Research Findings

Torbangun Plant

According to experts in the field of nutrition, the Torbangun plant could be one of the cures for diabetes. Today I would like to share with you some information from that research and some additional notes and photos of this plant. Torbangun is semi-succulent and comes from the Lamiaceae family. It is a perennial plant (lives
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Sauerkraut in Jars

This website is dedicated to giving you the latest information about using food to prevent and control, or better yet reverse diabetes. It also documents my journey with diabetes. Today I will share with you a brief summary of yet another research. This time we are looking on our gut and an intestinal bacterium which could
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Broccoli Sprouts

Managing your blood sugar could be as simple as consuming some concentrated broccoli sprout. I have embraced eating broccoli as a part of my lifestyle change to eat mostly whole foods and to be more physically active. So, eating broccoli is not strange to me. However, after reading an article about a research result, I
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