Cycling is Healthy, but can it Prevent Diabetes?

What if I told you to park your car and ride to work? What if I told you to park your car and ride your cycle to pick up the one item you need at the supermarket? You would probably be thinking that I am going crazy. But, I am not. Allow me to share with you the results of a recent research, which leaves us to ask “is cycling healthy and can it prevent diabetes?”

Research Results from Denmark

According to Navarro (2016), a new study in Denmark discovered that those of us who ride our cycles on a regular Cyclingbasis could prevent diabetes from entering our “homes.” The study discovered that the adults who rode to work were less likely to develop type 2 diabetes.

This research also considered persons who rode for fun and those who started cycling later in life. Twenty-four thousand (24,000) males and twenty-seven thousand (27,000) females participated in the study. The participants were between ages 50 and 65 years old.

Regular vs Sporadic Cycling

The findings revealed that the persons who rode their bikes regularly were less likely to develop type 2 diabetes. What was of interest is that the more time persons spent cycling, lowered the possibility of them developing diabetes.

After five years, it was found that those who continued to make biking/cycling a regular habit had a 20% reduced risk of getting this lifestyle illness (diabetes).

Age is NOT an Issue

Elderly coupleThe results also demonstrated that age was not a factor as it relates to the benefits of cycling. Persons who started cycling later in life also had positive results where developing diabetes was concerned.

They concluded by suggesting that cycling should be encouraged as a part of our routine to be healthy and that this needed to be a worldwide effort and that age was not a factor. All age groups can benefit from cycling, especially as it relates to type 2 diabetes.

A Reminder about Lifestyle Changes to Control Diabetes

Let me take the time to have us focus on why this website was developed and the importance of this research result. I have stated in numerous articles that in order to control diabetes, we MUST change our lifestyle. In a previous post, I mentioned another research which points to the facts that persons who mostly eat  a plant-based diet, are less likely to suffer from diabetes.

Eating certain foods and paying attention to the quantity we consume is a part of the formula to control or eliminate diabetes. The other piece of the puzzle is to adopt a  more active lifestyle. Here we are, just days apart and the confirmation is here. We must eat mainly plant-based foods, and lead an active lifestyle if we are desirous of being diabetic free.

Let me add here, that I do eat some animal protein, but I stick with lean protein and I consume more plant-based proteins on a regular basis. folks, the information is here and we have the proof. To cry ignorance should not be an option after you have read this post.

Discussion Time

According to the study, Panter (2016), policies and changes may be needed for us to get the desired results. Think about how you reacted when I asked you if you would leave your car and ride to work. Well, the study is suggesting that we do just that and more. They went as far as say if we had no other way to get to places, then we would be forced to ride, or walk. Hmmm, I know, you are not so happy now, but, please remember I am the messenger, bringing news to make you live, healthier and happier lives and certainly less time at the medical center/hospital. Stationary bike

Hmmm, I know, you are not so happy now, but, please remember I am the messenger, bringing news to make you live, healthier and happier lives and certainly less time at the medical center/hospital. I sense that you are more forgiving now, for which I thank you.

Hey, I do not know if a bike that I ride in my bedroom counts, but since this is the one I am most comfortable riding, I am going to do a better job now. I am committing publicly to use my stationary bike on a regular basis. I know it at least counts as “activity,” so I am prepared to start here for now.

Whatever is your preference, speak with your doctor and make a decision to commit. We owe it to ourselves to be rid of an illness which could make us miserable and shorten our days. We owe it to our children and, or loved ones to make an attempt to live without constant pain and grief because we fail to eat right and to become more active.

Let me here from you. Here are some questions I would like you to consider:

  1. Is type 2 diabetes predominantly a lifestyle illness?
  2. A lifestyle of low carbs, some healthy fat and lean protein with regular exercise, is this for diabetics only?
  3. Have we lost the battle we diabetes?
  4. How do we get to that place of change, where our children will make the correct food choices?
  5. Are we doing our children any good when we give them unlimited times with video games and television?
  6. Is the Fast Food culture too engrained in our minds? Can we shift focus to healthier foods?
  7. Our ancestors did not have cars and digital distractions.  Were they less fortunate as a result?


According to this research conducted in Denmark, riding a bike can actually prevent diabetes, regardless of the age at which we start to ride.  We must, however, commit to cycling on a regular basis in order to reap the benefits.

It is possible that policy shifts may be required to force us into the lifestyle change which is necessary to eliminate diabetes from our lives. I am however making the call for us to do so willing and not be pressured in the changes that are needed.

I am encouraging us to ride and walk whenever we can and pay keen attention to what we are eating. The call extends to the consumption of whole foods rather than the unhealthy unprocessed “foods” we are using to make us ill.

Below are some options you can purchase to lead a more active lifestyle:

  1. Men Bike
  2. Women’s Bike
  3. Boy’s Mountain Bike
  4. Stationary Bike

I would love to hear from you. Kindly leave your comments in the box below.

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  1. // Reply

    Riding is good.It tones up flabby thigh muscles.I would ride my stationary bike at home but not a bicycle to work. It is too risky if you work the late shift and what about getting a shower at work?

    1. // Reply

      I agree with you about getting a shower at work because we would be too sweaty. I encourage you to ride your stationary bike at home. I plan to do more riding at home too. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond and all the best with your riding. Cheers.

  2. // Reply

    Do you think this is applicable to any kind of activity?

    What I like about cycling all ages can do it and its fun much more fun than say running, you can do it as a family and instill good habits for your children.

    I wish more was done with grass roots as we could eliminate many conditions including diabetes (except genetic)

    1. // Reply

      I am of the view that any exercise will help to prevent or at least control diabetes. Yes, it is great that the entire family can cycle as a team. I think if we continue to educate and make the changes, then one day we will be rid of type 2 diabetes. It is my prayer and I will continue to share. Thank you for commenting and all the best.

  3. // Reply

    As long as you get exercise I guess it all prevents diabetes. I’m an advocate of cycling, but not an advocate of the stationary bike – Why do the stationary bike when you can ride an actual bike to see the world? They both fight diabetes but only one helps you explore the world and enjoy nature. Whats the point of being alive if you’re not living?

    1. // Reply

      Matt, thank you for commenting. I am not comfortable on a bike that moves, and I would rather see the world by plane, but I agree that all exercise will control or prevent diabetes. Cheers.

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