Do You Have Diabetes? Reducing the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease with Almonds


It is a popular belief that a number of diabetics, later in life must also deal with some form of cardiovascular disease. Please allow me to state here and now, that I refuse to “own” all these diabetic complications.

Yes, in the event reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease with almonds is true, then I will be happy I took the lead in eating almonds and also to make the information available to my readers, but I simply refuse to expect that I will develop some form of cardiovascular disease.

I, however, take the responsibility of communicating with my readers to be a serious and important one. I will continue to pass on the information from research and other authors and pray that as I experiment, which is my way of testing the validity of some of these arguments, I will continue to see my numbers lowered and that my health will continue to improve.

The Argument for Almonds

It was discovered that eating almonds could decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases. This was found to be so in Indians who had type 2 diabetes. It also improved their health as well. Yes, I am sure you now understand why this caught my attention.

I did an article some time back about eating nuts on a regular basis. Here is the link to that article about including nuts into our diet. I also eat a fair portion of nuts, including almonds.

Some Notes from the Study

We will first look at some basic information from the studies, followed by some health benefits of eating almonds.

  • Ages 25 to 70 participated in this experiment.
  • All the participants had diabetes and high cholesterol.
  • The experiment lasted three (3) weeks.
  • They fed them the way Asian Indians with diabetes are told to eat.
  • The participants walked for at least five (5) days per week for 45 minutes.

Health Benefits of Almonds

  1. Lowers our blood glucose. They are the perfect food for diabetics because they are:
    1. Low in Carbs. Please read this article to learn about the benefits of a low carb diet for diabetics.
    2. High in fiber. This is a must for diabetics. A high fiber diet helps to lower blood glucose.
    3. High in fats. We now know that fat is not the culprit.
    4. High in protein. When included in each meal, protein helps to stabilize blood sugar.
    5. High in magnesium. This helps to lower blood sugar.
  2. Lowers our blood pressure, thanks to the magnesium content. This is good news for us, bearing in mind that a number of diabetics also must deal with high blood pressure.
  3. Lowers cholesterol. This is another plague that diabetics are sometimes faced with and it is comforting to know that almond lowers our bad cholesterol.
  4. We get a lot of nutrients from eating almonds. From a small handful, some of the nutrients are:
    1. Fiber – 3.5 grams.
    2. Fat – 14 grams.
    3. Protein – 6 grams.
    4. Vitamin E.
    5. Manganese.
    6. Magnesium.
    7. Riboflavin (Vitamin B2).
    8. Copper.
    9. Phosphorus.
    10. Digestible carbs – 2.5 grams.
    11. Phytic acid.
  5. Contains a lot of antioxidants which protects us from oxidative stress. This means that it protects us from aging and also cancer. It is, however, important for us to eat the brown section (skin) of the almond in order to harness the many health benefits of this nut.
  6. Almonds make us feel full and so they are great for those of us needing to lose weight. Please be reminded that the studies have shown that when we lose weight, then our blood glucose also gets lower.


A close examination of the above then leads me to one conclusion, almonds should always be in our pantries and refrigerators, especially those of us who are diabetic. The thought that a few nuts, eaten on a daily basis could lower our blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol and save us from cardiovascular illnesses is certainly worthwhile.

Until next time, continue to make the right food choices and rid your lives of diabetes. Be blessed.


Medical Disclaimer 


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