Digestive Enzymes for the Control of Diabetes


What a wonderful weekend it is for me. On Thanksgiving Day my blood glucose readings were between 5.2 to 6.3 (93.6 Gift in handto 113.4) at varying times of the day. I did say it would be a wonderful Thanksgiving Day for me with lower readings than I have had in a long time.

I am still giving God the praise for the gift of life and for this energy I now have and the improve health I am enjoying.  We should send out praises every day and not just Thanksgiving day, so I encourage you to do that at this moment before you continue to read about digestive enzymes for the control of diabetes.

What is Digestive Enzyme?


Should we be Concerned about Digestive Enzymes?

Here is why we need digestive enzymes:

  • To break down foods into nutrients, which are then easily absorbed into the bloodstream. This is then used by our bodies.
  • It generally improves digestion.
  • Breaks down proteins.
  • Improves circulation.
  • Boost the Immune System.
  • Makes us less inflamed.
  • Reduces:
    • Heartburn
    • Belching
    • Changes in bowel
    • Nausea
    • Bloating
  • Kidney complications could be reduced.
  • Helps us to get rid of wastes.
  • Take nutrients around the body.

The Three Major Digestive Enzymes

Let us now take a look at the three major digestive enzymes. They are:

  1. Protease. This is found in the stomach, intestine and pancreas. They break down the protein found in the foods that we eat.
  2. Lipase. This is found in the pancreas and the stomach, but they break down the fats.
  3. Amylase. Again, this is found in the pancreas and the stomach and also our saliva. Sugar and carbohydrates are digested more easily thanks to Amylase.

If you are diabetic or have some knowledge in the area, then you may be getting excited about the following keywords mentioned above:

  • Pancreas
  • Carbohydrates
  • Sugar
  • Fats

Excitement Galore for Diabetics

The big question is this: Are you eating to be diabetic-free, but your body is not properly breaking down the foods and so maybe, just maybe, that is the reason why you are still struggling with diabetes? Yes, you are in a hurry for us to answer this question. Problems do not disappear at the click of the finger, so please be patient. I promise you that we will see some light at the end of this tunnel.

Here is why we diabetics should be excited and pay attention to this information:

Diabetes messes up the metabolism of:

  • Sugars.
  • Proteins
  • Fats

What this means is that when we have diabetes, we have issues digesting:

  • Sugars
  • Proteins
  • Fats

Yes, I am excited and passionate at this moment. It is just who I am and how I am. You see, we are on to something at this moment and I can’t contain my excitement and certainly not my passion for ridding my life of diabetes and for sharing this journey. Yes, my brain is clicking and my fingers are moving pretty fast on the keyboard. Yes, I am excited.

Do you remember that I mentioned my low blood glucose readings on Thanksgiving Day? Well, I was getting low readings before, but they got lower recently. Hey, I am excited!, Yes, be patient. I am getting there, but just having some fun along the way (smile).

Changes in a Week

In the past week, here are the changes I made:

  1. I started taking my multi-vitamins again.
  2. I started taking CoQ10.

Here are some other things suggested in the book, The Complete Book of Enzyme Therapy“:

  • Probiotics
  • Aged garlic extract
  • L-carnitine
  • L-glutamine

I will get to these in time. I just do not like adding too many things to my diet at the same time. It is usually not recommended, and it makes it difficult to single out the things which are working for me. I also prefer to use food as my main medicine, but, I have no problems taking something else to kick-start the process.

A Word of Caution and Inspiration

Folks, let me caution you at this point. I am not giving medical advice. I am merely using this website to share my diabetic journey and to be able to afford the necessary hosting fees, etc. I am an affiliate with several companies, which means that when you purchase something that I recommend, I make a small commission to help me pay the bills to be able to continue to share my journey online.

I am hoping that you will be inspired to reverse diabetes in your life and that you will have a different kind of discussion with your doctor, which would indicate that you are more aware of people who are using nutrition to reverse diabetes. Trust me, it is worth the effort.

Enzymes in the Natural

Having said that, let us now take a look at some foods we can eat in order to get digestive enzymes:

