Home Remedies to Control Diabetes-Simple and Effective

Today I will be taking some time to share with you some of the foods I have been using at home to control my blood glucose. Ok, I sometimes use leaves, like the mango leaf, and I am not sure if you are going to accept it under the “food” label. The important thing is that it is highly effective.

I hope to do a series and so today we will look at the mango leaf and the bitter melon. There are home remedies to control diabetes that I have found to be simple, cheap and effective.

The Right Attitude to Lower Blood Glucose

Attitude is everything

Diabetes can be difficult to control, especially if I rely on medication alone. Of course, my doctor does not encourage me to use medication only, but I was disobedient in the past. Today, my attitude is different, which has impacted my actions and also my readings.

I need you to understand, that once you change your attitude, then your behavior will change and you will get a different result. The change in attitude will propel you into action and the action will yield a different result. Always remember, that our aim is to control or better yet, eliminate diabetes by using food and exercise.

Yield not to Temptation

Resist temptation

If you are determined to fight diabetes and win the war, then you will act accordingly. Cake and other pastries will cease to tempt you and may even be less pleasing to your palette. Bread and rice may not seem to be the best option to complement the other foods on your plate.

Now you will thnk of the numbers. Every time you go to eat or snack, you will think of what the food will do to your blood glucose and you will be guided accordingly.

I think that’s enough pep talk and you are ready to read about those home remedies to control your blood glucose. Please continue to read.

Mango Leaves-What?

I experiment with mango leaves all the time. I use the young leaves. I pick about 10 leaves, wash them and place them in 8 ounces of water. I leave this in the refrigerator overnight, then I strain Mango Treeand drink first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

I don’t like to have a cold drink as I awake, so I take it (the mango leaf water) from the refrigerator. Following which, I read my glucose and blood pressure, open my windows, place water to boil for tea, then I drink my room temperature mango leaf water and wait for the miracle.

Wait for the Miracle-It’s going down, down, down

It is refreshing, and because I do my reading before I drink the water and I don’t eat until another hour or sometimes two, then it is interesting to see my reading going down a point or two from simply drinking some water in which mango leaves were soaked. I also notice that my sugar continues to get lower throughout the day.

I also notice that my sugar continues to get lower throughout the day. Because of this, I do not take mango leaf water on a regular basis. Remember, moderation is the key. I reserve this treatment for my “not so good mornings” when my readings are a bit elevated. I usually know what I did the day before. Hey, I am a human being. Cut me some slack. I am far from perfect, but I strive to do the right thing most days (smile).

A Little Pruning is all you Need

When I need young, tender mango leaves I prune a little section of my mature tree and wait until I have what I need. I have also read of persons who wash and then dry the leaves inside, following which they pound it into a powder and use this to make the tea. The truth be told, I can’t be bothered with all that work. If you try it, please give me some feedback.

Let me caution you. I always make sure I take multiple blood glucose readings whenever I am running my little experiments and I always eat and drink my “experiments” in moderation.

Bitter Melon (Bitter Gourd)

Bitter MelonI also use bitter melon to help lower my blood glucose. For me, it works pretty well. Again, I use it with caution. I drink the tea about 3 to 4 times for the year and I use the fruit (bitter melon) to make a drink, whenever it is available. I have had it only twice in the past year.

It is said that the bitter melon helps the pancreas to secrete more insulin and that it prevents insulin resistance. I drink it and my readings are controlled. That’s enough for me.

I did a previous post on the bitter melon. Please click here for added information.


Once again we are introduced to two plant-based foods which are used to control blood glucose. Ok…one of them is actually the leaf from the mango tree, which can be soaked overnight in water and drank the following morning on an empty stomach. The other is the bitter melon which cane be cooked or used to make a tea.

It is obvious that Nature has given us all the necessities to heal our bodies. More research is needed, but we already know enough to be healthy and full of energy, free from diabetes and other life-altering illnesses/diseases.

You are encouraged to make the necessary lifestyle changes to fight diabetes and be healthy with a greater possibility of a longer, more fulfilling life.

Please stay tuned for more home remedies to control diabetes. I would like to hear your views and experiences. Please leave your comments in the box below. Walk good and eat well.

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    Hi Josephine,
    You amaze me with the natural remedies. I have never heard of using mango leaves before I read your post. Where can you get the leaves? Mangos are seasonal in my area, and I don’t remember seeing any with leaves. What would you suggest ?

    1. // Reply

      Patty, I thank you for reading and commenting. I am happy you are learning new things from reading my posts. I just get my mango leaves from the trees in my yard. The best suggestion is just to look around you and see if anyone has a tree. The mangoes are not sold with the leaves. Let me have your feedback. Cheers.

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    Wow great site. There’s so much i didn’t know. what an informative site. oh isn’t that true about attitude is everything!

  3. // Reply

    I never heard of either of these home remedies to control diabetes. I wish is lived in an area where I had mango leaves and bitter melon readily available. Do you know if there is any sort of supplement that helps to lower blood glucose?

    1. // Reply

      Yes, Wendy, there are supplements you could check out, but I stay away from them since I have the foods available where I live. Some time back though I took Chromium and it was very effective, but, please speak with you doctor first. Lifestyle change is your best option. Cheers.

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