Controlling Diabetes – Could it be as Easy as Taking Vitamin C?

Vitamin C has been a popular vitamin to ensure we keep flu and colds at bay. So many times when we start to sneeze we reach for that bottle of vitamin C. Is there another reason why we should be reaching for this vitamin? Is it really possible that we could include vitamin C as a part of our strategy to rid our lives of diabetes?

Controlling Diabetes, could it be as easy as taking vitamin C? According to some Australian researchers, taking a supplement of Vitamin C could be the answer for type 2 diabetics. There is more, it was also stated as help for high blood pressure issues in diabetics as well. And still, there is more, as vitamin C has been touted as giving help throughout the day. Wow!

The Claims – Vitamin C for a Healthier You

This is what was said:

Dose: 500 mg twice daily

Effect: Blood sugar levels throughout the day was reduced

More Effect: Spikes in blood sugar after a meal was also reduced

Bonus: Blood pressure was lowered

According to the researchers, the people who participated saw a 36% drop in their blood sugar spike following meals. I am sure you will agree with me that this is significant. Yeah, I can see you reaching for the vitamin C at this moment. May I encourage you to read some more.

Please be reminded that one of the great risks with high glucose levels is that we sometimes also have to contend with high blood pressure and by and large cardiovascular disease. Hey, vitamin C will have none of that, and so they discovered in the study that 50% of the hypertensive people had a lower blood pressure reading. Another wow!

So now that I presented the findings, let us start and continue the discussion. Can we get this extra vitamin C in our foods? Just how much vitamin C is enough? Is the vitamin C supplement a must?

Please go to the comment box below and let us talk and share experiences.

My Journey with Vitamin C

By now you would have figured out that integrity is high on my list. I prefer to write about a topic that I have a fraction of experience in and I am never afraid to run the experiment when I am lacking the experience. For that reason, when I saw the article about vitamin C, this article was a must for me to write and publish.

Let me begin here; I rarely take vitamin C supplements. My best friend loves to ensure that there is a supply of vitamin C in my home and that I do appreciate. It is however not something I purchase on my own. I don’t have an issue with the supplement, but I maintain that I consume such a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, that I don’t see the need for the supplement.

Could I be wrong this time around? Let me say this first. I love to add the juice of a lime to my water without sugar. Whenever I do this for at least a week, I can see the effects on my blood pressure readings. Yep, that baby stays in the normal range, regardless of what I eat.

A Lunch or Dinner Date

True, I changed my lifestyle and so I eat whole foods most days. However, if you invite me out for lunch or dinner, you can count on a few precautionary measures that I will take the week before I go out with you. I add lime juice to my water to help to keep not just my blood pressure in check, but also my blood sugar.

That’s not all, I stick to my lifestyle changes to ensure that once I arrive, my blood sugar and blood pressure readings are able to forgive me if I decide to eat a bit different for an hour or so. Hey, I have been there and done that where high blood sugar is concerned, so much so there are some numbers I now hate to see.

Terrifying Past – The Blood Sugar War

I can remember the days of waking up to a blood sugar reading of 18 (324) and above. I recall how thirsty and ill I felt on the days when I ate and my blood sugar spiked to 25 (450). Oh, the days of flushing the toilet 12 times per day, excluding the nights because my body was fighting to keep me alive.

Did I mention the nights? I give God the glory, that somebody came up with the idea of Cyberspace and that a girl like myself is given the opportunity to research and act on my newly found knowledge. There were nights I wished my bed was in the bathroom.

It’s not fun to get out of bed 10 times in one night to urinate. This was my norm for too long. Thankfully, through researching and writing for this website, these days and nights are a rich part of my history. I know that you are a bit puzzled.

The Wake-Up Call

Allow me to explain. We were instructed, as Christians to be thankful at all times. Without that wake-up call of diabetes, I would not be living my best life now. You see, before changing my lifestyle, I assumed it was normal to grow old and tired. Yes, I was always tired and dragged up the stairs and I felt this was okay.

I accepted obesity. I accepted fatigue. I bought more tissue in preparation for my many “field trips” to the bathroom. I accepted that at a certain age I would have blurred vision and felt connected to my family since my grandfather lost his vision and my father wasn’t doing so well in this department either.

The Wealthy Affiliate Difference

Yes, I accepted too many lies and thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, when I searched for an online business idea, I learned to create this website and I was reminded to be honest and to work hard and be patient, knowing that my main aim should be to add value and that the money would follow.

Readers, it is for those reasons and I give God the praise and the glory, that today, I have better control over diabetes. It is for those very reasons that my blood pressure and cholesterol levels are more controlled. It is for those same reasons why I am losing weight and healthier than I have been for some time now. What a mighty God we serve!

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Vitamin C Supplement, or, Not


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I sometimes eat some foods which give me a spike in my blood sugar and so yes, outside of all the wonderful foods I eat that give me vitamin C, I am going to try some supplements as part of an experiment and I will be sure to return with the results.


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