Giloy for Diabetes: Controlling Blood Sugar Level with Herbs

The Giloy plant is known as a herb from India which is loaded with antioxidants. It removes germs and toxins which can result in diseases and a generally unhealthy body. Giloy does a wonderful job of boosting our immunity. Giloy also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Other names for the giloy herb are:
Please note that the scientific name for Giloy is Tinospora Cordifolia.

In addition to the leaves, the stems and roots are also used.

Gilroy for the Regulation of Blood Sugar Levels

It is said that this herb is an excellent choice for those of us with type 2 diabetes. This is so because of its hypoglycaemic properties which help to regulate our blood sugar levels. Please see below for notes on how it regulates our blood sugar level:

  • By helping us to produce insulin
  • It burns excess glucose
  • Hypoglycaemic agents help to lower our blood sugar levels. Giloy acts as a hypoglycaemic agent.
  • By improving digestion, it also helps to control our blood sugar

Note that some compounds were isolated and found to be anti-diabetic in nature. Please see the compounds below:

  • Alkaloids
  • Cardiac glycosides
  • Saponins
  • Flavonoids
  • Tannins
  • Steroids

For example, the alkaloids act like insulin. This no doubt is promising for diabetics and says a lot about Guduchi for blood sugar control. It was also discovered that the giloy plant lowered lipids. In this case, the roots were used (3).

Giloy and Chronic Fever

This herb was used in the past to offer protection against malaria, dengue, and swine-flu. It can prevent a relapse of fevers. Giloy has been used to strengthen the lungs and to treat respiratory diseases which appears to be pneumonia-like.

Immune System Booster

Giloy gives our immune system a healthy kick. This is because it has a lot of antioxidants. This herb is powerful in strengthening our defense system, treating a lot of diseases, and infection and leaving us rejuvenated.

Giloy and Improved Digestive Health

Overall digestive health is improved with the use of giloy (moonseed, Guduchi). It does this by regulating bowel movements. It is said that we should mix one tablespoon of giloy in an 8oz glass of water and drink this daily. Yes, it is that simple.

Urinary Tract Infection and Giloy

It is not uncommon for us to experience urinary tract infections. The good news is that giloy helps us to effectively conquer these battles. We do not want to entertain a urinary tract infection, because if left untreated for an extended time, it could result in sepsis, where our blood becomes infected and our entire body inflamed. Yes, the result could be death.

Detoxifying the Body with Giloy

Our kidneys and livers are many times filled with toxins. This is however not the case when we consume the herb giloy as it is well known for its’ detoxifying properties. This also means that our bodies will get rid of the free radicals which makes us so ill.
Free radicals help us to age, cause several illnesses as they damage our cells. Have you ever wondered about wrinkles? Okay, so do your research and see the role of free radicals as we age and become sicker.

Giloy and Respiratory Problems

We established in other articles that when our bodies are inflamed then several illnesses wreak havoc, such as diabetes and arthritis. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of this herb (Giloy), it is also effective in fighting respiratory ills such as the common cold and flu. It is also effective to fight asthma, cough, and shortness of breath.

Help for Anxiety and Stress

Please be reminded that giloy frees our bodies of toxins. The result of using this herb regularly is that we become calmer, less stressed, and anxious.

I am not a doctor, but from what I am researching about this herb, giloy, it would appear that it could also help COVID-19 patients. I am not saying it is a cure, but since COVID-19 results in respiratory issues, then I would consider using this herb if I am suffering from COVID related illnesses.

Be reminded that COVID-19 is new to us and so we do not yet know enough about this virus, but I am busy building my immune system with fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices. These are gifts from God to help us to be healthy.

Giloy Juice Recipe

It is said that the below giloy drink should be the first thing we drink in the morning. Please see the juice recipe below:

  1. Place some water, leaves and stems from the giloy plant
  2. Blend the leaves and stems
  3. Strain in a glass and add some lemon juice


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Photo Credits

  1. Giloy Plant.
  2. Cartoon Doctor.

Medical Disclaimer

The above information should not be used to replace what your doctor tells you to do. Please note that I am not a medical doctor and that the above information is a result of detailed and honest research.

Associate Disclaimer

Please note that we are affiliate marketers, which means that we will make money when you click on some of the links.  This will be free to you as it will not cost you any extra when you purchase. The commission earned is used to pay the necessary expenses so that we can provide you with up to date and accurate information about diabetes. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

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    I have never heard of the Giloy plant before. Does it only grow in India? Not only is it a wonderful medicinal plant but it also has beautiful leaves. I wonder if it is sold here … Can properties of this plant also be taken in supplements?

  2. // Reply

    Well, as a person who has been diagnosed with type one diabetes, this post is really timely for me. I have always thought that it should be better to stick to recommendation from the doctor but I learnt that a change in diet and lifestyle can also help me. Now I am also learning about giloy which is a herb to help control my blood sugar level. I’d like to try this so I’ll check next I’m in the food store.

    1. // Reply

      I still see my doctor.  I could never do this journey with a doctor’s help.  There is however so much that I am achieving by simply changing my lifestyle.  All the best Suz and thanks for stopping.

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    Thank you so much here. My dad has been a diabetic for quite some few months now. Though he has been making efforts to reverse it by abstaining from sugar and other things too and also maintaining strict diet,I believe this giloy can be perfect too and help to achieve that health breakthrough. Thank you so much for sharing here

    1. // Reply

      All the best Nath.  Feed your dad on “real food.”  Leave out the junk.  Everything we need is in the foods we were given, which includes the herbs and spices.  All the best.

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