Foods that Control Diabetes-Coconut Oil and My Journey


Coconut and her products such as coconut oil have been given credit for healthy, slim and trim bodies all over the world. She has also taken the credit for a lack of heart diseases and so much more. What then is the connection between coconut oil and diabetes? Does coconut oil belong to the group of foods that control diabetes? Today we will dig deep and examine the connection between coconut oil and our blood glucose. I will also share some of my new lifestyle journey with you, so, please stay tuned.

I figure you may be a bit skeptical about this information. Please continue to read and allow me to share my findings and my journey with you. Here is a list of some of the health benefits of coconut oil.

Health Benefits of Coconut OilCoconut

  • Helps to control blood glucose when used as part of a strategy to fight this lifestyle disease
  • Keeps our hearts healthy
  • Helps us to lose weight, and does so only when we need to melt away those extra pounds. We talk about smart technologies today. Check out coconut oil for being smart
  • Provides needed support for our immune system
  • Supports a healthy metabolism
  • Gives us immediate energy
  • Helps our skin to retain its’ youthful look for longer and promotes skin health
  • Helps our thyroid glands to function properly

My aim is to provide you with some information I found on the coconut oil and leave you to make your decisions. There are other researchers and authors on the Internet with less confidence in the coconut oil as it relates to numerous health benefits, including weight loss. According to Matthew Kady (WebMed), “but Young says you’ll likely get a bigger antioxidant bang for your buck from vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.” True, but…this does not mean that coconut oil is not beneficial, only that we should be moderate and include a variety of foods into our diet.

Moderation, the Key to Diabetic SuccessKey

At this point, I hasten to add that whole food, are best for diabetics, but moderation is the key. So yes, depending on coconut oil alone as a super food may not prove wise. We were given a variety of foods for a reason and so we need to be careful that we do not go wild with any one food type and ignore the others.

I went ‘coconut crazy’ recently and my blood glucose readings were complaining a bit. I cut back and happiness has returned. I am now using coconut oil again but in moderation. I also use olive oil but in moderation. I am of the view that excess is hurting us and that “variety is still the spice of life.”

The Secret is Finally Out


It is said that coconut oil is a saturated fat which is set apart from the others because of an ingredient found in coconut oil, but not found in other saturated fats. Sounds reasonable? Let us see what this ingredient is and how it does the magic.

Lauric Acid is the miracle ingredient found in coconut oil. Monolaurin is the end result when our bodies convert lauric acid. Monolaurin is known for its’ antiviral, anti-bacterial and anti-protozoa properties, which can destroy herpes, HIV, influenza virus, measles, and a host of pathogenic bacteria. It is said that this is the same fat found in breast milk.

I am sure you will agree with me that coconut oil and the coconut in general (water nd the flesh) is worth the try. The day I read about Lauric acid my life changed. I now take a small igloo in my car to purchase my coconut water and flesh. I also purchase and use coconut oil all the time. I am never without coconut oil now.

My Journey with Coconut and other Whole Foods

A few months ago, I thought I did not have a long time to live. I was always tired, so much so, my father said my middle name was “tired.” My father at 80 years of age was moving faster and stronger and please note that I am only 48 years of age. All my readings were through the roof and I was always feeling pain in some place of my body and just generally ill.

Cleaning the house, raking the yard and washing the car were major chores for me. Cooking was a bother and I always felt the need to sit. I started to dread going to work because I had those stairs to climb. And, once at work, I needed to keep up with young children (teenagers). I remember telling my colleague that I knew I was dying and he cried. The truth be told, we both cried.

This was a hard thing for me to admit and face. I have always asked God to let me live long enough to care for my parents. I had a stable and loving home environment as a child. There was always love and laughter at home and as a teacher in an area where there is very little money, I understand the importance of a stable, loving home and the impact the opposite have on our children.

Death has a Time to Steal Us AwayCemetery

My mother died and God be praised, I was the best daughter I knew how to be. I was there to the end, physically, emotionally and financially. Do I have regrets? NO! When your mom is dying and recognizes that she appreciates and thank God that you are there for her and pronounces a blessing on you, then that is everything in the world. For me, this was a big deal.

