Eating Meals Prepared at Home-Diabetes Link?

A new research gave us a finding we probably assumed, but it is worth having the proof. If you have been a fan of preparing and eating meals at home, then you definitely know what goes into your meal, but the truth is, according to Zong (2016), those of us who mostly eat meals prepared at homes are less likely to have Type 2 Diabetes. Fod on table

When we “eat out,” we have a tendency to consume mostly fast food and this is where the danger lies. This view was also supported in said above-mentioned research. I am joining the list of persons making the call for us to get back to basics. Let us get back to doing what our forefathers did as it relates to our meals. Our safest and healthiest bet is cooking and eating meals prepared at home.

Plant-Based Foods vs. The Highly Processed Enemy

Ok, so, I know for some families, this could be equally bad or worst, so let us talk a bit about this all important topic. A family with a culture that fries everything and considers chicken nugget and fish sticks to be their main form of protein on a weekly basis could be heading for trouble.

When I speak about preparing meals at home, I am referring to whole foods and predominantly plant-based foods. I am talking about returning to the days of giving the children fruits when they need a snack. Fruits will pack them up with fiber and all the essential vitamins and minerals they need to be healthy and avoid diabetes and other illnesses. We need to be smart and change the lifestyle culture in our homes.

Sick baby at hospitalYes, if you feed your children on foods which will eventually hurt them and make them sick and die young, then I have questions about your choices. I remember having fruits and sardine sandwiches for lunch as a child. I remember a pot of oats porridge in the morning from which we had breakfast and lunch with some fruits.

I am talking about the days of using a combination of fruits and vegetables to make drink and place in our refrigerators to cool us down in the summer days. Remember using limes or lemons to make a refreshing cool drink, that kept your blood pressure in check as well as assisted in keeping your blood glucose level in the normal range?

Is the change to highly processed foods helping our children? Are we helping them to be diabetics with high blood pressure and high cholesterol? Are we feeding their hearts and brains the wrong “foods?” This is a call to make the change. This is a call to take the time to save our children. They have a right to be healthy and happy. Let us change their lifestyle and give them the opportunity to live beyond their 3 scores and 10.

To Exercise or Not?

I love technology, especially, the fancy things we use to have fun and make work easier. I remember the day I threw out the coconut brush for a “polisher” to shine the terrazzo tiles at home. I remember our first colored television, which, unfortunately, was distracting me from reading a fiction book. Yes, I remember the struggles to switch off the television so that I could complete reading the literature book for school.

But, not so long before these days filled with the latest technologies, we had then, I also remember playing outside with the other children. I remember:

  • Dandy Shandy
  • Skipping
  • Jumping rope
  • Racing
  • Playing marble
  • Running in the rain
  • Playing in the mud
  • Hide and Seek
  • Simon Say
  • Badminton
  • Kicking and throwing the ball

I remember also how healthy we were those days. I remember how strong and happy we were those days. I can remember the fruits and the sandwiches we would eat after we played and took a break in the afternoon. I also remember the callaloo and yam we had for lunch during the summer holidays. A well-deserved meal, after a morning of running, jumping and skipping. I remember snacking on peanuts and cashew, especially when we went to visit relatives with more money.

How could I forget the evening meals of sweet potatoes, chicken (steamed) with some cooked vegetables and the stern warning to eat all my vegetables? This is a call for us to return to those days. This is a call for us to exercise and have our bodies performing at their best. We will be healthier, happier and have more money to save and take vacations. Maybe you could check this out, ClubHotel Riu Ocho Rios.

The Cycle


It is this simple. Sick people go to the doctor, pay some money, do some test and pay more money. It is simple, we return to the doctor for the results, pay more money and get a prescription to take to the pharmacy to pay more money. You know the rest because it is a cycle. Many times we stay in this cycle.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against the medical profession, but I just don’t like to have to visit my doctor on a regular basis because I have a chronic illness. Diabetes can keep us as regular patients for the rest of our lives. That’s where my issue is and to think that a change in ones’ lifestyle can make these visits unnecessary.

