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Welcome to a very different article today. I am using this page to invite you to subscribe to our first newsletter, which will be done using mainly comments from you, our readers and it will also be used to keep you informed about trends and changes as they relate to diabetes, some of which are outside the scope of this website. They are however important enough to you, and so we are responding to your call for recipes and the latest research about diabetes.


A call was made for some recipes using avocado. Today we are displaying the cover of that newsletter. You will get the entire recipe when you subscribe to our newsletter. We will send this and other beautiful publications to you, as our way of saying, “Thank You” for being faithful readers of this website. Every visit you make to this website is appreciated.

Guacamole cover.

Fill in the boxes below and click “Subscribe.”

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I know you are anxious to get your recipe, so we will end here for today. Allow me just a bit more time to say how special you are to us and we welcome hearing from you at all times. If you have any comments, please leave them in the box below.

Stay tuned for more and remember to be faithful to your lifestyle changes.

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    Hi Josephine,
    This newsletter sounds like a great idea. I actually just had an avocado for lunch. I just sliced some up with tomato. This is a favorite for me.

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      Thanks Wendy, feel free to subscribe to the newsletter. You will be happy you did. I will try the avocado with the tomato. Sounds good. I love them both, so I will have a double treat. Cheers.

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