So, with my mother “gone to her new home,” it was difficult to see myself so weak and ill and I needed to help my siblings to care for my father. One day, after speaking to my doctor, who stated that I needed to make a drastic change in order to live, I looked at my son and made a decision I needed to live for him too.

Eating Whole Foods

I made that change. I started to eat whole foods and still some processed foods. I still have some moments when I eat something I know is not working for me. But, never longer than a day. I now mainly eat foods which are not processed and that includes meat and coconut oil. I, however, consume more plant-based foods now and I hasten to add that I eat more plant-based foods than any other food.

Drinking Coconut Oil

On the days when I felt extra tired and had to be out of bed early to write for my website, I would just add a teaspoon of coconut oil to my diet. Yes, I just drank it straight. I was amazed! I would keep up for the entire day (12 to 14 hours). Yes, I know that sleep is important, especially for diabetics. I was building an online presence and I needed the time to make a difference. I now have a solid enough foundation and I am getting at least 8 hours sleep per night.

Losing Weight-Unexpected Bonus

Something else started to happen. I started to lose weight. I tried for years, and the only movements I saw was that my weight continued to climb and I was getting more ill daily. My list of medication got longer and I would hear the doctor consulting with the pharmacist to ensure that there was no two medication which could not be taken together. Wow! This was not good.

Before coconut oil, lots of fruits, vegetables, and nuts, I was weighing 336 pounds. Yes, you read correctly. This was in May of 2016. Yes, just the other day. Today, October 22, 2016, I am weighing 292 pounds. Yes, I agree with you. I did well so far and I give God the praise, but I still have some more to do and with the help of God, I will get to my best and healthiest weight.

Blood Glucose, Energy, and Blood Pressure-Bonus Galore

Most mornings after a fast and with less medication, my blood glucose is in the normal range or at pre-diabetic (5.2 – 7). I have seen a 100% improvement in my blood glucose. I took myself off my blood pressure medication over a month now because my readings were getting too low for comfort. I will see my doctor soon and we will talk some more about my blood pressure. The blood pressure being fixed, the weight loss, and the increased energy are bonuses. I started this lifestyle change to repair my blood glucose and look at all the bonuses I am getting. God be praised.

My Declaration

I declare that with Gods’ help and my new lifestyle, I will not die from diabetes and the many horrible complications. I declare that I will continue to feel better and that my best days are ahead of me. Readers, I was without this hope before I changed my lifestyle. It was difficult at first, but it feels more natural every day.

I strongly believe that if I can help somebody as I travel this earth, then my living will not be in vein. Yes, I hope to make some money from my website, but more importantly, I would love to influence those who feel like they are dying to trust God and the foods He made available to us. Eat healthy, exercise and live a happy and healthy life. I have absolutely no regrets including coconut oil in my diet!


Coconut oil has numerous health benefits, especially due to its’ secret ingredient rare in other products – Lauric acid. It (coconut oil) can be used as part of a whole food lifestyle to cure and heal diabetes and other illnesses. Like other foods, coconut oil should be consumed in moderation as we continue the fight to eliminate or at least control diabetes with

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Do share your journey with coconut oil and whole foods in general. If we continue to share, we can and will win this struggle with lifestyle illnesses.

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    Hi Josephine,

    I thoroughly enjoyed this article about coconut oil and it’s benefits. Many years ago, my grandmother would boil coconut oil and give me. I really had no idea that it had so many health benefits.
    Do you use a particular brand coconut oil?

    Again, great article.

    1. // Reply

      Dr. Holder, thank you for reading. Welcome to the “Grandma Coconut Oil Club.” No doubt we were later fooled about coconut oil and we started using other oils. Have you noticed how flooded the shelves are now with a variety of brands and different coconut oil products?
      I tend to look for extra virgin and something in my price range. Do keep us posted Dr. Holder, cheers.

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