Could Broccoli Sprout be the Answer for Type 2 Diabetes?

Broccoli Sprouts

Managing your blood sugar could be as simple as consuming some concentrated broccoli sprout. I have embraced eating broccoli as a part of my lifestyle change to eat mostly whole foods and to be more physically active.

So, eating broccoli is not strange to me. However, after reading an article about a research result, I am now prepared to try this broccoli sprout concentrate.


Today I will share with you a summary of the article so, as a team, we can join the discussion, “Could broccoli sprout be the answer for type 2 diabetes?”

Broccoli Head

According to this study, the main chemical responsible for assisting to reverse diabetes is sulforaphane. This is common in cruciferous vegetables, which includes broccoli.

Bonus Time

Please note that the compound sulforaphane is considered an anti-cancer chemical. It is also said that it’s anti-inflammatory properties are similar to what is found in curcumin.

Yes, I think we are on the same page. Yes, I have plans to purchase and consume more broccoli. I always smile and get excited when I see that all we need for good health is found in the many whole foods given to us by our creator.

Cruciferous Vegetables are Leading

I wrote an article about Kale, which is another cruciferous vegetable which is good for diabetics. Here is the link to the Kale article.

Cabbage is another cruciferous vegetable that I eat a lot. Please click and read this article about cabbage, a whole food which has been helping me to control my blood sugar.

Just Eat More Fibers

The idea is to eat foods rich in fiber. On that note, you may find this article to be a useful guide. I also mentioned Brussels Sprout in this article. Go ahead and click to learn about fiber-rich foods to control diabetes, including Brussels Sprout.

It’s Easy to Grow

I read that it is easy to grow broccoli sprouts at home. It is worth trying, especially since it has a phytochemical (sulforaphane) which fights cancer as well as diabetes.

Yes, I agree with you that this is hard to beat. Here is a beautiful article from “The Truth about Cancer” website which teaches us to grow broccoli sprouts.

The Case for Steaming and Moist Cooking Methods

It is worth mentioning here that broccoli itself is also pretty healthy for us to consume, but we destroy it by overcooking. According to Dr. Weil, we should not steam the broccoli for less than four minutes.

I wrote an article about steaming as a cooking method that you may find useful to ensure that you retain the nutrients in the broccoli and other foods, which are essential to ensure our health and longevity. Here is the article about steaming.

You may very well find this article about cooking methods to prevent diabetes of interest. Please, go ahead and click and read to see how our cooking methods could take some blame for out state of ill-health.

Call to Action

It is abundantly clear that we can survive and beat diabetes. A lifestyle change of eating whole foods such as broccoli sprouts and becoming more active will prove beneficial to diabetics and those wanting to remain diabetic-free.

The benefits of this lifestyle are numerous and include, but not limited to:

  • Controlled blood sugar
  • Controlled blood pressure
  • Normal cholesterol
  • Weight loss
  • Energy

Let us continue the war against diabetes as we strive to rid our lives of this monster. Until next time, walk good and eat right.


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    Thanks for this article. My doctor said I am borderline diabetic which made me conscious about how I carry myself when it comes to diet. I doid not know these things so now I am a little more educated as to what I can do. Once again, thanks.

    1. // Reply

      Ronnie, it is far from over. You do not have to accept diabetes. Do all the research you can and make the correct choices. Whole foods make a big difference. I pray for a healthy Ronnie for 2017 and beyond. Feel free to keep reading and commenting on this site. Cheers.

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