Help for Diabetics – Purple Corn

Purple Corn

Corn has a few shades and colors and it was discovered that some pigment chemicals could be happy news for diabetics. We have Peru and Chilli to thank for the purple corn. This corn is relative to the blue corn. The color of the corn is due to a large number of anthocyanins (flavonoids).

What happened to the rats?

Some rats were fed with this corn and a few things happened. Please note that they were also fed with a Western-style diet. This is what happened; 1) blood pressure was lower, 2) triglycerides and blood cholesterol levels were improved, and, 3) abdominal fat was less than the rats not fed with the corn, but only ate a Western-style diet.

These results were as a result of the phytochemicals content, which resulted in improved insulin sensitivity and reduced inflammation. The levels of oxidative stress were reduced when they did further studies.

Alpha-Amylase Breaking Down the Carbs

Alpha-Amylase is a protein enzyme which breaks down complex carbohydrates into simple sugars.  Let me try to explain the concern at this point as it relates to this protein enzyme.

A lot of it is oftentimes used to produce corn syrup. In its production, the final step is where some glucose is converted to fructose, in an effort to please the palate. The concerns here are obesity and diabetes.

For diabetics, inhibition of this protein can mean a reduced number. This means that we could see lower blood sugar levels by simply including this purple corn in our diet. Purple corn is sounding like it can be a good help for diabetics.

Some Notes from the Research

This research was done over a four (4) years period. Twenty (20) new corn varieties were grown. The compound was taken from the pericarp. This is the outer layer of the corn kernels.

The researchers saw a reduction in inflammation. Please be reminded that this will have the effect of keeping a number of illnesses at bay. Note that inflammation is blamed for a number of lifestyle illnesses.

They also discovered that fat cells found the extract to be somewhat toxic and so there appeared to be a tendency for the subjects to lose weight. I have been like a scratched record pointing out a number of times that weight and inflammation are many times an issue for diabetics, and can be blamed for this lifestyle illnesses in a number of cases.

Purple corn does more. The researchers discovered that purple corn offered some protection against kidney complications caused by diabetes. There is more. Colorectal cancer is also kept at bay or the chances of getting this type of cancer have been reduced when the purple corn is consumed.

More research is needed, but this certainly appears to be a good enough place to start.

Medical Disclaimer


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