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Diabetic socks are designed to lessen the risk of injury to our feet, keep our feet dry and to assist with proper blood circulation. This type of socks does not hug our feet and leave a mark that can be dangerous for diabetics.

Bear in mind that any cut can prove fatal for diabetics, especially when not properly cared for. For this reason, diabetic socks are seamless and are usually made without elastic.

Reasons Why Diabetics Need Special Socks

Being diabetic could lead to damage to our nervous and circulatory systems. This is possible due to high blood sugar levels. All of this indicates that we have a greater risk as it relates to injuring our feet, which could also lead to an infection.

Neuropathy or, nerve damage makes us feel less in those areas. This decreased sensation in our feet increases the risk of injury which is more common on the bottom of the feet.

The problem with nerve damage is that we sometimes have an injury and because we are not feeling it, then treatment does not happen in a timely manner. Rubbing and blisters are many times an issue for diabetics. These can lead to ulcers/sores. For this reason, seamless diabetic socks are excellent.

Let us now look at what happens when our foot/feet is/are damaged. Continuous blood flow is interrupted when there is a circulatory problem. The result is that the wounds take a longer time to heal. In some sad cases, healing never occurs.

Some people are more fortunate than others, or just have different fate and they lose a leg. This point had me sighing and even feeling a bit sad. The thing to do though is to do all we can humanly do to control, or possibly eliminate diabetes. It is possible.

For diabetics, our socks should keep our feet dry; they should be loose-fitting, and should preferably have no seams. We need to make a conscious effort to take care of our feet.

Checking our feet on a regular basis is a good idea so that we can catch any issues from early. Sometimes we experience blisters, fungus, redness, irritation, nerve damage, and a change in foot color or temperature.

It is important to wear special socks to keep our feet dry. This helps to keep away moisture and so it prevents foot fungus. The growth of fungus and bacteria are kept at bay thanks to the antimicrobial features of these diabetic socks.

There are also special socks to prevent blood clots, especially for those diabetics who are pregnant and diagnosed with gestational diabetes. There are also some diabetic socks with light compression.

These are good when we are traveling for a long time, whether by land or sea. They prevent poor circulation and reduce the possibility of swollen feet. To achieve this, these socks should go up to our knees.

Some diabetic socks also come with extra padding. This is of extreme importance, especially as it relates to sensitive areas of the feet. This extra padding prevents foot injuries to places like the sole of the feet.

I also like the idea of socks with the sole white in color. This may not seem like a big deal at first, but for people with diabetes and a wound, then the white sole will quickly tell if the ulcer is draining.

Types of Diabetic Socks

It is amazing and comforting to see the variety of socks available for diabetics to choose from. I try to ensure that I have a wide variety of diabetic socks from which to choose to ensure that I take the best possible care of my feet. Please see below for some options:

Extra Padding or Gel Padding

These socks are heavily padded with gel. These are good to keep our feet dry and they also offer great cushion. This extra cushion protects our feet from injuries and decreases irritation and sensitivity. They are also super comfortable.

This type of diabetic socks is great for diabetics who exercise a lot. This is so because they prevent blistering and also keep our feet dryer than the norm. When we have neuropathy, it is possible that we may have less sensation and so the extra padding prevents foot injuries.

Check out the socks above. Click the picture.

Soft and Blister Guard Yarns

The idea of this type of socks is to reduce irritation to our feet. They are less abrasive than socks with a hard texture. Fine-textured fabrics are used to make these socks. Hence, wool and bamboo are great choices. See examples o the right.

Just click the picture to the right to learn more and to purchase a pair.

These yarns have natural antimicrobial properties which are great to protect our feet. The blister guard socks reduce the level of friction between our shoes and feet that can result in blisters. This is not a good idea for diabetics and so this type of socks is welcomed by us.

Smart Technology Socks

There is a sock with sensors to track the temperature of our feet and it then sends us an alert via an app if a sore or an ulcer is forming. It works with a small battery found near the ankle of the socks. They have six months’ lifespan.

I don’t own one of these and to be honest, I am not sure I will. I just do without socks when I can and I use them when needed to keep me warm, especially at nights. I, however, recognize that in countries with extreme weather conditions, these smart technology socks could be a good idea.

Best Diabetic Socks to Buy

When choosing a diabetic sock, here are some basic things you should be looking for:

  • Seamless socks. Bear in mind that seams in our socks can rub our feet which could result in blisters. The same is true for our shoes, but that is outside of this article.
  • Breathable material. As diabetics, a foot care rule is that our feet should be kept dry as this retards/prevents fungus and skin infections.
  • Padded. Padding provides cushion and therefore protects our feet from injuries.
  • Not too loose, not too tight-fitting socks. Diabetic socks should conform to our feet and legs. Loose socks that rub against our skin can be as dangerous as tight-fitting socks which could cause blisters and possible sores.

Please see below for my top picks.

Main Points – Summary

Diabetic socks are used to protect our feet from blistering and possible ulcers. They also keep our feet dry, which is essential to prevent fungus and possibly bacteria.

This type of socks is seamless and is made without elastic to give us the comfort we deserve and at the same time to protect our feet as we continue to lower our blood sugar in a bid to be diabetic-free.

Some of the available options are extra padding or gel socks, soft socks made with blister guard yarns (fine-textured) and smart technology socks.

As you continue to educate yourself in an effort to be free of diabetes, let us wish for you and your loved ones, continued success and please, do not lose hope. You can control and possibly eliminate diabetes from your life. Peace.

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