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In the book, “Delicious Diabetic-Friendly Recipes” you will receive 369 diabetes-friendly recipes.  Owning this book will rid you of the puzzle of “what do I eat to prevent that spike?”

Delicious Diabetes-Friendly Recipes for the Entire Family

Do you want GREAT MEALS FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY?  Delicious Diabetic-Friendly Recipes is the book of choice!

There is no reason to cook separate meals for your diabetic family.  The truth be told, if you do, then eventually there are others in your family who will become diabetic.

Yes, let me explain.  Diabetes is largely a lifestyle illness.  It will attack families who pick up snacks, sodas, pastries, ice creams, etc. in the supermarket.

These junk foods are then taken home and the entire family eats and be merry.  Many times unaware of the danger lurking around the corner.  Waiting to hurt their loved ones.

This same family has electronic devices in all the rooms and you know the rest.  The family becomes sedentary and consumes too much nutrient-starved junk foods.

Yes, the result for some will be:

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Inflammation
  • Obesity

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War Against Sugars and Carbohydrates

I have been there.  Counting the carbs in every meal.  Checking to see what to use and the quantity and the blood glucose reading a couple of hours after, telling me I made an error.

I find it easy now to use recipes from this book and others.  Yes, someone did the work for me, allowing me to work smarter and not harder.  This makes planning my meals easier and more pleasant.

The question then is…


Are you looking for recipes that claim “NO SUGARS, NO ADDITIVES, NO GLUTEN?” 

Eating the Same Foods All the Time – Boring Meals?

Having to eat the same meals every week is not just boring, but it will result in you eating foods that will spike your blood sugar.  We all need a change at times and with 369 recipes to choose from, you will never be bored at mealtime again!

Here is the reason…

There are 9 CATEGORIES in this book.  From which you will get a total of 369 DELICIOUS DIABETIC-FRIENDLY RECIPES.

This means NO MORE BORING MEALS.  Yes, you will have delicious ideas for every meal you prepare for your family.

Click the picture below to purchase the book “Delicious Diabetic-Friendly Recipes.”


Fighting Inflammation and Other Illnesses

It is no secret that a number of illnesses fall under one umbrella – Inflammation.  It is amazing that once we change to a whole food diet and an active lifestyle, a number of health issues disappear.

Inflammation is painful and robs us of a higher quality of life.  That is why this book (Delicious Diabetic-Friendly Recipes) is so important.  These meals will help you to rid you and your family of INFLAMMATION.

Remember this…

Changing your diet, as part of a lifestyle change that will ensure that OTHER DISEASES ARE KEPT AT BAY.

Medical Disclaimer


Click the picture below to purchase the book “Delicious Diabetic-Friendly Recipes.”



Affiliate Marketing Disclosure:  I am an affiliate marketer, which means that when you make purchases through this website, I will make a commission, which in no way interferes with the price you pay.

Let us continue the fight against this lifestyle disease. You do not have to accept diabetes.  Purchase this book and see the difference in your numbers.


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    This is really good here. In most cases, delicacies and diabetics don’t always go together because it could be too sweet that would affect their situation. Hence, seeing something like this here is definitely the best thing ever. My mom suffers from diabetes and I wouldn’t mind sharing this with her. I am so sure it would help her a lot

    1. // Reply

      Thanks and do go ahead and share with your mom.  Remember that diabetes is a lifestyle illness.  Eating whole foods is the way to go.  This is true for ALL – diabetic or not.  Cheers.

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    I think one of the most denoting drawback of diabetes is the limit it has on the person’s choice of food which inadvertently leads to a change in diet so I think these recipes will be especially useful to a diabetic as it will ensure a wide array of food choices one can experience which is not a common luxury for diabetics. 

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    Hey thank you for this article that woke me up to the truth that diabetes might just be around the corner if proper decisions are not made . My mom is diabetic and the focus has always been in getting her to eat the right diet. But I guess the proper approach should be in getting the entire family eat well . Thank you

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