Diabetes and Bitter Melon to Prevent Blood Sugar Spike

The bitter melon is a plant in which both the leaves and the fruit are used for medicinal purposes.  And yes, it is bitter. However, the sweet benefits you will gain from using this plant will suffice for the bitter taste. One benefit could be diabetes control. This plant has gained the reputation of being great for diabetics.  Some Asian countries use the plant as a vegetable.  It is popularly used in stir fry.

Bitter Melon for Diabetes Control.

Other Names for Bitter Melon

  • African Cucumber
  • Ampalaya
  • Balsam Pear
  • Bitter Cucumber
  • Bitter Gourd
  • Cerasee

The two (2), diabetes and bitter melon are not “friends.”  As soon as bitter melon enters the body, diabetes gets “uncomfortable.”

The Benefits of Bitter Melon

There is an “insulin-like chemical” in bitter melon.  Hence, when you eat bitter melon, it reduces your blood sugar.  Some people do exceptionally well with bitter melon and so it is important to check your readings regularly, so that if needs be, you can reduce your medication because it is possible that you could see a big drop in your numbers.

Remember to speak with your doctor before changing your medication.

Some of the other uses for Bitter Melon are:

  • Ulcer (stomach)
  • Constipation
  • Kidney Stones
  • Colitis
  • Menstrual Cramps
  • Psoriasis

Dose, How much should I take?

Diabetes dictates moderation.  As diabetics, we are better off having small portions, and I would strongly suggest the same with bitter melon.  It can be very effective and therefore I would suggest eating just a small piece and check your readings within the hour.

Freestyle Meter for diabetes control.

I remember the first time I tried the leaves in a tea.  My readings fell from 14 (252) to 9 (162) within an hour.  Let me reinforce, it will work for some people, but you must invest in strips and do your readings on a regular basis.

Permit me to be very honest with you.  I take this fruit and or tea from the leaves 3-4 times per year.  I find it that effective, but I do not want to rely on this to better my readings.  I love the idea of also changing the other wrong choices I was making.  I don’t want to eat whatever I feel like and then drink a “miracle tea, or eat a miracle fruit.”


Lifestyle Change?  A Must on your Things to do List to Control Diabetes

I told you before, diabetes and bitter melon are not friends.  They do not stay together for long, so ago ahead and use bitter melon to lower your readings, but be sure to then make the necessary lifestyle changes through food choices and exercise.

I am interested in changing my lifestyle because I know that I will get more benefits in the long run.

Asian Success Story of Diabetes and Bitter Melon

Research has shown that much success is seen in Asia as it relates to diabetes and bitter melon.  There were reported cases where persons had the tea twice and diabetes disappeared.  It would need further research and studies to see the diet these people followed after their reading became normal.

The fact, however, is that this fruit is very popular amongst persons with diabetes in this part of the world and the success stories are many and worthy of attention.  I am sure there are lessons for us to learn.

Bitter Melon Tea for Diabetes, More Pleasant

Surprisingly, the tea has a nutty taste and the flavor is also mild.  The taste is really pleasant, especially if you stop using sugar.  Please do not add sugar.  Remember the promise to stay away from sugar and sugary drinks.

Drying Melon Fruit to use for tea:  Wash fruit and cut in slices.  Leave in the house to dry.  Turn the slices and shift them from any residual water to ensure they dry without spoiling.

Instructions to Make Tea
  1. For a cup of tea, you will need 4 slices of dried bitter melon
  2. Boil water to make 1 cup of tea
  3. Place the bitter melon slices in 1 cup of boiled water
  4. Cover and let it rest for approximately 4 minutes
  5. Drink warm

Remember to check your glucose within 2 hours of consuming the tea and make the necessary adjustments to your medication intake, after you consult with your doctor.


It is clear that bitter melon can be used to control blood glucose, but diabetics should be cautious. It is effective and so it is important to keep testing to ensure that blood glucose does not drop below what is considered the norm. A reading below 4 could prove harmful and so moderation is important. The leaves are used to make a tea and the fruit can be used in your smoothies.

Please visit my site again for more updates.

If you have any questions about bitter melon and diabetes, please feel free to leave a comment below.  I would also like you to share your experiences below.  It would be my pleasure to have your input/experiences.

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  1. // Reply

    Hi there Josephine,

    My mom is a diabetic and getting her to stay away from sweet drinks is pretty challenging. Coincidentally, she’s a fan of bitter melon and I am excited to find out that this plant can actually be made into a tea.

    Question; How exactly do you dry this plant? Would you recommend a dehydrator or just plain hot sun? Thank you.

    1. // Reply

      Cathy, thank you for taking the time to read my post.

      Please ask your mom to take the lifestyle change with me on my website. Yes, give her the link and encourage her to touch base with me. I can share my experiences, especially the wonderful results I am now getting because I have weaned myself of sugar and sugary drinks.

      Continue to encourage her Cathy and do not enable her. Do not be the person to buy her sugary drinks.

      At the bottom of the page I gave some information about making the tea. In my course, I was taught to dry inside and not the sun to ensure the flavour remains in-tact.

      Cathy, I have never owned a dehydrator and cannot speak from experience, but if you wish, I could do a bit of research and let you know my informed opinion.

      I hope this helps. All the best and please continue to follow my posts. Invite “mom” too.

  2. // Reply

    In my country we call it Ampalaya. It is true that it has a bitter taste but I didn’t know that it can help you if you are battling diabetes. Very informative.


    1. // Reply

      Von, thanks for reading and taking the time to respond. Yes, it has helped a few persons well, including myself. Keep reading.

  3. // Reply

    Hey Josephine,

    This was a really informative article as both my grandparents suffer from diabetes. I have seen them both eat bitter melon and we actually grow them in our backyard. They surprisingly get fairly large.

    I have tell my grandparents about your tea, hopefully they get a benefit from it like you have.

    All the best


    1. // Reply

      Hi Vinnie, I am glad you found my post on bitter melon to be informative. I am sorry to hear about your grandparents, but I am on the other hand happy that they have the bitter melon in their backyards. Please encourage moderation in everything the eat and drink, but the truth be told, Mother Nature has given us everything we need to heal our bodies. Keep me posted on their efforts and successes. Cheers Vinnie.

  4. // Reply

    This looks like an amazing natural treatment for Diabetes type 2, does it work for all diabetics?
    I have never heard of this fruit (or is it a vegetable). Consequently, I have never seen it for sale here in the UK.
    My brother in law suffers with type 2 diabetes and he lives in Scotland. I will send him the details of this food and hope that he can obtain it where he lives.
    The tea would appear to be the best way to imbibe it. Has there been any research on this obviously beneficial natural treatment? Thanks for the info. Ches

  5. // Reply

    Thank You

    I really enjoyed your interesting article on bitter melon for diabetes, I do worry about diabetes and do my very best to eat healthy as I possible can every day.

    Where would one in the United States find this bitter melon, I have never seen this in the shops where I live in the state of Pennsylvania?

    1. // Reply

      Thanks for your comments and I am happy to hear that you are taking caring of the number one gift God has trusted you with (your body/health). In the event, you are interested in the capsules, here is a link Bitter Melon.

      If you prefer the powder, then here is another link More Bitter Melon for your Health. Stay in good health and all the best.

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