In ending, let me encourage us to change our future and that of our children. This is a call to return to the days of healthy home cooked meals and more outdoor activities as we make the effort to help our children to avoid the evils of diabetes and other illnesses. Check out the NBAStore for discounts on clothing for your new lifestyle. Save up to 50% in the Outlet


  1. Geng Zong, David M. Eisenberg, Frank B. Hu, Qi Sun. Consumption of Meals Prepared at Home and Risk of Type 2 Diabetes: An Analysis of Two Prospective Cohort Studies. PLOS Medicine, 2016; 13 (7).

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  1. // Reply

    very motivational – all members of my family are prone to diabetes, so I have to be careful not to get it. I agree with the study, and your article, that preparing meals at home is the best thing you can do for your health, not just for preventing diabetes, but also other diseases. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. // Reply

      Claudia, make the necessary lifestyle changes – eat unprocessed foods, low in carbs and eat lots of plant-based protein instead of animal protein and exercise. Also make sure to keep testing your blood glucose whenever you see your doctor, or do it at home, so you can track changes as quickly as possible. I am happy that I was able to remind you about the importance of preparing meals at home. All the best.

  2. // Reply

    Its so easy to get diabetes these days since unhealthy food is so easily accessible. Fast food is just way too convenient. I feel like we are losing this war. Maybe something should be done with the fast food restaurants?

    1. // Reply

      Matt, If we re-educate the children about what to eat and feed them on the correct foods, after a few years, the problem will fix itself. FastFood places will start selling natural juices, fruits, and salads. It is better to change the culture. That will take time, but I think that will also be lasting.

  3. // Reply

    Totally agree with this report, for years I have been warning of the link between diabetes and pre-packed or take away food.

    People tend to look at sugar of the culprit of diabetes and in fact, it’s not, well, not directly.

    It’s more to do with calories and carbohydrates and over consuming and of course we tend to do that eating out, preparing your own meals can be fun and healthy we just need the education from grass roots as parents pass down bad habits leading to a world of obesity and illness with diabetes on the rise this is a great article backed up

    1. // Reply

      Steven, I thank you for the comments and the support. Yes, the culprit for diabetes is more carbohydrate and we have been fed too many fast foods, loaded with carbs and sugar for too long. Let us continue to support the drive to prepare more meals at home.I have a new post, where I begin to share some simple, healthy and delicious recipes to cook at home. Please check this out at:
      All the best.

  4. // Reply

    Hi, Josephine

    I agree totally when you say that we should go back to home-cooking meals because that will make our meals healthier.
    When you talk about our ancestors and go back to our roots. What our ancestors ate was meat, fat, vegetables, some nuts and seeds. So I don’t agree with you there. In my opinion, you should eat meat and fat too. Fat is good for you.

    How do you think about meat and fat?


    1. // Reply

      Tovel, I do appreciate your comments and feedback. I absolutely agree that we should eat some meat and fat, BUT, we should be a bit smarter with our choices. Firstly, moderation is the key in everything that we eat and do as diabetics. Secondly, I do not propose eating meat everyday, from a personal standpoint. I feel more sluggish and my readings, especially my blood pressure gets a little out of whack when I eat certain foods constantly. Let us also remember the research which discovered that a diet rich in plant-based foods is the best for diabetics. This does dot rule out having some lean meat and butter and avocado as a source of plant-based fat. Cheers.

  5. // Reply

    Hi Josephine,

    I know what you mean about fast food making it much more difficult to be healthy. I have made a lifestyle chance a few months back where I ended up losing over 25 pounds and getting down to a size 10. I’m not where I want to be but, I feel amazing.

    I lost the weight by eating only “real food”. Like you, I remember actually waking up and my mom on grandmom made us a real breakfast. In today’s world, kids just grab a pop-tart or a sugary cereal. It is really sad.

    I actually do eat a lot of fat. I eat meat, butter, olive oil and coconut oil. I find that any foods low in fat have a lot of added sugar.

    I found for me, I can’t have fruit at all. My body treats it like it is sugar and I can’t lose weight. So I don’t eat fruit except once in a while berries. But I do eat lots of vegetables full of fiber.

