Diabetes Myths, or Truths-Part 1

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Is Type 2 Diabetes a Disease?

According to Farlex Partner Medical Dictionary, a disease is “a definite pathological process having a characteristic set of signs and symptoms.  It may affect the whole body or any of its parts…. (2012).

I hope to have us thinking and forming some solid conclusions at the end of this post.  I will try as best as possible to withhold my views, in an attempt to have you sort through some questions and make your own conclusions.  Let us forget about some of the conclusions we assumed were correct for years as we seek to find our own answers, through the questions below and throughout this brief post.

  • Would you agree that a disease affects how the body functions?
  • A headache affects how our body functions.  Right?  Is a headache a disease?
  • Is diabetes a result of human behavior?  Is diabetes a lifestyle illness, learned through one’s family culture and norms?

Diabetes Myths?

Today we will answer questions about two (2) diabetic myths or truths.  I implore you to read and discuss.  Be critical in your responses.  Be honest with yourself and the general public.

  1. Diabetes is not a serious disease/illness.  Is it?  What is your take on this question?  What about all the complications blamed on diabetes?  Could I possibly suffer a heart attack because I am diabetic? OR, Would I have had a heart attack anyway?
  2. Sugar is the culprit.  Is sugar the cause of diabetes?  Are the arguments about genetics faulty?  Can we blame lifestyle alone for type 2 diabetes?


If the father has diabetes and the 3 children are also diabetic, but the mother has cancer and is pre-diabetic.  Is this genetic?  Did the children get diabetes because of their fathers’ genes?  What about the mother?  How do you explain her situation?

Wait, let me give you some background information about the family above!

The family above appears to be “fortunate,” because the mother bakes and cooks well and they awake in the mornings to the smell of freshly, home-made baked bread, with muffins and fried johnny cakes (dumplings), eggs, bacon, sausages and a huge jug of store bought orange juice from concentrate or ice tea from the supermarket.

The Scenario of the Poor Family

Compare the above family with the “unfortunately poor family,” who awakes to cooked cabbage, toasted Ezekiel Bread, coffee or tea, a bowl of colorful fruits and some water or a glass of whole milk, dependent on their choice. They sometimes have a boiled egg with the above breakfast.Questions and Answers

  1. Which family is more likely to develop diabetes?
  2. Which children will be full of energy?
  3. Which family will be reading articles about obesity in an effort to help their grandchildren?
  4. Which family is more likely to have persons with high blood pressure?
  5. Which family will be dealing with high cholesterol issues?

Let us get the ball rolling/kicking/throwing on the discussion floor.  Share your views on any of the above questions.  But, most importantly, be honest and think about your own family culture.  Are you doing right by your family?


  1. Farlex Partner Medical Dictionary. (2012). Retrieved June 7, 2016, from http://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/disease


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  1. // Reply

    Hi Josephine,

    I know that Diabetes is the result of unhealthy lifestyle. You should have healthy diet and workout.

    Never underestimate that small cupcake. They pack a lot of sugar that you can skip 2 meals.

    1. // Reply

      Arief, I laughed when I saw the bit about the cup cakes. I know this quite well. Thank you for reading and commenting.

  2. // Reply

    Hi there

    I do have friends who are diabetic and I saw first hand how much sugar they were taking on a daily basis. Some of them would have cans of coca cola a day.

    So having a horrible diet may be one of the causes of diabetes

    1. // Reply

      A diet filled with processed foods and little fruits and vegetables, will cause us to be diabetic and ill in general. Remember, with diabetes, we need to watch our carbs in-take and sugar, generally is not good for all of us. Please give your friends a link to my site and encourage them to eat differently. Thanks for reading and commenting. All the best.

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