Foods that Control Diabetes

Whether or not you have diabetes, eating healthy food is the best option for everyone. However, if you have a lifestyle illness such as diabetes, a diet of healthy food should be part of your daily routine. Living with diabetes can be difficult. However, with some changes, you can use food to control diabetes.

A Note About Meal Preparation to Control Diabetes

Preparing food to control diabetes.

There is no need to prepare different meals for diabetics. The diabetic diet (the foods diabetics eat and the proportion) is ideal for all. The healthy eating habits of diabetics can be enjoyed by the entire family.

A healthy eating plan is a recommendation for people suffering from diabetes. However, people suffering from type 1 diabetes should have special considerations. People with type 1 diabetes are required to match their insulin intake to the carbohydrates in the food they consume.

This is why the advice for type 1 diabetics is to consult a dietician. This person should be experienced in working with people with type 1 diabetes. The idea is to help them or their caregivers to prepare healthy and suitable meal plans that are sustainable.

Please stop and check out this type 1 diabetes website:

Grandparenting Type 1 Diabetic.

How Much Food Should Diabetics Eat to Control Diabetes?

It is important for people with diabetes to eat regularly. Instead of eating three large meals per day, it is important for diabetics to spread out the food evenly throughout the entire day. It could be as simple as having three smaller meals per day and a snack in between each meal.

The question then is what is considered “smaller”? The answer is simple. Just start with less than you were previously having. So, if you were eating four green bananas, try having two and eventually have one. You could then add some vegetables to the plate. Use these to fill you up.

Try some of these vegetables to control diabetes in your life; pumpkin, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, and the list could continue for a long time. Eat more of these and go easy on high-carb foods in order to control diabetes.

What Should Diabetics Eat?

There is a school of thought that the diabetic diet should limit fat, sugar, salt, and carbohydrates. On the other hand, it is felt that our diet should contain lots of vegetables, whole grains, and fruits.

The above is not the only globally accepted thought on diabetes. Some argue that you should limit your intake of fruits. Others leave out the grains.

This is why testing is important so that you can see how different foods affect your blood sugar and stick with what works for you. Even so, stress can also be a big deal in diabetes. Read about stress and diabetes HERE.

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Diabetics Skipping Meals to Control Diabetes

Diabetics are advised not to skip meals. This can spell danger and could lead to complications, such as hypoglycemia or low blood sugar levels. This can be life-threatening as skipping meals can result in not just hypoglycemia, but diabetic coma.

The above becomes more of a reality for people who skip meals but continue to take their full dose of medication. It is best to work with your doctor and dietitian if you want to skip meals.

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Is Alcohol a Wise Choice for People with Diabetes?

Diabetics can indulge in a little alcohol. However, bear in mind that you are taking medication and this is a less than a smart idea. If you must, then limit it to one glass of wine per day or one bottle of beer for the day.

We should aim for at least two to three alcohol-free days per week. Forget about beer if your aim is to lose weight. Whiskey does not contain alcohol and so it could be an option for those celebration days.

Note that it is best to drink alcoholic beverages with a meal that contains carbohydrate.

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It is non-debatable – We can control diabetes. The truth is that food affects our blood sugar levels. It is therefore important for us to eat from all the food groups, but we must educate ourselves so that our food choices are informed.

We must also test our blood sugar level so that we know the effect each food choice makes in our bodies. Diabetes does not have to be a death sentence as the information is readily available and accessible.

Let us continue the struggle to control diabetes via our food.

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    It’s really interesting that diabetes is known to be a lifestyle disease, i.e. the choices we make regarding our eating habits, exercise habits, and the amount of stress in our lives can be the factors that determine if we will get diabetes or not. And even knowing this, so many people are still getting it!

    It stands to reason then that if we can inflict ourselves with diabetes, we can also heal ourselves of it. A ‘good’ diet is a cornerstone requirement for all of us to live a healthy life, as is an adequate amount of exercise, fresh air, clean water, and love.

    If we respect our bodies and minds and feed them with the best foods, drinks, and information possible, then they will remain healthy and ensure that we live a good quality of life.

    Many thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. // Reply

      You are perfectly correct Andrew, we can heal ourselves of diabetes. Diet is indeed the cornerstone. There are so many illnesses that could disappear from our lives if we just eat the correct foods. Thank you and continued success.

  2. // Reply

    Hey Josephine. My Goddaughter is a Type 1 diabetic and has had to deal with the challenges for many years. In truth, she’s not that great at sticking to a good eating regime so I might share this blog with her just as an extra hint.

    Thanks for sharing – Jason.

  3. // Reply


    My father had really bad diabetes most of his adult life. I have to admit, that he didn’t control the sweets he indulged in and this is why it progressively had gotten worse. His father had it as well, but because he ate so many sweets, his progressed to Gangrene. Eventually, docs had to amputate most of his limbs, and this eventually lead to his death.

    It’s important I think to not only eat so well when you’ve been diagnosed, but to take it seriously.

    Thanks for sharing this article.


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