Diet Sodas and Blood Glucose Level

The dangers of soda, including diet soda, comes as no surprise to us. We have been warned about the high levels of sugar and the other ingredients in these drinks. We were told before that diet soda can lead to type 2 diabetes. There is a current research which proves this to be correct and so I would like to spend a little time to give you the results.

The Sentence was Handed Down-Avoid Sodas Soda

The study is claiming that diet sodas and blood glucose level are connected in some way. According to this study (Papple, 2016), diet sodas are responsible for type 2 diabetes in some people. It was therefore suggested that we avoid both soda and diet soda.

Before going any further, let me admit that I am a human being, who was not born eating only the right things. Even now, I have my “cheat moments,” but rarely a “cheat day.” I loved sodas at one point in my life. But, there came a time, the more educated I became and started reading about “foods” and their effects on the body, then I made some changes.

My Doctor-My Former Best Friend

Doctors and Nurses

Sounds perfect. Right? That was not the truth in its entirety. Yes, I started to pack on the weight and my doctor saw me more than my friends. That is the main reason for the change. The information I gathered through education, acted as a foundation on which to build. I need you to be extremely comfortable and honest when you are reading and reflecting on this post.

Becoming personal and divulging information is my way of inviting you to be extremely comfortable and honest when you are reading and reflecting on this post. If you “die” for a soda, then you need to continue reading because God forbid, you could really die if you refuse to change your lifestyle. Or, like me in the past, your medical team could become your best friend.

The Call for Change and the Alternative

Time for change clock

The study urged parents to stop giving all sodas, including diet sodas to their children because of the link between diet sodas and diabetes. Allow me to encourage you to make that move.


Alternatives are available. There are easy options that you can make at home and bottle. Have the children help. It is a fun way to spend quality time with your family. I make my own drink and freeze and take on the road. It can be as simple as this:

Ingredients and Method:

  1. The juice from one lime
  2. Grate a tiny bit of ginger
  3. Cut a medium sized mango in wedges, and peel and place the flesh of the mango in a container
  4. Cut an apple and remove the core, then dice the apple and add to the mango in the container
  5. Wash a medium carrot, dice and add to mixture in the container
  6. Place half of the mango/apple/carrot mixture to the blender with a half  of the ginger and a half of the lime
  7. Add enough water to fill the blender
  8. Blend until the ingredients are mostly liquefied, then strain to remove the carrot bits
  9. Add a little honey, if you so desire ( I drink mine without the honey, but I add less water, so the mango and the carrot act as my natural sweetener)
  10. REPEAT the process with the second half of the ingredients.
  11. Bottle and freeze overnight for the road

Juicing with fruits

How easy, healthy and cheap was that drink?  You know every ingredient in it, the children just helped you to make it and so you spent some time as a team safeguarding each other’s health. The best part of this is that you can combine a variety of fruits and vegetables to make your own drink for the road or to have at home. I promise to share some of my favorite homemade drinks with you at a later date.


I deem it fitting to end with a quote from the article, because it sums it up nicely, (Papple, 2016),

“Soda, whether regular or diet, is a dietary waste. Sodas have little nutrients and have a long list of side effects. For people with diabetes, diet soda has been associated with weight gain and symptoms of metabolic syndrome. Some sweeteners in diet soda even cause sugar and insulin spikes in the blood.”

I did you the favor of making a list of some of the items you could purchase from Amazon:


  1. Papple, Dawn. “Diet Sodas, Like Sugary Drinks, Significantly Increase Type 2 Diabetes Risks.” The Inquisitr News.      N.p., 10 July 2016. Web. 10 July 2016.
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