How to be More Energetic All Day Long

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This article continues our series on energy. The first article looked at our energy level in the morning and offered three boosters. Today, it is fitting that we take a look at our energy level throughout the day and ultimately our physical stamina.

This article will focus on 1) the foods we eat, 2) sleep, 3)exercise and 4) stress. We will see how these affect our energy level and general well being. Please be reminded that diabetics often struggle with lack of energy and so it is my intention to offer valuable tips for those diagnosed and others outside of the type 2 group.

Let us now turn our focus to “how to be energetic all day long.”

Our energy levels tend to fluctuate throughout our lives. There can be a number of reasons to explain low energy levels. Becoming easily weary mentally and physically or, a complete lack of energy can be a sign of illnesses and even mental health problems.

Being tired all the time could be a symptom of malnutrition. This could be due to excessive imbalance or insufficient intake of the needed nutrients. Yes, it is possible to have money and become malnourished from eating the wrong “foods.”

This is one of the evils of a modern society of fast foods at every corner. Note that whole foods should never become our alternative. They should be present in their abundance in all our meals.

There are a number of things you can do to increase your energy level. I am about to share with you four (4) things I do to make my energy level go from low to wow! They are simple steps, but the results are huge.

No worries, you can follow these simple steps and get into that “wow!” energy state.

It is often said that “we are what we eat.” Let us take a brief look at our meals and what to eat to have energy all day long.

Healthy Meals for Energy All Day Long

The better the food choices you make, the more energy you will have! It is important to ensure your meals and snacks are as healthy as possible. For me, tons of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and some lean animal protein works best.

For an energy boost, I love eating almonds, green leafy vegetables (callaloo, kale, spinach), celery, cantaloupe, dates, beetroot, and parsley. How could I forget cabbage and pakchoy? I also eat cashew, pistachio, and a little peanut. My main energy seeds are chia and flaxseeds. These two (chia and flaxseeds) are amazing!

We should make sure we get enough protein in our diet. I cut back on my consumption of sugar. This is not easy in the beginning, but as I continued to eat whole foods, and especially when I eat low carbs, then my sugar craving vanishes.  

It is also important for us to avoid anything that is made with enriched white flour. I find that when I leave cookies, doughnuts, and bread out of my diet, I lose weight and my blood sugar and blood pressure are easily controlled.

Let us now take a look at our sleep pattern and see how this could affect our energy level.

What Time Should I Go to Bed?

Our body uses sleep to replenish energy. The body’s rhythm responds to darkness and light (night and day), and this is how it informs the body when to take some rest. When this rhythm is interrupted, the consequences are illness, irritability, and fatigue.

The point here is that it is highly beneficial when we go to bed and rise at pretty much the same time each day and night. I know that this is not always easy to do, but I train myself over time and now my body rhythm pushes me.

If as little as one hour of sleep is lost in a single night, then we should make sure we get an extra hour or so each night to slowly make it up. Sounding odd I’m sure. Have you ever shortened your sleep, let us say when you travel for a few days and are “painting the town red?”

You return home and you are tired and sleepy for an extended period of time and this is after sleeping in the day after your return home. Unfortunately, the equation is not so straightforward as;

One (1) hour missed sleep = to one (1) hour extra sleep

Wait, there is more. Psychologists say that the thoughts we entertain before drifting off to bed at night and the ones we encourage when we first wake up are the most important thoughts for the entire day. I know there should be a few amens here. Those thoughts decide how restful my nights will be and how productive and peaceful my days will be.

By clearing up the clutter in your bedroom, thoughts, and life, we will surely have more positive, and happier thoughts getting in and out of our beds. This is a golden rule for me. I even avoid watching violent films these days.

I spend time with God and I also use a lot of my time learning about diabetes, affiliate marketing, making money online and my starting heartbeats of education, library skills, and technology related breakthroughs.

Regular Exercise for Health and Energy

We cannot dispute the fact that exercise releases ‘feel-good’ endorphins and improves our energy levels. This is the reason why some people feel compelled to make it a regular part of their daily routine.

Having a good level of fitness is one of the best ways to improve our health and to give our body increased stamina. This has the domino effect that makes us better able to enjoy energetic pursuits for even longer times. Yep, the more I exercise, the longer I am able to do so without the initial pain and frustration.

The secret is to find a good routine that will guide you through your daily exercises. I read that we should get a “schedule that is full of exercises that focus on your fast twitch muscles”. To be honest with you. I still struggle with exercise. Cleaning the house and doing the yard are easier choices for me to make.

I, however, recognize that a routine is the key because it keeps me focused on my goals. I now have a set timeframe in which to do most things, including exercise and the payoffs are wonderful. This helps me to get the most out of my days.

Reduce Stress

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Stress is one of the enemies to our energy levels. So, avoid it as much as is possible. Have you ever been so stressed that eating, moving and even laughing are painful? I’ve been there and it saps my energy and the people around me gets drained too. Stress can be depleting, especially as it relates to our energy.

It is common knowledge that prolonged stress can lead to health problems. The added stress, like I mentioned before will completely zap our energy. The answer is to take control of stress early on. It is a good idea to focus on problems as they come up, and solve them quickly.

Yes, do not hug up and go to your bed with your problems. Guess, what? You will rise with said problems. We can effectively fight anxiety and stress with relaxing pastimes such as listening to music (something soft and soothing), reading (something uplifting and positive), and exercising (yoga, or anything which makes you happy) and you will get that burst of energy to take you through the day.


In order to have more energy, all day long, the following are recommended; 1) eat healthy meals, 2) go to bed the same time every night, 3) exercise regularly and, 4) reduce stress in your life.

These simple and proven steps will result in more noticeable energy and better night sleep, which by themselves will yield the bonus of improved health and mental clarity.

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