    But back to the topic on hand, I worry about our future. The obesity in children is worse than ever and more kids are developing type 2 diabetes. We need to start feeding them eating meals prepared at home for sure!

    1. // Reply

      Wendy, I appreciate your comments and thanks for taking the time to read. You go, girl! I am glad you made that lifestyle change and it is great that yu are reaping the benefits. Let me encourage you to continue eating “real foods.” Thanks for sharing the information on fats. It is worth noting ad you are perfectly correct about “good fats.” I like avocado as a source of healthy fat as well. Do you eat avocado?

      I have heard that about fruits for some persons, but it is good that you have berries and a lot of vegetables. All of us have to take responsibility to re-train the minds of our young people and offer them healthy alternatives. I wish you continued success as we strive for a diabetic free world.

  6. // Reply

    Josephine, thank you for your wonderful article. I was in the same cycle you mentioned, until one day I went to a doctor and he said he wouldn’t treat me until I lost weight. He said that I was OBESE – what??? When did that happen??? But, you know what, he was right, over the years my lack of doing the right things caught up with me. What a wake up call! But it changed my life, from that point forward, not only me but my entire family have been eating, exercising and spending time together doing ACTIVE things. We feel better, sleep better, and my family is closer than ever.

    I can attest to the validity of your post. I pray that everyone reads your article and takes ACTION with not only themselves, but their entire family and turn this bad trend around.

    All the best, Kevin

    1. // Reply

      Kevin, what an inspiring story! I am so grateful you shared this with my readers. It is great that it became a family effort and now you are all reaping the benefits. I am so happy for you and I do appreciate your sharing with us. Kevin, continue to make a difference. We are having domino effect now as your entire family continues to influence others in their choices. Continued success to you and your family Kevin. Cheers.

  7. // Reply

    I absolutely love reading these articles which I courage people to be more conscious about their food choices. I think this what we eat and what we give our children to eat has gotten out of hand and there is a chance for diabetes for anybody. Processed foods and sugars and all that crappie just makes us sick.
    I have spent a lot of time researching about healthy food and overall healthy lifestyle and I have tried a lot of things out on myself. I have not eaten a piece of meat last 3 years and I just recently tried for a month to be gluten + dairy + alcohol + sweets free and people are so surprised and think I will die if I am on a diet like this. The truth is that I could not feel better eating more vegetables and more fruits. My energy was even more higher that it is usually (as I am eating healthy anyway all the time)
    But just cooking at home won’t do, we need people to cool right! Thank you for sharing this

    1. // Reply

      Reelika, thank you for sharing with us. I wish you continued success in your lifestyle change. Yes, I can relate to having more energy due to a changed lifestyle of eating whole foods and a plant-based diet. I encourage you to continue to eat the right foods and to avoid highly processed foods. They make us ill.

      Yes, we must share recipes to help our “new partners,” who will be preparing more meals at home. We have to educate them on how to make the right choices in their efforts to cook and have healthier family members. Continued success.

  8. // Reply

    I always try to eat as healthy as I can since I live a lone and if I can’t take care of myself well, no one will. So, even though cooking takes a lot of time, I still want to make my own food! 🙂 And I care a lot about carbs, calories and soidum also. Our body can consume the limited amount of them, that’s why. Home packing can make me choose whatever food I like, so that’s awesome!
    Thanks for sharing this and I’m glad that I have someone with the same ideas!

    1. // Reply

      Jassi N, Yes, it healthy can be easy as well as difficult when you live alone. When I lived alone, I had a tendency to eat the wrong things, because I did not like “cooking up a storm” for one person. I had the wrong attitude. Now, alone or not, I know it is important to eat whole foods and I do just that for a healthier me. Please continue to read my posts for easy to prepare, delicious and healthy meals. It does not have to take a lot of time. All the best.

  9. // Reply

    Hi Josephine,
    Just wondering whether fruits contain more sugar than vegie. Is it better that people with diabetes prefer vegie to fruits?

    1. // Reply

      Reyner, preference is an individual thing, but both fruits and vegetables are good for diabetics. The sugar in fruit is the good guy, who will not mess with your liver and system in general.

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