Diabetes Awareness Month-2016


Diabetes has robbed us of loved ones and has crippled our families and our finances. With this in mind, I would like to take the time to inform/remind my readers that November is celebrated as Diabetes Awareness Month. The American Diabetes Association is responsible for the Diabetes Awareness Month and they chose, “This is Diabetes,” as the theme.

Are you Prone to Diabetes?

I am happy that we use an entire month to be aware of this horrible lifestyle disease. Continue to read and allow me to tell you why I am so excited that we use an entire month instead of a day. There are many claims about reversing diabetes. I am of the view that we are all prone to diabetes. I understand that you have a lot to say at this moment, but, please hear me out.

It is for the most parts a lifestyle illness. If we eat a lot of processed foods, especially carbohydrates and sugary snacks, then there is a strong possibility that our blood glucose will spike and, if we continue to make this a habit, then eventually, we will not only gain weight, but we may have diabetes and possibly high blood pressure, high cholesterol and the list goes on.

Bearing the above in mind, if we fail to pay attention to the foods we eat, then diabetes can become a reality in our lives and that of our entire family. Hence, we need to be careful because diabetes can be a reality for all. My suggestion is for us to not only think about diabetes this month, but, most importantly to use November to set the foundation to reverse diabetes using diet and an active lifestyle, or to prevent diabetes from ever raising her ugly head in our homes.

A Month Could be all you Need, BUT, it’s a Lifestyle

This takes me to the point of being happy that we use an entire month to focus on diabetes. You see, in as little as one day of eating a certain way, you could see a change in your blood glucose reading. In three days, you could be amazed at considerably lower readings.

For a month of the new lifestyle which I will outline below, you could be on less medication (see your doctor first) and possibly have the hope that one day you could be diabetic-free. I am living in that hope. Please be reminded that it is a common belief that it takes 21 days to form a habit, and, so if you change your lifestyle for 30 days, then this could really be it for the rest of your life. Not bad, eh?

I am currently taking less medication for diabetes, my blood pressure is now in the normal range and I am losing weight. I still eat bread and crackers but I eat lots of fruits and vegetables, with beans, legumes, nuts and seeds.

I now have more energy than I have had in a long time. Hey, I am a real person. This is not a joke or some Internet prank. All I did was I started changing my lifestyle. I am a work in progress. Some days I even get a little complacent, but by the following day, or meal, I am back on track.

Diabetes Awareness 2016 Challenge

What we eat impacts our blood sugar and so we need to aim to eat things which will not have a huge impact. Yes, I am a scratched record on this point. If we do the following for the Diabetes Awareness Month, we could see a significant change in our blood glucose:

  • Eat whole foods such as:
    • Sweet potatoes
    • Yam
    • Green Bananas
    • Breadfruit
    • All fruits
    • All vegetables
    • All beans and legumes
    • Nuts and seeds
  • Avoid drinking sodas and other juices. Make smoothies instead, using fruits, vegetables and coconut water with seeds and nuts.
  • Avoid eating candies, cookies, donuts, bread, pasta and white rice. Eat whole grain bread and brown rice. Snack on fruits, nuts, and seeds.
  • Eat more beans. I use beans to replace some of the animal protein. I still eat a little meat, but significantly less than I was eating before.
  • Use moist-cooking methods to prepare meals. See this article about cooking methods and diabetes for more information. Try the following cooking methods. Click them for more information:

I  am inviting you to be a part of the winning team. Let us beat diabetes by changing our lifestyle. Let us test our blood glucose at the beginning of the month, change our eating habits and then test at the end of the month. Be sure to return to this webpage and share your results.

It is also important for us to get off the couch and move around. I suggest any form of movements, even things you do at home, such as raking the yard and cleaning the house. Please see this article about physical activities for more information.

Once we change our eating habits, we get more energy and then exercising becomes easier and more natural for us to do. In the event you have more energy and would like to do more physical activities, then you can check out this Leslie Sansone Review.


The best and most productive way that I can think of for us to take note of Diabetes Awareness Month, November 2016 is for us to be aware of our lifestyle. A call to action is made for us to eat whole foods and to be more active so that we can rid our lives of diabetes or ensure that we and our loved ones do not end up being diabetic.

This calls for us to throw out the highly processed junk foods and for us to eat more fruits and vegetables. This is demanding that we become more physically active if we intend to wage and win the war against diabetes. A month is a long time, which can see our blood glucose readings dropping as we eat whole foods and become physically active.

Let us take the challenge and rid our lives of diabetes, by switching to whole foods.

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    Your advice is excellent. It is a lifestyle. There is no magic pill or drug that can prevent diabetes, but we do know that eating well and exercising is the best medicine and prevention. Looking forward to more articles from you!

    1. // Reply

      Linda, I appreciate the visit and the kind words. It is so simple and amazing-eating well and exercising is the answer to many health issues. Why can’t we get it Linda? I pray that more of us will be informed and take the necessary actions to teach the future generations about lifestyle and the impact of bad food choices and sitting throughout the day. Do subscribe for updates and you are welcome to be a regular reader. I do it for my readers. Welcome to the club Linda.

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    This is a great article. It’s so true that we need to take good care of our health in order to live a happy life. Diet is such a large part of maintaining that happy lifestyle. I would be quite a fit individual as I run a lot but always found that my running gains were not replicated in how I felt in myself unless I ate a proper nutritious diet.

    And it is so true that we all know someone who has suffered or is suffering from diabetes. It’s such a cruel condition but hopefully your website and others like it will show people that there are things that can be done to lessen the chances of contracting the condition.

    Keep spreading the word Josephine!

    1. // Reply

      Thanks Dan. We just have to keep sharing our experiences and pray that we are helping others to act and be healthy in the long run. Cheers.

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