercising and I noticed in the fourth week of missing some hours of sleep, my readings went up by as much as 2 points.

Needless to say, I consulted my food journal to see if I was doing something different.  I wasn’t.  The frustration mounted, until, I realized that I was missing a lot of sleep and I remembered that could also be a factor.  The fix was easy.  I continued eating my unprocessed, whole foods, exercising and returned to a minimum of 8 hours sleep for the day.  You know the end.  My readings returned to normal after 3 nights.

In the event, you are not getting enough sleep and your readings are high, please re-consider your choices and ensure that your blood glucose readings are good.  Diabetes is an expensive illness and difficult to live with as it can become life threatening.  Make the move to be diabetes free.  Sleep, eat the correct foods (remember portion) and exercise.  If you are diabetic, please consider moderate exercise on a daily basis.  As you become stronger and your readings improve and are closer to the normal range, then you can add some varieties and intensity to your exercise routine.

Your Foods

Salad Dish

What you eat as a diabetic is of extreme importance.  Fruits and vegetables are great choices.  A diet rich in fruits and vegetables which are low on the Glycemic Index will prove beneficial, as your readings will be lowered.  My carbohydrates come mostly from the fruits, vegetables and proteins I eat and so because I rarely eat other forms of carbohydrates, my readings are pretty good and I am feeling better than I have been for years.  When I consume some starchy foods, I take a little from the list below:

  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Yam
  • Pumpkin
  • Brown Rice
  • Whole Wheat Bread

The idea is to eat foods with lower calories and more fibers and those that are less processed.

Embrace a more Active Lifestyle

Enough cannot be said about exercise.  We were created to move.  Whenever we subscribe to a sedentary lifestyle, then we are heading for trouble, which will include numerous trips to the doctor, hospital and eventually the morgue. It is not my intention to scare you, but I do have a job to educate you and share my experiences in an effort to help you become diabetic free.

Activity includes raking the yard, washing the car, cleaning the house and exercising.  I am not talking about signing up for the next marathon in your neighborhood.  A mere 30 minutes per day of walking will make a world of difference.  Riding a stationary bike or walking on a treadmill for a few minutes will ensure a healthier you.  What do you have to lose?  Go ahead and make the move.

The formula to your success is really quite simple.  Thanks for agreeing with me and for taking the decision to change your lifestyle to ensure that your blood glucose readings will be normal or near normal.  I am so proud of you for taking this step. Congratulations, you will be healthier and happier in  few weeks.  Yes, that is all it takes.

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to leave me a note below.

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    A ton of helpful tips here not only if you are diabetic but to live a healthy lifestyle in general.

    Thank you, especially loved the food tips for diabetics!


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      Thank you Vicky. Yes, these tips are great for all of us to follow, not just diabetics. I am happy you like the food tips for diabetics. All the best.

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