Easy Christmas Recipes-Control Diabetes with Food

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Christmas is by far my favorite holiday. I love the cool temperature, the smells, and sounds and most importantly I love that we are in a jolly mood. I really love meeting with family and friends at this time of the year to laugh, talk and share meals. Spending quality time with the children is priceless. I also love dressing up the house and the trees. Oh, the lights at Christmas time are just so beautiful to see.

Now, I mentioned food before. this is where the real hard work can be, but not necessarily. I wrote a little book with some of my favorite, easy to prepare recipes that I would love to share with you today. Here is the cover.


Easy Christmas recipes for diabetics-cover


Yes, it is free. Please leave your name and e-mail in the boxes below and you will be sent the book immediately.

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Thank you for always visiting this website, for forwarding, for reading, and commenting. I continue to write because of you and I just needed to pause and let you know that you are truly appreciated. You help to inspire me to write and to continue my fight to be diabetic-free. That’s your priceless gift to me and I wholeheartedly thank you. Please see a lemon-turmeric rice recipe from the book.

Turmeric rice recipe.

These recipes take a little time to prepare, some of them you just pop in the oven and sit and enjoy time with your loved ones whilst a delicious meal is being prepared. Below, I will share with you yet another page from the e-book. This is a lemon-garlic roast beef recipe.

Easy Christmas recipe of lemon garlic roast beef.


Here is another opportunity to get the e-book by filling out the boxes below.


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Thank you for the continued support and do have yourself a Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas

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  1. // Reply

    hey Josephine
    thanks for the recipes for diabetics. This is a valuable resource that I will surely bookmark. I am not a diabetic myself but I know many people that are and will share your url with them.

  2. // Reply

    Hey thank you so much for the recipes. My Grandad has type 2 diabetes and I don’t want that from stopping him from eating delicious festive foods!

    1. // Reply

      Kate you are welcome and I trust that your grandfather and the rest of the family had a good Christmas and enjoyed the meals. All the best for 2017.

  3. // Reply

    Hi Josephine,
    the garlic roast beef look delicious. I would try out the recipe for that but not for the rice. I am avoiding high carb food items such as rice and pasta so I can cake. LOL, it’s my way of cheating but it works. I’d rather a couple bites of cake than some rice. I know brown rice is not so bad… 🙂

    Thanks for sharing the recipes!

    1. // Reply

      I understand perfectly about the rice. I went easy on the rice and had myself a bit of cake. Did you try the roast beef?

  4. // Reply

    Hi Josephine,

    Thank you for the wonderful Christmas recipes food. Lemon Turmeric Rice seems delicious and since I love adding spices, I think I am going to try cooking this in my kitchen. Also, many kinds of research have proven that turmeric is actually very good for diabetic patients since it can reduce the blood sugar. Advanced Happy New Year

    1. // Reply

      You are welcome Saif. Did you try any of the recipes for the Christmas season? Thanks and a Happy 2017 to you too.

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