Diabetic News Update – August 2018

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It certainly is nice to be back online to share my journey and information about diabetes control and reversal. I was feeling a bit burnt out and decided to take a break, especially since my “creative juices” were at a standstill. I must admit that I missed interacting with my online friends and colleagues, but I serve you best when I take care of “number one.”

To make it up to you I made a decision to give three snippets of some diabetic news you might have missed in at least August. Today we will take a brief look at the news about type 1 diabetes in humans and dogs and the hope which lurks around the corner.

We will also spend a little time looking at a new medication and the “promises made to our hearts.” Stay tuned for much hope as you get a glimpse of how I am eating to live and to reverse diabetes (type 2).

The curtains will close on the effects of drinking milk as part of our breakfast to possibly lower, or at least to control our blood sugar and the other bonuses we can have from just drinking a glass of milk.

Goodbye to Type 1 Diabetes in Humans and Dogs

Type 1 diabetes is out of the scope of this website, but, I liked the news I saw and felt an urge to share with my readers. Some researchers from two well-known institutions, Purdue University, and Indiana University School of Medicine are busy trying to rid man and his best friend of type 1 diabetes.

Some pancreatic cells were combined with a collagen mixture and injected into diabetic mice. The result was normal glucose levels. Yes, I said normal glucose levels. It was a minimally invasive therapy which was achieved within 24 hours, and, was effective for a minimum of 90 days.

A boy and his dog.

Look out for the next step when they will run a pilot study with mans best friend (dog). The College of Veterinary Medicine at Purdue will assist. Yes, your guess is correct, the next research will be on humans. With a prayerful heart, we will keep our fingers crossed on this one.

I love my cat to the moon and back and I am sure you feel the same about your pet. If you have a dog with diabetes, please check out the book below if you would really like to help your dog. Just click on the book below.

New Diabetic Medication and Heart Benefits

The claim is that if you are treated using Liraglutide, it may actually reduce the risk of your getting a heart disease, even if your cholesterol level is high. It was also said that the same is true for death from a heart attack, be it fatal or not and a stroke.

Please note that Liraglutide is used to lower our blood glucose levels. The total number of participants was 9300 patients. You may ask me now, “who funded this study?” Another good guess, the company that developed Liraglutide.

A few things came to mind when I read the study.

I will continue to maintain a certain lifestyle that has proved to date that a certain weight works wonder for my general health and well being. This lifestyle dictates that I eat mainly fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, and a little animal protein.

It also dictates that I continue to be more physically active, which is good for my blood glucose level, cholesterol, and my heart. Hey, here is an article I wrote which gives us some practical ways to be more active. Please click here.

All the medications that I have been unfortunate to consume come with side effects. It could also be argued that some of these side effects are worse than the ailment the medication treats. For me, enough is enough. With that said, please see below for what really helped me in the end. It all started with reading a book and applying what I learned.

Eat to Live to Prevent and Reverse Diabetes

Screenshot of a website

I purchased, read and did a review on a book I am still finding useful today. I am so excited about this book. Wait, take a look at the review first. This book, if read and followed will change your life.

Let me confess, I do not follow this book to the “T”. That’s the truth. I eat mainly whole foods, but I am a Jamaican who loves patties and a little meat. “Yeah mon”, I still eat a bit of meat and definitely an occasional patty or two. Oops, did I just say two? That is the whole truth.

Okay, so we were talking about that review. If you haven’t done so yet, click and read The End of Diabetes.

I am happy I researched, purchased and have been following a lot of what is in this book. It is changing my life. To see normal blood pressure readings and mostly normal blood sugar readings make me super happy. God be praised!

Please see below for the book I found useful when I needed to control my blood glucose.

The End of Diabetes: The Eat to Live Plan to Prevent and Reverse Diabetes.

Should Diabetics Drink Milk?

What if you were to drink some milk in the morning as a part of your breakfast only to discover that it is helping to control your blood sugar throughout the entire day? Would this be good news for you?

Allow me here to mention a research that was published with some rather interesting points/results. It was discovered that drinking milk first thing in the morning not only controls our blood sugar throughout the day but also keep us feeling full and so we eat less for lunch. Yes, this would be great since we sometimes overeat and can feel so empty because we eat overly processed foods, deprived of fiber.

The milk aids in the slower digestion of carbs and ultimately our blood sugar will be better controlled. It is at this point that I will add my experience on the matter.

What an Accident!

Recently I was drinking a glass of warm milk at nights to help me to fall asleep and stay asleep at nights. Yes, it worked and I am happy and healthier for the push start given to me by my glass of warm milk. I, however, observed something else. Yes, something pleasant. You may call it a nice side effect of drinking warm milk at nights.

My fasting blood sugars were lower than those before I started having my warm milk. I am not a milk person. My body complains when I drink milk, but, I didn’t want to take sleeping pills and I flat out was not in the mood to exercise, so I drank some warm milk. You know me by now. Yes, I got excited and started to do a bit of self-experiment.

I started drinking some more milk sometime during the day and I realized that I could even slacken up a bit with my healthy lifestyle and still had normal readings on less than half the medication I was taking for my blood sugar. Hey, there were days when I did not need the medication. Smile, I got you here. Yes, these were the days when I returned to my whole foods and activities around the house and the yard.

My dear readers, I saw this research result only in September when I returned to start writing on my website. Please note that my self-experiment was before I saw this research. Yes, you bet correctly, I am now keeping a little milk in the house. For me, anything to take less of these medications whilst I continue to strive for a complete reversal of diabetes and high blood pressure just by a changed lifestyle.

Again, I rarely take blood pressure medication and my doctor was super pleased with my readings. I give God the glory!


Man and his best friend could see an end to type one diabetes. The mice passed the test and now we await testing on the dog, man’s best friend and the man himself.  Whilst this is good, it gets better with a drug for diabetes.

Liraglutide is now touted as the medication to lower blood sugar and ultimately prevent heart issues and a stroke. The best was left for last. Any efforts to control blood sugar without medication is the intent of this website.

As such it is with great pleasure that the “milk research” was brought to the attention of the readers. Drinking milk with breakfast could be the new diabetic “drug” to control blood sugar and appetite for the rest of the day.

Now you have some “new” information at your fingertips. May I encourage you to continue the fight to be diabetic free.

Medical Disclaimer

Please take the time to read the Medical Disclaimer. I am certainly not a medical doctor, but I am having a lot of successes along the way to be diabetic free.

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