  • Pineapples. These are excellent for the digestion of proteins because it contains bromelain. According to Janet Renee from Livestrong, there is the claim that bromelain is anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer. She also said that the supplement could prevent blood clots, but the need existed for further research as it relates to human beings. Did I tell you that I love to eat fruits? Pineapple is one fruit I love to eat.
  • Papaya. The enzyme papain is used to break down animal proteins and this enzyme is found in papaya. Now you will understand why papain is the main ingredient found in meat tenderizers. I remember going to the country and see them cooking the oxtail and some pieces of green papaya were added to the pot. Hmmm.
  • Apricots. Several enzymes are present in apricots. When we eat these, they break down sucrose into fructose and glucose, which are then used for quick energy. Apricots are also excellent in the prevention of damage to our cells.
  • Avocado. This is one of my favorite foods to eat. It can be really tasty and it is a great and tasty Avocadoaddition to many meals, especially a green salad. It is also wonderful in smoothies. It is an excellent source of plant-based fat, especially for diabetics and those wanting to prevent diabetes. Please click here for a post I wrote about the avocado. Again, this whole food contains several enzymes, which includes lipase. Dietary fat is broken down by lipase, which is produced in our pancreas. Yes, I perfectly understand the rush to go and get some avocado. I intend to do the same.
  • Bananas. Hmm, sweet bananas. I know there are a lot of diabetics who are afraid to eat these fruits that I just love to consume. They are working for me, so guess what? As long as the blood glucose readings are great, then I will continue to stock up on my fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and beans. Amylase and maltase are two of the enzymes found in bananas. Do you want the carbs you are eating to be effectively broken down? Eat some bananas and leave the amylase to do her job. Maltose is broken down by the enzyme maltase.
  • Kimchi. This is fermented vegetables and seasonings, with a sweet and sour flavor. It is a side dish from Korea. Kimchi helps to break down starches and sucrose. If you would like more beta-carotene, vitamin C, chlorophyll, and fiber, then you may want to try making and eating Kimchi. Check out this website (MNN) for more information.
  • Raw vegetables, fruits, raw nuts, whole grains, sprouted seeds and legumes.

These (foods to provide enzymes) are powerful. Hours after and I am still excited. I am finding it difficult to believe that being healthy and well was really this easy. We need to eat the whole foods which God gave us to consume. I now understand why I am feeling so great these days and why I am taking less medication.


Readers, my darling, and faithful readers, please let us take heed and use the foods we were given so that we will be well and avoid lifestyle illnesses such as diabetes and obesity. I started a journey to control my diabetes, fearing that I was well on my way to the graveyard. But, I have had many surprises along the way. Let me share some of them with you now:

  • My blood pressure is mostly in the normal range. I still need to learn to handle stress a bit better, as stress sometimes gives me an elevated reading. Hey, cut me some slack, I am a work in progress.
  • My blood glucose is under control with half the medication I was taking before. I now have more days when there is no need to take my medication in the morning. God be praised.
  • I lost some weight. I am plateauing now, so I know I need to get in the habit of exercising. I have been telling myself that working in the house and the yard is enough. It was back then when I just started and getting around was literally tiring and many times painful. Now, I need to exercise more frequently and I am publicly making that commitment now. If you know me well, I keep my promises.
  • My Achilles’ tendon is less inflamed and I rarely feel pain. There is still some discomfort if and when I am on my feet for more than five hours. Ok, so, I am energized, but I am not the bunny, but, I love to stand and move around and teach. When I have classes all day, I may have to make a little adjustment here. The truth though is that I hate to leave the housework alone. As soon as I am out of bed and have my breakfast, according to my father, I “start looking for work and I won’t let work be.” He’s right. Well, I am now sharing that time to create my website so that I can share my journey and encourage you to eat whole foods and be healthier and happier than you have probably been in years.
  • I am more mentally alert now. The interesting thing is that I did not see that I was having an issue in this department until things started changing. I now remember why I went to the refrigerator and mentally I am sharper than a razor blade. I am not sure if my son is enjoying this bit, but I am, and I give God the praise. Yes, I am still excited!

I don’t want you to spend the entire day reading my article, so I will force myself to stop at this moment. I won’t even write a conclusion today, instead, this is how I will conclude. Eat your fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, legumes, and grains for better health. The enzymes will help you to digest your foods and your precious body will literally be able to dance the “Victory Dance.” Eat good my friends and may God continue to bless you.

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    Wow I didn’t know diabetes could still be remedy with the use of digestive enzymes.
    so happy to see various ways to remedy this malady. the only question I have not is , is it advisable to join this recommendation with other methods of preventing diabetes or just the digestive enzyme method?
    thank so much for the post.

    1. // Reply

      Godlove, do remember that my personal preference are the whole foods. If you noticed, these foods are regular foods which should be eaten by all. I am merely sharing my experiences, research and experiments on myself. I would strongly suggest that people make contact with their doctors before taking any supplements. Cheers.

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    Thanks for the information that you gave out, it’s clear and great. I get more knowledge on diabetes and know more how to control my diet.

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    Great information! Thank you Josephine. My grandmother had deabetes, I wish I knew all this information before to help her.

    1. // Reply

      Arina, thank you for the visit. I am sorry to hear about your grandmother, but I am extremely happy that I am able to provide you with the information now. Please take the necessary steps to be diabetic-free. Cheers.

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    Hi, Josephine

    I am so happy to hear that your health is getting better and better.

    I also learned something new today when reading your article. I have read about enzymes and how important they are. I didn’t know that special foods could help break down food into nutrition like pineapples and bananas. That’s really good information for me. I eat a lot of bananas already and also pineapples as well as vegetables every day.

    Great article.


    1. // Reply

      It is always nice to hear your comments Tove. I am also happy to hear that you are eating your enzyme-rich foods. Continue to pay attention to your health as it is one of the highest returns (investment) that we can make. I also love eating lots of bananas and pineapples. All the best Tove.

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